Microprocessor of RZ/A2M of lucky Sa electron is obtained ” Electronic Products ” magazine 2018 year are optimal product award

This is based on embedded the ground of sex of innovation of processor of high speed image of artificial intelligence E-AI is compositive trends can deploy processor skill (DRP) , be judged to be year optimal product

On January 3, 2019, japanese Tokyo dispatch–The semiconductor solution supplier with banner whole world company limited of lucky Sa electron (TSE: 6723) announces now, use trends to be able to configure processor (the RZ/A2M microprocessor of DRP) technology (MPU) by ” Electronic Products ” the magazine is judged for MPU and MCU kind year is optimal product. ” Electronic Products ” magazine editor undertakes assessment to many 100 product that rolled out 2018, choose from inside category of product of 10 big electrons give 25 to be seleted a product, final lock decided product of bear the palm.

What lucky Sa electron is extending him is embedded artificial intelligence (the applied limits of E-AI) solution, change through realizing end points intelligence, AI compositive arrive embedded in the system. About 150 companies of more than 10 countries had been in the whole world to have a test in the light of this one technology, actual E-AI uses case to exceed 30. The intelligent home appliance that RZ/A2M MPU design faces image of need high speed to handle, network is photographed like head, service product of robot, scanner is mixed of industrial machine equipment embedded AI is assisted like the function. It combines proprietary DRP technology, blended pattern recognition and machine visual sense distinctly, with the Arm that is used at AI inference®Cortex®-A9 CPU is linked together cheek by jowl, pretreatment of data of fast and corresponding image and feature are extracted.

DRP is based on large-scale collateral and wired logistic framework, can go up in different data set inside every processor cycle execute different operation. This makes RZ/A2M can realize low power comsumption with high flexibility processing of real time image, its function is 10 times of predecessor product RZ/A1. The innovation of RZ/A2M still includes 4MB piece on SRAM, MIPI is photographed interface of interface resembling a head, net of double passageway aether and with Yujiamidi fast with the hardware safety that establishs trustful root function.

Mark Rootz of senior inspector general represents department of sale of market of estate of ministry of career of solution of industry of lucky Sa electron: “ " Electronic Products " the magazine judges RZ/A2M for industry year optimal MPU kind product, to this we feel proud. Embedded the rapid development of artificial intelligence, prompted the demand that efficient to processor front image handles. The conclusion that reachs through AI inference and adopted action can be carried out quickly in back end, can run paralell sometimes even carry out. Our DRP technology is brought for machine vision and pattern recognition application rapidder rate, taller can effect and bigger flexibility. See industry passes what RZ/A2M accelerated E-AI to gain ground, our from the bottom of one’s heart feels happy. ”

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43 years since, award of ” of “ year product is used at commending to show lubricious product in those days all the time. Product of bear the palm should have at least following and idiosyncratic one of: On behalf of great skill; of progress or applied progress uses distinctive originality to design; to make significant improvement in face of sexual price example the latent capacity that; promotes design function; to have ecbolic new products plan and opportunity significantly. If need understanding to concern ” Electronic Products ” the more information of the year product that the magazine chooses, visit Www.electronicproducts.com please. ” Electronic Products ” the magazine puts in AspenCore ‘s charge all.

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