Meaning law semiconductor rolls out STM32 nerve network to develop kit, introduce AI technology the brim and node embedded equipment

Patulous bag STM32Cube.AI can make the STM32CubeMX software tool that V tall person enrages optimize code, in STM32 small controller (nerve network runs on MCU)

VSTM32Cube.AI is accessary use namely model software function bag, include the code give a demonstration that is used at identifying human activity and frequency setting classification, can use at sensor of reference of meaning law semiconductor instantly board use a program with shift

VST partner plans and the high grade partner of community of STM32 AI / ML provides supportive service for developer

China, on January 4, 2019–Over or across is multiple the semiconductor supplier with the banner whole world of electronic application domain meaning law semiconductor (STMicroelectronics, code of stock exchange of abbreviation ST; new York: The market of small controller of series of STM32 of STM) have the aid of leads a position, expanded STM32 small controller develops ecosystem STM32CubeMX, increased advanced artificial intelligence (AI) function.

The artificial nerve network that AI technology uses a course to train is right the data signal of motion and oscillatory sensor, environment sensor, microphone and image sensor undertakes classified, more faster than traditional manual signal processing technique, efficient.

Meaning law semiconductor rolls out STM32 nerve network to develop kit, introduce AI technology the brim and node embedded equipment

Small controller of meaning law semiconductor and Claude Dardanne of president of department of product of digital integrated circuit express: The new-style nerve network of “ST develops kit to introducing AI the intelligent brim that is based on small controller and node device, and the deepness in space of floor of content couplet net, intelligence, industry and medical treatment application is embedded equipment. ”

The nerve network that develops personnel to be able to use STM32Cube.AI to will train beforehand now turns into the C code that can move on STM32 small controller, call the function library that the course optimizes.

STM32Cube.AI is accessary use namely model software function bag, include to be used at identifying the code give typical examples of human activity and frequency setting classification among them, but in ST SensorTile reference board and shift of ST BLE Sensor Mobile App apply a program to go up to use these code give a demonstration instantly.

ST partner plan and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine study (the aptitude partner inside online community of STM32 of ML) special community will be development staff to provide technical support, for example, the project serves.

On January 8, 2019 – world consumption electron exhibits 12 days of Las Vegas during CES, meaning law semiconductor will be between hotel bag inside the applied process that use STM32 small controller demonstrates to use STM32Cube.AI to develop.

Detailed technique information

The STM32CubeMX MCU configuration that the user can care about law semiconductor and software code make patulous package of STM32Cube.AI of the download inside ecosystem (model: X-Cube-AI) .

Today, caffe of this tool support, Keras(contains TensorFlow backstage supporter) , the IDE such as frame of Lasagne, ConvnetJS and Keil, IAR, System Workbench develops an environment.

The end that bag of FP-AI-SENSING1 software function offers support to be based on nerve network moves to end (human activity identifies) symphonious frequency (frequency setting is classified) applied code give typical examples. Before reference board is training the SensorTile of semiconductor of law of intention of benefit of this function bag, capture and mark sensor data, next, circuit board runs the inference that optimizes nerve network.

Application of shift of ST BLE sensor can use as the remote controller of SensorTile and monitor.

Integrated kit includes the application software give a demonstration that moves on the STM32Cube.AI map tool, small-sized SensorTile hardware in batteries power supply, and partner plan, artificial intelligence and machine learn special community to offer a fast, simple development way to nerve network comes true on STM32.

If want to understand AI/ML artificial intelligence / machine study community, visit STM32 online community please.

If want to file plan of AI/ML ST partner, visit ST partner plan please.

* STM32 is limited company of international of meaning law semiconductor (STMicroelectronics International NV) or its are mixed in the European Union / or elsewhere the enrollment of related company and / or not registered trade mark. STM32 is the registered trade mark in bureau of American patent brand.

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