Market of game of contest of Asia-Pacific area report grows flourishingly, ying Weida is entered bureau

Market of game of contest of Asia-Pacific area report grows flourishingly, especially southeast Asia market is to grew 2018 more relatively fast area. Ying Weida (brightness amount to) announce Asia-Pacific area passes Internet bar of GeForce government attestation to already broke through 600 26 days, measure tower above beforehand before New Year than arriving 20% , among them, newest those who join attestation procession is the MCT Esports of platinic class Internet bar that is located in Kampuchea.
The GeForce platform attestation of the person that Ying Weida helps Internet bar industry this plans to spread out 2015, outside dividing Kampuchea market, will two many years include Australia, India, Indonesian, Malaysia, Burmese, Philippine, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam and other places to new Internet bar kicks off in succession.
Ying Weida
Yingwei amounts to Raymond The of vice-president of sale of Asia-Pacific division business to point out, amount of GeForce attestation Internet bar is amazing grow, report gives the bitter fleabane break out of domain of Asia-Pacific area game to exhibit. As we have learned, this GPU framework and RTX platform combine real time light to track, artificial intelligence and but process designing is chromatic technology. Raymond The emphasizes, carry the RTX GPU of Turing framework through , players can experience new play to experience with unprecedented means.
Provide data according to Ying Weida, after GPU of series of its GeForce RTX 20 is rolled out, the Li Hua of Taiwan area goes (the Internet bar that LHH) makes first comprehensive transhipment of through cargo, offer more than 200 to carry the computer of RTX, and except Li Hua travel, include Australia, Kampuchea, India, Indonesian, Malaysia, Philippine, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam and other places to share Internet bar of attestation of more than 45 GeForce to already offerred to carry computer of newest GeForce RTX GPU.
However, what new change does the electric contest market with Asia-Pacific fiery area have again recently? KPMG ever was investigated, along with India average earning increases, jiashangxin borrows plan to help, game population grows continuously, beforehand appraise online game population will come to India to 310 million person 2021, 5 annual and compound growth amount to 2.6 times. And cover according to Indian media, predator of brand of contest of the report below grand Chang banner holds electric contest league matches in this market, drive Indian report contest successfully also kind battalion receives the year’s harvest to grow 3 times, evaluate future to grow kinetic energy to may exceed the mainland.
Ying Weida is proud since inventing GPU 1993, the success promotes PC report contest the market grows and contemporary computer shows redefine calorie of product, and computer brand works falls in agitation of this report contest, price of product of PC of successful also defend and sale. In light of the grand Chang with Taiwan, Hua Shuo, grand Chang 2018 electric contest run closes first half of the year times add, annual battalion closes to see 300-400 money of 100 million yuan of new stations; Hua Shuo also expects to stop this business run occupy taller than pulling by 10% add to 20% , and occupied in city recently go up to come out beautiful accomplishment.
If grand Chang is newest,announce city to move orgnaization NPD, GfK to investigate data, the jotter product of domain of its report contest obtained the retail market such as the United States, England and Canada to sell champion in November, city is occupied rate it is respectively 22% , 20% reach 32% .
Grand Chang expresses, was in the United States in November sale of market of cable of electric contest pen year add 138% , excel industry is average 66% of increase rate. With black on Friday (Black Friday) shopping season grows when whole of sale of jotter of Zhou Dian contest 48% , among them, 35% what sale of grand Chang contribution grows. In addition, in British market, grand Chang in November sale of electric contest jotter year add 265% , take below 20% city to take rate house hat, additional Canada market also is occupied with 32% city with the month rate ascend electrify contest jotter retail market champion.
As to Hua Shuo, according to WitsView of market research organization newest report shows, the 100Hz above freeboard of republic of player of ROG of brand of contest of the report below the banner leads monitor of professional report contest newlier, also seize the whole world sold bibcock throne 2018, continue to hold a title 4 years continuously global city holds championship. More highlight electric contest industry to be in Asia-Pacific or Euramerican area no matter, still be the market that factory of brand of science and technology dare not ignore.

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