Margin calculation will make the next wind gap after afterwards AI

Summary: Artificial intelligence is going to a center changing, the cloud and brim break up stage by stage, in the light ofAInew computational framework will emerge as the times require. Margin calculationIt is the next a place with a draught after afterwards AI likely.


Margin calculation, this concept is in home most antedate to was put forward in April 2016. 2016 the end of the year, as margin calculation alliance hold water formally, the brim is calculated this concept begins to be in the soil in industrial catenary slowly rooted and gemmiparous. Through the bitter fleabane break out of AI was exhibited 2017, margin calculation is driven, begin extend branch; Plus 5G be about to business is used, add more fertilizer for brim calculative thrive again.


According to statistic, to 2025, the commercial value that AI derives will reach 5.1 trillion dollar; To 2035, product and service will reach 12.3 trillion dollar related 5G. And the be born of AI and 5G, criterion with brim calculative be born closely related.

The personage inside course of study is sentenced beforehand, margin calculation is the next a place with a draught after afterwards AI likely.


Margin calculation


Cloud computation is not all-purpose, margin calculation emerge as the times require


Cloud computation already had time of more than 10 years in application of industrial be born, nevertheless, cloud computation is not all-purpose, begin to expose an a few abuse in last few years. Margin calculation should be formed with cloud computation in coordination, satisfy development requirement of the industry better.


Will tell from notional level, “ cloud is more the definition that cooperate with, those who run in the sky is the cloud. Brim plan is the framework that carries end from to describe computation to happen where. ” Intel vice-president holds respecting of Chen Wei of general manager of division of China of ministry of facilities of content couplet network concurrently.


As content couplet net more intelligent terminal appear, need is collected and the data of operation is bigger and bigger, raised taller requirement to bandwidth of operation speed, network. In the meantime, wait for the ceaseless grow in quantity of information as individual privacy, people is more pressing also to safe demand, these only consideration relying on the cloud cannot be satisfied.


Below such industrial setting, margin calculation emerge as the times require.


“ margin calculation and cloud are calculated, be a kind complementary the relation that cooperate with, is not to replace a relation. ”China point out for Liu Shaowei of president of network research and development, computational need passes margin calculation and cloud to cooperate with cheek by jowl, gift is nicer satisfy all sorts of setting match, magnify margin calculation and cloud calculative use value thereby.


In complementary go up in coordination, margin calculation is partial data this locality end in intelligent terminal has handle and storing, it is the pressure that can ease server of high in the clouds; 2 it is OK lay the data that involves individual privacy carry in this locality, reduced individual message greatly divulge, promoted security.


In addition, the sensor mechanism that we get on to intelligent terminal does “ a research, it is OK that discovery passes feeling data to be in 1 second outdated, become old data, the information that sensor gathers turns antiquated into data after hundreds of millisecond. Transmit data to server of high in the clouds, after the analysis is handled, farewell goes to intelligent terminal, to some application, do not have a law to tolerate this awaits, need undertakes in this locality end the brim is calculated. In the meantime, in a lot of application, brim calculative cost is lower. Because be in margin calculation, do not need the data with much memory, need the meaning of the result that memory data analyses or data only, is not data itself. Come from this meaning say, the big data that says now, these data itself and no point, the result after the meaning of data perhaps is analysed ability is significant. ”


Mention margin calculation, mention one mist consideration incidentally. Before margin calculation concept appears, concept of misty already calculative. To margin calculation and mist calculative distinction, “ mist and cloud are more the definition that cooperate with, it is nature, those who run in the sky is the cloud, those who run in the ground is mist. In addition, brim calculative range is wider, outspread to communication network brim, base the category that the station is the brim etc. Under photograph comparing, the category that mist computation pays close attention to is the computational node of the brim side that conducting feeling Sense above, for instance sensor waits these a moment and not be inside its category, opposite for it is under network radical station, over Sense, the framework of foundation of a few systems between this, the demand of a few node does calculative etc such thing. ”Guan Zhangyu of technology of banquet of radicals by which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese dictionaries of facilities of network of couplet of Intel China content points out.


AI drives margin calculation to rise abruptly, margin calculation will be next a place with a draught


Say according to MarketsandMarkets, to 2022, margin calculation market will rise 6.72 billion dollar from the 1.47 billion dollar 2017. China to forecast, the data that will not exceed 50% needs to be in analysis of network brim side, processing and store.


Margin calculation


“AI is a place with a draught of instantly, margin calculation is next a place with a draught. ” connects Sun Gang of product mart vice president high to point out, “5G and AI supplement each other, 5G can make the rate of communication rapidder, can generate more data at the same time. Conversely, data is the foundation of AI, more data can make AI more effective. The technology of AI can develop, can have more demand to data, can promote the development of 5G then. The development of AI and 5G, drive the computation of more data to undertake in this locality end, promote brim calculative development then. These trends add in give henceforth a few years of a lot of new opportunities, below these opportunity enough drive one round Industrial Revolution. ”


Aurora borealis achieves cast author president Deng Feng to point out: “ artificial intelligence is going to a center changing, the cloud and brim break up stage by stage, the new computational framework that is aimed at AI will emerge as the times require; In recent years, the data of end grows with geometrical progression, AI from high in the clouds migratory inevitable below a lot of application setting, the intelligence that carry side will rise abruptly; Did not come 10 years, the mode of the amount of end will be the computation that ‘ is based on memory, memory and computation close 2 for one ’ . ”


Deng Feng emphasizes, AI will be more than cloud computation to be opposite far to the influence of computational framework the influence of computational framework, be aimed at the new computational framework of AI to should be moved and can be born. China changes in this in, meet its can build its zoology system, reduce the dependence of pair of abroad products thereby.


On brim calculative layout, chinese it may be said is cut in time. Indicate sexual node is to advance the brim to computation holds water alliedly and develop most. Margin calculation alliance holds water at was in Beijing on December 30, 2016, by China for, the cartel such as academy of communication of information of automatic institute, China initiates Shenyang of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Build platform of collaboration of margin calculation industry, urge margin calculation relative standard build, promote the brim then computational industry health and can develop continuously.


Vice-president Liu Shaowei points out margin calculation alliance, margin calculation alliance holds water one year, member unit achieves many 150, basically cover the industry of industrial domain; This year December, allied unit already amounted to many 200, business of 3 big operation also joins telecommunication of linkage of Chinese shift, China, China come in, still have orgnaization of a lot of scientific research, for instance network of future of academy of Chinese telegraphic Beijing, Jiangsu innovates university of academy, Shandong, Xi’an is handed in wait a moment greatly, still have the company of more IoT domain. ”


It is reported, brim calculative is referenced this year framework 3 had advanced, system of technology of calculative of subtense predestined relationship undertakes more Baconian summary of the system and comb. In addition, margin calculation alliance and IEEE of international standard organization build cooperation, both sides will be mixed in relative standard, technology the respect development such as industrial be born cooperates.


Current, margin calculation already arrived from the concept practice, the fire from star arrives the situation of set the prairie ablaze.


Roll out in succession from the relevant solution such as chip, hardware, system


Calculate to hold the edge this one great opportunity, from the industrial catenary such as chip, hardware, system, solution each link begin layout and hair strength.


In chip level, already semiconductor industry is rolled out embedded FPGA- – EFPGA accelerator, will aid the margin calculation of force intelligence terminal. American semiconductor designs company Achronix to be in Speedcore Gen4 framework, learn the machine processor (MLP) the resource logic library that adds Speedcore to be able to be offerred is unit in module. MLP module is the computational engine with a kind of agile height, it and memory are close together coupling, learn for artificial intelligence and machine thereby (AI / ML) application provided performance the solution with taller, lower power comsumption.


 “ traditional cloud and resource of computation of industry data center and communication infrastructure cannot catch up with the safe agreement of the exponential level growth of data rate, rapid change, and a lot of new networks and join requirement. Traditional much nucleus CPU and SoC cannot be in not additional the independence below the circumstance satisfies these requirements, consequently they need hardware accelerator, it is normally but the hardware accelerator of new process designing, use pretreatment and uninstall computation, so that improve integral computation performance of the system. Steve Mentor of vice-president of ”Achronix market sale points out.


To realize tall bandwidth and low defer, the solution of Intel is FPGA but process designing gets stuck quickly (PAC) , operation business can be mixed with less CPU on individual server RAM resource is used up will satisfy 5G IPSec safe requirement, realize 5G core network and margin calculation application.


In addition, in the function in margin calculation development and the balance that handle ability the relation needs to hold. CEO Hassane EI-Khoury points out Saipulasi: “ is ability of brim calculative computation, processing capability on one hand, it is brim calculative power comsumption on the other hand. If increase brim calculative capacity, mean processor property stronger, power comsumption is bigger. Handle ability for promotion, must batteries bigger. ”


To solve a such difficult problem, semiconductor industry surpasses Pulasi to push low power comsumption of favorable balance of trade but solution of PSoC 6 MCU of process designing system, pass PSoC 6 to be able to support function to achieve the small controller of M4 function, power comsumption level is equivalent to the small controller of M0 level, the function of the small controller of level of a M4 and processing capability, with a 150MHz advocate the small controller of frequency M4, support successive job half an year one year with batteries and even a year half, the very big obstacle that in eliminating margin calculation to develop then, faces. Hassane EI-Khoury expresses, they still will continue this border to be advanced ahead, reducing power comsumption while more complex application comes true in margin calculation, the processing capability with more powerful deploy. ”


The brim is calculated and embedded artificial intelligence, need finishs more and more computation below limited natural resources, how the more efficient resource that uses brim side and terminal side, this needs pair of chip, hardware and operating system level to understand in the round. What “ has development from whole system level is custom-built and optimize ability to realize a product to change. Catenary of this need industry each square joint efforts, ability drives brim calculative development and implementation to commercialize be born. The division in provider of technology of platform of ” intelligence terminal is achieved amount to president to hold CEO Zhao Hong Fei concurrently to point out.


To this, in division achieve amount to roll out TurboX AI Kit, reduce development cost, fast test and verify to carry side AI algorithm and development setting to turn application for developer and manufacturer, implement archetypal products plan quickly then. TurboX AI Kit condenses business of the AI that carry side to use a technology, shirt-sleeve hardware, software and cloud function. The AI developer that is different level provides terminal side the computational platform with high-powered artificial intelligence and rich development tool, support them will increasingly the AI technology of be current blends in the brim and upright side equipment, in order to satisfy content couplet net (drive control of IoT) , robot, industry, automatically wait for a domain the need of all sorts of different application.


In addition, calculate what alliance rises early to launch an unit as the brim, china to also cooperate with in Kubedge, LerOS, brim the respect such as development had position. A few days ago, china established department of intelligent computation career to return, china service of bed AI chip, cloud, brim


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