Magnate of estate of smooth hot season together! Power share and protect Li Xiexin to sign agreement of overall strategy cooperation

Recently, two tycoons —— knows line of business of smooth hot season power share and protect Li Xiexin to sign agreement of overall strategy cooperation formally in Sichuan Le Shan, both sides will be made in polycrystalline silicon research and development wait for a domain to cooperate in the round. The alliance of entire industry catenary that this is indicating line of business of Chinese smooth hot season is the strongest is born from this.

Smooth hot season

Defend according to Sichuan inspect 28 days of evening ” Sichuan news ” report, that day morning, power share manages in this Le Shan base held Yong Xiangxin the sources of energy is high pure ceremony of put into production of brilliant silicon project.

According to introducing, power share is subordinate always auspicious share Le Shan is high pure first phase of brilliant silicon project 25 thousand tons (project of Le Shan first phase of the following abbreviation) build go into operation formally, this is to was connected 2018 power share afterwards Baotou is high pure after brilliant silicon project, of another put into production high pure polycrystalline silicon project.

Reporter of report of economy of before this 21 centuries is interviewed in ceremonially of Baotou project put into production power share president Liu Hanyuan learns, hind of put into production passes operation to promote, produce actually of happy hill first phase and project of Baotou first phase can will exceed 30 thousand tons / year, plus always the silicon of many tons of 20 thousand brilliant with auspicious original share is produced can, predict to was connected 2019 power the polycrystalline silicon of share is produced actually can will break through 80 thousand tons, will ascend at the appointed time position of front row of industry of body whole world.

Report of 21 centuries economy still is in know from personage of relevant know the inside story, regard this second put into production as a of ceremonially important segment, power share is subordinate always Duan Yong of auspicious share president is returned with protected Zhu Zhanjun of Li Xiexin CEO to sign cooperative agreement formally on behalf of both sides.

Well-known, power the civilian battalion that share is industry of domestic traditional agriculture and smooth Fuxin energy appears on the market company, protecting Li Xiexin also is one devotes oneself to Guang Fuyuan material research and development and make, the Hong Kong of the new energy industry such as operation of development of power station of smooth hot season appears on the market company, two companies all raw material of upper reaches of dabble smooth hot season is carried, and wait for all element be good at with technology, cost, market.

It is reported, attend and witness both sides to sign those who arrange a ceremony to have the various high official that comes from place not only, this industry is signed by force by force together made an appointment with a ceremony to still attract line of business of smooth hot season numerous much old man, include among them: Connect power Liu Hanyuan of chairman of group director bureau; Smooth hot season of chairman of board of global solar energy, Asia guild chairman, assist Zhu Gongshan of Xin group president; General manager of group of information of electron of the annulus in Tianjin, medium president of annulus semiconductor stock holds general manager Shen Hao concurrently to make the same score; Grand radical is green can Li Zhenguo of president of Inc. of science and technology.

Time before looking 12 years, course of study of Chinese smooth hot season is faced with industrial catenary both ends even 3 outer predicament, high pure brilliant silicon is among them weak point. Euramerican take technical block to China all the time in relevant technology respect, make China high pure brilliant silicon counts an import for a long time. Through domestic light volt enterprise tries hard for years, 2016, domestic polycrystalline silicon is supplied occupy in the whole nation first than exceeding 50% . Occupy at present than already was being broken through 60% , industry of our country polycrystalline silicon strides new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position in the round.

According to industry authority the personage is analysed, bilateral this collaboration, it is the deepness contact that cooperates through early days certainly, each other are having extensive knowledge, develop the field such as each comfortable technology, talent, market of purpose have an advantage already, begin the strategy to cooperate in the round in polycrystalline silicon research and development and domain of manufacturing industry Wu, reach abecedarian collaboration intent. Through Le Shan project autograph is made an appointment with, both sides regards the bibcock of industry of smooth hot season as the enterprise, produce around what have can structure and prospective development, with period develop a technology through industry conformity, produce can, the synergism of the market, make material of good advanced position for clean energy development prop up and ensure, the deepness that plans chain of demand perfection industry cooperates, hopeful leads entire industry to replace rich of competitive each other with mutual benefit collaboration, build the form of industry new student that health can develop continuously jointly, having vivid surveyor’s pole sense.

Can foreknow, future is reached to plan in the market position of polycrystalline silicon domain according to both sides, strengthen further with this cooperate in the deepness such as capital level, industry of joint development polycrystalline silicon is a problem completely in due justice. In the country energetically “ goes lever, go producing can, go landing structure of allowance, attune, firmly below the big setting of ” , power share and protect Li Xiexin this in domain of upriver silicon material strong strong together, the mark is worn both sides is in the strategy, technology, produce can, the level such as the market cooperates with implementation in the round, more mean the times of strong strong conformity inside industry of smooth hot season to had begun, a place with a draught that the technology overturns to get online with par comes already. This just meets to industry conformity meantime, also or it is good to bring more profit.

In addition, power share and protect Li Xiexin to walk along alive bound front row in the respect such as specific power consumption, cost not only, also reached world advanced level on product quality. For our country the quantity is produced high pure silicon of electronic form any crystalline substance is participating in the label that “ China stuck to make ” in global market competition, in the whole world at the same time position and competition ability are able to promote considerably, downstream link is reduced further to the dependence of the entrance, with one action breaks the whole world high pure the competitive pattern of brilliant silicon industry.




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