Lucky Sa electron is honoured to become E-Prix Ma La the official technology partner that constant of horse of motorcade of triumph of station of assorted of noise made in coughing or vomiting amounts to

Lucky Sa electron uses car and knowledge of dynamical management major through report of its system level, amount to cycle racing to provide driving performance for Ma Heng

On January 18, 2019, japanese Tokyo dispatch–The semiconductor solution supplier with banner whole world company limited of lucky Sa electron (TSE: 6723) announces, amount to to Ma Heng (on Mahindra) motorcade be in Saturday dynamoelectric equation of ABB FIA of year of Moroccan circuit 2018/19 (the 2nd round of medium excellent performance shows Formula E) championship contest congratulation. Jerome D’Ambrosio of hand of this motorcade car starts from the 10th position, go against take by surprise finally to get the better of, go up in a list of names posted up of car hand champion at present be far ahead. And be in a show is medium obtain dynamoelectric equation namely of the 7th outstanding achievement with Pascal Wehrlein of motorcade car hand, because car misfortune is hit in circuit, was forced to quit the race.

Ma Heng amounts to one of 10 big virgin motorcade that are dynamoelectric equational match. This sports season, the strategic technology partner that lucky Sa electron enlarged to amount to motorcade with Ma Heng concerns, use modular method to carry out notional test and verify, undertake the electron controls unit development, include graph of PCB design, principle, software and module class test among them. The processing capability that these upgrading that increased low-pressure cell significantly enhanced systematic security.

Bilateral group cooperates continuously undertake systematic level design upgrades, include compositive small controller of designs in the light of the driving demand of dynamical assembly system RH850/E2X of lucky Sa electron (MCU) , and the car batteries of lucky Sa electron manages IC.

Senior vice president holds ministry of career of solution of car of company limited of lucky Sa electron concurrently Jigangzhenyi represents chief skill official, “ the win the first battle of the 5th sports season, exciting extremely. And what make a person excited likewise is, the collective hole that the concern of strategic technology partner that lucky Sa electron and Ma Heng amount to motorcade to expand ceaselessly and both sides design to systematic level sees, helping the success of force motorcade, what be 2018-19 sports season is driving a bureau made contribution. ”

Ma Heng amounts to motorcade CEO to hold group controller Dilbagh Gill concurrently to express, the victory that I stand to assorted of Ma La noise made in coughing or vomiting feels “ very excited, whole motorcade is behaved in this day transcendental. Be in through we and lucky Sa electron the collaboration with a medium in the past sports season, and car and car domain are moved to be able to measure the knowledge of professional research and development that produces traffic system in report by right of lucky Sa electron, both sides will promote the development of electric car match continuously jointly. ”

Couplet of ABB international steam is dynamoelectric equational tounament arrives from circuit to realize electric car “ highway”development mode provided design environment, in can undertaking sufficient attempt and test will apply in mainstream quantity to produce a model with the technical development at cycle racing. These traffic systems need to radical test environment comes design of test and verify, offer quick feedback way, make the engineer can identify quickly, master, use crucial study positive result, quicken prospective report to use the development that the car designs and manufacturing process thereby.

Since starting a technology to cooperate in November 2017, lucky Sa electron and equestrian constant amount to motorcade to last cooperation, for its cycle racing offers the advanced, electric car technology that can be used at can be being measured to produce. As the whole world banner car uses semiconductor supplier, lucky Sa electron will continue to bring powerful electric car solution for the market.

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