Lord and Shiwaci and Marvell lead compatibility of 1000BASE-T1 physics layer the test

On January 17, 2019, whole world of Beijing dispatch —— measures test expert Lord and Shiwaci bannerly (Rohde&Schwarz) and semiconductor manufacturer Marvell®First in layer of physics of all 1000BASE-T1 Layer 1 compatible test is used the success is scored in the exemple. What Marvell of have the aid of offers is long the test equipment that the chip set of experience card and Lord and Shiwacidi supply, the car aether network that compositive business and test orgnaization can build supplier of original equipment manufacturer, 2 class, system to accord with 1000BASE-T1 standard completely.

Instantly, manufacturer of all and main car is in net of deploy car aether, regard the effective solution of the communication inside the car as its. Technology of car aether net but low cost ground achieves tall data rate, the advantage is clear. Want to use this network to provide a reliable platform for mass data, the test that chip set devises and test and verify are crucial.

Now, the engineer with those responsible car compositive networks can introduce the chip series that accords with 1000BASE-T1 standard completely, and have the aid of should check a lot of dominant position that measures a solution, offer for car aether net include report function inside consistent, accurate and completely compatible test ability. Can accelerate development process not only so, still can make an engineer confident to the reliable function of its product.

Marvell regards car aether net as the banner manufacturer of the domain, rolled out industry layer of first 1000Mbps physics is sent and receive implement, its performance is outstanding, OK and contented interconnection drives automatically the tall bandwidth requirement of the car. Electrification, share go out to go and drive automatically wait for new trend to be being brought to automobile industry overturn sexual influence, and these trend logarithm raised taller requirement according to transmitting bandwidth.

Vice president of department of Marvell car career holds general manager Will Chu concurrently to express: “Marvell is very glad to can cooperate with Lord and Shiwaci, realized 88Q2112 to accord with the requirement of IEEE 802.3bp standard in the round. This standard defined small amount sheet the physical layer standard that the 1000Mbps on cable of copper of double skeining thread runs and administrative parameter. ”

Lord and Shiwaci and Marvell lead compatibility of 1000BASE-T1 physics layer the test

Lord and net of aether of car of the Ci that use watt and information recreation department Dr. Nik Dimitrakopoulos (left) hold general manager Will Chu(concurrently with vice president of department of Marvell car career right)

Dr. Nik Dimitrakopoulos is in Lord and company of the Ci that use watt to be in charge of car aether net and information entertainment system, he expresses: “Marvell is one of our main chip set suppliers. Pass the collaboration with Marvell, lord and the test that the Ci that use watt makes the first success pass layer of all 1000BASE-T1 physics to check and measure a supplier, to this we feel honor. This explains, the solution that Lord and Shiwaci are a foundation with analyzer of R&S RTO oscillograph and network of R&S ZND vector can be offerred consistent, accurate and the test result that is worth reliance. We are in all the time the technical limit that breaks through faster car to carry aether network. Lord and Shiwaci expect to wait for innovation partner and its client clasp with Marvell, the 1000BASE-T1 PHY that provides complete function closes compasses solution. ”

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