Korea semiconductor exports frontal head to see shrink, decrease greatly to China 2 into

Ministry of resource of have trade relations of South Korea industry / ministry of communication of information of science and technology announces statistical data 17 days to point out, semiconductor of portion South Korea exported the specified number in December 2018 relatively the year before last year glides with the month 9% to 8.96 billion dollar, for 2 years 3 months come to first degrees be immersed in atrophy, decrease greatly to semiconductor exit forehead of China among them about 2 into.


Taste will not look, south Korea will occupy integral semiconductor to export frontal proportion to even more in December 7 become memory system export frontal atrophy 1 into. 3 months come recently price of DRAM standard items glides nearly 2 into.




annual looked 2018, south Korea semiconductor exports the specified number year add 28.6% to 1, 28.15 billion dollar, year exit forehead achieves historical new Gao Jilu; Among them South Korea exported the specified number to Chinese semiconductor 2018 year add 29.1% to 85.78 billion dollar, achieve historical new Gao Jilu, occupy integral semiconductor to export frontal proportion nearly 7 into.


SamSung electron is announced 8 days preliminary money signed up for the four seasons 2018, because recall form,state market is exasperate, beneficial of battalion of be a burden on will be immersed in atrophy first degrees to come 2 years.


Association of industry of technology of Japanese electron information (JEITA)2018 year will release press release to point out on November 27, association of statistic of world semiconductor trade (WSTS) is in newest those who announce in forecasting a report, chafe with the commerce in the United States (trade war) , global economy is unidentified the element is much for, will global semiconductor sale grew 2019 rate beforehand appraise is worth from June 2018 beforehand of appraise year add 4.4% times long to year add 2.6% , year amplitude will achieve 3 years to come (since 2016, year add 1.1%) new low standard.


Among them, WSTS beforehand appraise recalled form 2019 (Memory) sale will year decrease 0.3% to 1, sixty-four billion five hundred and forty-three million dollar, come 3 years first degrees be immersed in atrophy, ju Yuanxun at June beforehand of appraise year add 3.7% .


Day classics news covered on October 5, 2018, korea invests negotiable securities to express, forehead of semiconductor installation cost made an appointment with electron of SamSung of global semiconductor thumb 2018 zhuan3huan2 of 27 million Han, keep balance 2017 level, nevertheless 2019 beforehand appraise general relatively decreased 2018 about 8% . Korea invests negotiable securities beforehand appraise, samSung is right 2019 NAND show memorial system quickly (the investment of Flash Memory) although will a certain number of addition, do not cross pair of DRAM beforehand appraise can decrease 2 into above.


Day classics news covered on October 31, 2018, toshiba of manufacturer of the 2nd big NAND Flash recalls the whole world body (after the part of plant of 4 days of city that plan picture of TMC) and Western Digital(WD) of its partner United States carries bilateral and collective battalion makes equipment guide time undertakes delaying. Report points out, inside plant of 4 days of city ” the 6th workshop (Fab 6) ” the build that already completed factory building, time of several months after predicting the facility that moves inside 2018 will be delayed formerly nevertheless, just will undertake be movinged December 2019, advocate because amount of shipment of wisdom mobile phone is small,confuse, bring about memorial system price to glide, because this will put rate of delay increase production.


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