It is oscillograph of class of introduction of heart science and technology offers professional class to measure a function

Brand-new 200 MHz, 4 passageways oscillograph ensures the user undertakes metrical with the price that admire in the heart

On January 10, 2019, beijing —— is heart science and technology (NYSE: KEYS) announces to roll out 200 MHz today, the oscillograph of series of InfiniiVision 1000 X of 4 passageways, provide the measurement of professional class and function with the price of introductory class. The oscillograph of 2 passageways 1000X before be being compared, new 4 passageways oscillograph has 4 lines SPI decipher and through the local area network (the long-range join function that LAN) realizes. It is heart science and technology it is a lead technical company, devote oneself to to help provider of enterprise, service and governmental client quicken innovation, create the world of a safe interconnection.

Brand-new oscillograph of series of InfiniiVision 1000 X was used as identical as more high-powered Keysight InfiniiVision oscillograph user interface and measure a technology. Before intuitionistic board the helps option can make an user fast understand oscillograph function that handles the buy inside; easily, improve test and study efficiency then. Oscillograph installed 17 to groom beforehand signal, what can make an user fast master place of series of InfiniiVision 1000 X to be taken oneself is advanced measure and analyse a function. These grooming signal still can groom with free education cover an union to use; to groom set in included comprehensive oscillograph lab guideline, and the slide of oscillograph ABC.

Teit Poulsen of controller of Altoo Measurement Science expresses: “ will be telegraphic number is visible in order to know sequential and voltage weaveform quality, this is a of function of product of electric engineer test important method. Price is extremely low is heart science and technology brand-new the signal insight that oscillograph of series of 4 passageways DSOX1000 provided Gao Shuiping and analytic ability, was being withheld at the same time is the high quality level with heart consistent science and technology. It makes more engineer can understand his deep more the character of electric design. ”

Brand-new oscillograph of series of InfiniiVision 1000 X can upgrade through software licence bandwidth, supportive client buys the bandwidth that requires currently, evolve into demand as what future designs and upgrade. Oscillograph of series of InfiniiVision 1000 X can be offerred 70, 100 with 200 MHz bandwidth, innovate quickly through the following means:

The technology of Keysight MegaZoom IV ASIC with custom-built · , can offer every second 50, 000 undee newer rate and 2 GSa/s sampling are led, the random, abiogenesis burr signal that can show the oscillograph of other and similar price may be omited and unusual.

6 syncretic of · the instrument is compositive, include frequency noisy analyzer (baud graph) , function generator, consultative analyzer, digital volmeter and frequency tally, can save valuable workbench space.

· standard LAN joins, allow many engineers to join through LAN network, undertake be controllinged remotely through Internet browser, begin the work on an instrument thereby. This makes student and work in the same placing OK share in all sorts of places equipment and begin project collaboration, so that save time and budget.

· professional class is measured and software analyses a function, include 24 kinds to be measured automatically, choose a fast Fourier to alternate (FTT) function and pattern plate test, conduce to fast analysis and affirmatory signal parameter.

It is vice-president of heart science and technology holds number and smooth product concurrently Dave Cipriani of outstanding center general manager expresses: “ is being developed brand-new when model of series of 4 passageways 1000 X, we are attached most importance to with quality from beginning to end. Industry need obtains authentic measurement with their satisfactory price, make proper design thereby decision-making. It is heart science and technology uses the mature technology that uses in high-end oscillograph, offerred those who be worth reliance to measure safeguard for the client. ”

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