It is heart science and technology and Gao Tongjiang strong together, type of wire mould of independent group of implementation 3GPP 5G NR carries the data that carry IP to transmit

Two companies pool efforts pushs 3GPP 15.3.0 version quickly the implementation of type of independent group wire mould

On December 26, 2018, beijing —— is heart science and technology (NYSE: KEYS) announced a few days ago, this company had 3GPP 5G new eat dishes without rice or wine successfully (net of NR) independent group (number of SA) mode IP demonstrates according to transmitting, the 5G network that demonstrating to use is heart science and technology emulates solution and appearance the test equipment of similar smartphone, contain among them come from Gao Tongke ability (open company subsidiary high) 5G modem and aerial module. It is heart science and technology it is a lead technical company, devote oneself to to help provider of enterprise, service and governmental client quicken innovation, create the world of a safe interconnection.

This download of data of high speed IP is transmitted is to be based on use brand-new the network of technology of 5G NR of 3GPP 15.3.0 version is configured and come true. This one achievement made an important milestone, support pattern of 5G NR SA of deploy of mobile operation business, this mode is nodded to the anchor in LTE network without dependence, the buildup that can offer numerous 5G to need with exemple place mobile broadband (EMBB) business.

Connect Jon Detra of vice president of engineering of science and technology high to express: “ we are very glad to can be used it is heart science and technology the professional technology in 5G solution respect and innovation, help us create the milestone with important the next, IP data comes true to transmit below independent mode. Used 2019 to be started first half of the year as 5G business, gao Tongke ability will continue with it is collaboration of heart science and technology, help strength whole and mobile ecosystem uses the trade of reality of 5G translate into the system. ”

It is heart science and technology and Gao Tongke ability joint development is inchoate 5G solution, had gained a lot of innovation success in 5G industry, include to roll out network of 5G NR be in order earlier to emulate a solution.

It is vice-president of heart science and technology holds wireless equipment and Kailash Narayanan of operation business general manager concurrently to express: “ we are very glad with connect a company high to continue clasp, achieve milestone of this one technology, support ecosystem of whole and wireless industry to advance 5G independent mode to throw operation quickly. Emulate a solution through using the 5G network that is heart science and technology, performance of equipment of OK and relaxed test and verify accelerates the modem client that tells a company high development speed, achieve consistent test result. ”

It is 5G of heart science and technology

Modern tool is those who promote development of 5G communication technology is necessary assure, they can help an engineer explore new signal, setting and develop easily to attack technology. It is 5G of heart science and technology the solution can provide more thorough insight immediately as standard development. Be being designed and check an aspect, it is heart science and technology supports industry to precede the manufacturer is in brand-new technology and existing technology respect innovate continuously, the design originality becomes real product. Concerning is design of 5G of heart science and technology, test and the detailed information that measure a solution, visit please.

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