Intermediary check CES postpones the grand meeting of the robot of robot just like on the meeting outside

According to England ” daily Post ” reported on January 10, consumptive electron exhibits 2019 international to pull Siweijiasi to kick off formally at was in the United States on January 8. Exhibit many kinds of newest robot exhibited first on the meeting, they can walk not only, conversation still can pour beer, play a table tennis. This exhibition it may be said is the grand meeting of the robot.

Want to drink a cup of beer?


The “Fresh Geoffrey” that designs by French TwinWheel company is robot of a chamberlain, its appearance resembles a go-cart it seems that, have a bibcock, can pour beer from a keg, cup of a cold storage, use outfit bishop and champagne, still have other container, with will install a lot of snacks. It still deserves to have pressurization water, can rinse dirty cup. This robot has not appeared on the market, this company is seeking a partner, its the robot is pushed to global market.

Want to make the robot of your friend

Robot spouse Lovot has —— of a target to make its host happy only. Although it cannot have long conversation, but it still has social function, lovot can be close to a person, interact with the person, it can found the shift in the space of digital map in, and the response wants the injunction of the hug. The horn shape antenna of Lovot has 360 degrees photograph like the head, can identify surroundings, explore sound and audio way. Design person hope establishs a kind of true connection between person and robot.

Apery service robot

UBTech is in exhibit the Walker robot that newest version revealed on the meeting. Walker robot is in first international electron consumption was exhibited 2018 on showpiece, walker robot had had truncal, arm, both hands and head. Stand height 1.45 meters, weight 77 kilograms, new-style Walker robot is OK capture and processing object article, he has delicate trunk, ego balances a system to also be improved somewhat. He still can make the same score quietly to walk in complex environment, and can have much pattern alternant, include sound, vision and touch alternant.

However, what make a person impressive most is it can take out soda water to send out it from freezer.

Express robot

In this international consumptive electron is exhibited on, have a lot of express robots. Robot company rolled out Saigewei recently a new-style express robot that the name is Loomo Delivery.

Annulus type office robot can keep away from fraise, ascend electrify ladder, send another the document. Company of a newly established rolled out a robot of similar office express delivery Holabot. This company presiding apparitor expresses, the Pudubot robot that this company produces can resemble robot clerk moving back and forth in busy restaurant euqally, and Pudubot robot is in China had been succeeded to sell. Almost all these robots use a kind the name can inspect SLAM”(synchronism fixed position and plot for “ ) technology.

Most express robot is round of type, also have exception nevertheless, for instance a robot of Continental of German Motor Corporation, this company hopes to develop the robot dog that can walk, can will lap from drive automatically before deliver goods car carries client door.

For the robot that dog dog designs

The say of Bee-oh Kim of market chief inspector of Varram robot company, the worry that resolves pet, fat and depressed it is a very serious problem. The cure that robot of this company Pet Fitness is a shift substantially implement, angle of can exciting pet it, with its amuse oneself. The robot of Varram charges two hours, can run 10 hours, just the pet when enough host goes to work to not be in the home is in the home amuse oneself.

Ping-pong robot

Ohmic dragon (Omron) company is exhibited in international consumption electron on exhibited robot of its Forpheus ping-pong. This huge robot has 3.04 meters tall about, do not apply to a family to use. Forpheus robot is not to win the contest and of the design. Contrary, its run way more resembling is an adviser, can evaluate the technical level of adversary, adjust intercept movement, cooperate on ball desk with the player, raise each other level jointly thereby. Forpheus robot still can identify adversary, create personalized experience for different player.

Attend old person robot

SamSung company will roll out a robot that can attend an old person. Robot of this kind of scroll can talk, there is two numbers eye on Hei Bing. This robot is used by the design dog the case that old people takes medicaments, still can measure blood pressure, if discover an old person,fall it still can dial emergency treatment telephone. SamSung company did not disclose Bot Care will at when be being rolled out, but company of a few newly established is in similar idea Fu Zhu is carried out.




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