Intel implements support EUV technology in 7nm

The logic of 7 accept rice that as brilliant circle acting plant station accumulates report and electron of SamSung of memorial system factory makes Cheng Jun assist extremely ultraviolet light (EUV) small film technology, can enter a quantity to produce level 2019, semiconductor bibcockIntelThe Cheng of 7 pay the metric system in also be being developed certainly can help technology of new generation EUV.


Cheng of 10 pay the metric system advances Intel be inferior to anticipating, bring about 14 accept rice to produce can demand exceeds supply, cause 2018 the problem of processor be in short supply since the four seasons, anticipate should when the 2nd season just can achieve Shu solution 2019. Intel already announced to will enlarge capital expenditure promotion to produce a few days ago can, and anticipate Ice Lake processor will be in 10 accept rice quantity of the four seasons produces shipment this year.


Make Cheng Wei shrink as to Intel future plan, cover according to dispatches from foreign news agency, administer Intel makes the president of Cheng and technology of manufacturing industry Wu and systematic framework career hold chief engineer Murthy Renduchintala concurrently to pointed out a few days ago, cheng of 10 pay the metric system and revised the decided criterion that make Cheng 2014 identical, keep function, density, power comsumption changeless no matter. Additional, had the experience of the research and development that make Cheng of 10 accept rice, 7 accept rice develops Intel good, will mix technology of small film of new generation EUV, because 10 accept rice and 7 accept rice are,develop by different group, EUV of 7 accept rice makes Cheng won’t be affected by defer of Cheng of 10 pay the metric system. Nevertheless, intel did not allude 7 accept rice when accessibility quantity is produced.




According to guessing, intel plans 10nm hind the 4th year to roll out formerly formerly, was 2020 so bottom, if can be accomplished really, so 10nm makes Cheng will be the most short-lived generation makes Cheng.


According to estimation, intel may configure ASML of much 20~40 stage even7nm EUV photoetching opportunity will reach the capacity that produces per month 100 thousand. (price of only station of machine of 7nm EUV photoetching 120 million dollar. )


Industry points out, the EUV of 7 accept rice of stage accumulating report and SamSung makes Cheng progressively 2019 promotion is produced can, but should begin a large number of true undertaking that cast a quantity to produce, should want when after 2020. The EUV of 7 accept rice of Intel makes Cheng want to enter stage of production truly, anticipate also want when 2020 or after 2021. Nevertheless, in light of the plan with factory of 3 most conductor, technology of EUV small film will become 7 accept rice to reach more advanced the main aspect that controls Cheng.


EUV photoetching technology develops posture


Photoetching (Lithography) the most crucial technology that changes imperceptibly for integrated circuit. Be in currently 16/14nm node and even 10 reach 7nm node, chip manufacturer still infiltrates generally in use 193nm ArF type photoetching machine is multiple into like the technology, but use multiple into exposure number will increase after resembling a technology, bring about cost to rise significantly the rate that reach fine, yield next demote problems. According to the program of relevant enterprise, in 7/5nm node, chip production will guide extremely ultraviolet (EUV) photoetching technology, of wavelengh of EUV photoetching use 13.5nm extremely ultraviolet light, can form more careful exposure picture. Chip manufacturer plans to use EUV photoetching the most difficult photoetching process, namely metal 1 layer and Guo Kongsheng become working procedure, and foreword of division of labor will still delay other greater part to infiltrate with 193nm ArF type photoetching machine is multiple into resemble make. Produce business A Si Mai according to EUV photoetching machine (ASML) say, become threefold than infiltration type photoetching like the technology, EUV photoetching technology can reduce the making cost of metallic layer 9% , the making cost that passes aperture is reduced 28% .


The crucial technology of EUV photoetching includes EUV illuminant and tall numeric aperture (NA) camera lens, former the handling capacity that affects photoetching engine (Throughput) , the resolution that latter affects photoetching engine (Resolution) mix a quarter error (Overlay) ability. Current, machine of global EUV photoetching is produced basically by forestall of place of company of Holand A Simai, its are newest NXE:3400B EUV type, use 245W light source, below experimental condition, did not use diaphragm of film of attack by surprise (Pellicle) , already realized horary exposure the handling capacity of 140 brilliant circle; This type is in the test of the client side, can achieve horary exposure the handling capacity of 125 brilliant circle, cover quarter error 2nm; According to A Simai course of company EUV technology plans, the company will be by 2018 before, upgrade through the technology make NXE:3A quarter error of 400B EUV type reduce 1.7nm the following, contented 5nm makes the craft demand of Cheng; In 2019, use 250W EUV light source, achieve horary the quantity of 145 brilliant circle produces handling capacity; 2020, roll out upgrade the NXE:3 of edition400C EUV type, use 250W EUV illuminant to achieve 155 / the quantity when produces handling capacity. On the whole, current 250W EUV light source can have satisfied 7nm even the demand that 5nm makes Cheng, but the EUV illuminant that is aimed at next generation still remains to develop. According to estimation, in 3nm technology node, to the power of EUV illuminant the requirement will promote 500W, arrived 1nm technology node, illuminant power asks to will achieve 1KW even.


Tall numeric aperture (High-NA) optical system respect, as a result of extremely ultraviolet light is met by all material (include all sorts of gas) absorb, accordingly extremely ultraviolet light photoetching needs in vacuum the environment falls, and use reflection type lens undertake. Current, a Simai company already developed numeric aperture to be the camera lens of EUV photoetching machine of 0.33, a Simai is being reached for 3nm make Cheng Cai develop taller numeric aperture below (NA) optical system, company and the numeric aperture that block joint development of company of Er Cai department are the optical system of 0.5, predict in 2023-2024 the quantity after year is produced, this optical system resolution (a quarter error when Resolution) and production (Overlay) compares existing system tower above 70% , can handle 185 brilliant circle hourly.


Except photoetching machine, EUV photoetching should measure the application in producing to still issue of a few technologies remains to be solved further in chip, be like: Film of film of photoetching glue, attack by surprise, attack by surprise protects film (Pellicle) .


Photoetching glue respect, the level of illuminate reaction dosage that should achieve massive amount to produce requirement photoetching rubber must not prep above 20mJ/cm2. And want to get perfect becoming resembles at present, the illuminate dosage of EUV photoetching glue needs generally to achieve 30-40mJ/cm2. In 30mJ/cm2 dosage level, horary handling capacity can obtain the EUV photoetching chance of 250w illuminant only 90, remarkable 125 under ideal. As a result of the stochastic effect of a few photon that EUV photoetching produces, the illuminate dosage level that wants to reduce photoetching glue still needs to overcome a series of challenges. Among them one of it is phenomenon of emissive noise of so called photon. Photon is smooth basic particle, the change that becomes measure of smooth like the illuminate in the process photon can affect the performance of EUV photoetching glue, because this meeting arises a few do not hope some is become like blemish, for instance: Line brim is coarse (Line-edge Roughness:LER) .


Edition of film of smooth attack by surprise, EUV photoetching uses specular reflection light and not be to use lens to refract light, the edition of film of smooth attack by surprise that uses because of this EUV photoetching also needs to change reflection model, convert enclothe the silicon on matrix and molybdenum layer to make. In the meantime, EUV photoetching is the accuracy of edition, precision, complex to film of smooth attack by surprise spend a requirement to compare before taller. The equipment of alterable appearance electron beam that makes edition of film of attack by surprise be used generally currently (VSB) , its write time to make the biggest challenge, one of solutions are to use device of many bundles of electron beam. Include IMS company, NuFlare company to wait to already was related development product of many bundles of electron beam, equipment of many bundles of electron beam can raise edition of film of smooth attack by surprise to make efficiency, reduce cost, still conduce to the fine rate that raises edition of film of smooth attack by surprise. Future, edition of film of major EUV smooth attack by surprise still can use equipment of alterable appearance electron beam to make, but complex to minority chip, want to carry treatment rate, must use device of many bundles of electron beam.


EUV film, EUV film regards smooth attack by surprise as velar covering layer, offer cut off the hypostatic protective screen that the outside pollutes, can send gas in order to prevent small this world or command to pollute surface of film of smooth attack by surprise, the cleanness when reducing film of smooth attack by surprise to use and examine. A Simai company has opened the film that gives out 83% transmissivity, using 245W light source, the test can achieve 100 brilliant circle / when handling capacity, a Simai’s target is to develop a transmissivity the transparent film of 90% , can bear the EUV illuminant of 300W, realize 125 brilliant circle / the handling capacity when.


Earlier, EUV photoetching basically still applies at the production of high-end logic chip, memory chip, main chip industry already announced to guide severally in succession the plan of EUV photoetching.




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