Industry letter ministry announces printed circuit board industry standard condition: Guide an enterprise to retreat a city to enter garden

Learn from industry and informatization ministry website, ” printed circuit board industry standard condition ” (next abbreviation ” normative condition ” ) and ” printed circuit board industry standard announcement runs temporary measure ” will begin to apply at will rising on Feburary 1, 2019.


” normative condition ” according to optimize distribution, adjust the environmental protection of structure, green, principle that drives guidance of innovation, classification to undertake making.

” normative condition ” point out, groove guard of the groove guard of permanent and basic farm that in state law regulations and code, program decide or government office of civil administration of provincial above person approves, drinking water source, natural groove guard, scenery scenic spot red line of protection of area, zoology and zoology environment are sensitive the law such as area, flimsy area, law. The existing enterprise inside afore-mentioned area should ask to demolish according to legal laws and regulations shut, or strict control dimensions, progressively change goes.

” normative condition ” encourage printed circuit board the industry collects development, build the industrial garden division with complete facility of form a complete set, guide an enterprise to retreat a city to enter garden. Strict control is new on technical level is low pure expand produce can printed circuit board project. Encourage an enterprise to do actor strong, strengthen industry technology and administrative innovation, improve product quality and manufacturing efficiency, reduce manufacturing cost. Urge construction one batch has international consequence, technology banner, “ only the enterprise of new ” of spy of essence of life.

On scale of production and engineering technology, ” normative condition ” requirement enterprise has printed circuit board ability of Wu of kimono of the independent production of the product, sale; Funds of research and development not under in those days 3% of income of business of battalion of proprietor of an enterprise, encourage an enterprise to acquire center of aptitude of company of new and high technology or orgnaization of provincial above research and development, technology; Manufacturing product owns technical patent; On one year of actual output when the enterprise is declared not under produce actually can 50% .

” normative condition ” the production value of average per capita that has a company at the same time, build reach the investment dimensions that revises extend project and investment to yield than, enterprise and project engineering technology raised a requirement.

The side runs in quality, the enterprise should be built and perfect ceaselessly survey administrative system, have electric test, dimension to measure, automatic optics detects (except of odd face plate) etc detect ability. Encourage an enterprise to provide the environmental suitability power of test such as concussion of loop of high low temperature, temperature, damp and hot, manage systematic attestation through measuring.

The field is created in intelligence, encourage an enterprise to strengthen design carrying a layer on the head, stimulative automation equipment upgrades, drive automation level to rise.

Encourage an enterprise to drive net of manufacturing facilities couplet and data to collect, natural resources of active construction company plans (ERP) , make executive system (MES) , supplier relation manages (SRM) , storehouse management system (WMS) wait for informatization system, drive an enterprise to digitlize construction.

The field is created in green, the enterprise should begin cleanness to produce job of examine and verify continuously, check and accept through evaluating, clean production target should be achieved ” printed wiring of clean production level board manufacturing industry ” (HJ 450) in 3 grade level. Abandon aquatic product to give birth to capacity index to should reach 2 grade level among them, encourage obtain one class and above level.




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