IBM releases the whole world computer of first independent quanta or will make work to going out

According to England ” financial times ” report, IBM already developed the first independent quanta computer, a few whole worlds the most advanced science and technology is compositive arrive inside a 9 feet glass cube. Company in the Las Vegas this year international consumption electron extends the system that went up to make public this to be IBM Q System One first.

Quanta computer

So far, this is the computer of an independent quanta with only whole world. Although do not eliminate IBM some day to offer the possibility of this kind of system, the commerce of company at present plans more apt rents through Internet, is not to face a client to sell these new hardware directly.

Quanta computer, just as its name implies, use the ability with mechanical quanta to handle computation namely, the big enough of its computation ability lets today’s computer all make the history. However, computer of this kind of quanta still disperses only at present inside lab of research of ground consist in. They form by many elements: Contain the consolidate room that deals calculative quanta bit; Liquid helium canister and equipment of other low temperature, make the temperature of quanta bit maintains control in absolute zero; And electronic device, the movement of bit of quanta of control of in order to and “ is read take ” their output, still have the cable of element of join all these.

Will all these combination are together, make the computer of general and compositive quanta of generation, to always for the IBM with systematic company pose as, “ has epoch-making meaning ” , the presiding operation official of IBM academy Daliao · Jill (Dario Gil) say. The history of IBM, it is design and the history that develop the most advanced at that time computation system namely, from on the 700 series large scale computer of 50 time and System/360 begin the century, arrive all the time 60 postpone consideration with 70 time to commercial world.

To will measure subsystem compositive arrive half-inch in thick vitreous case, the electronic facility that IBM must want to give out his will control a system. The company still must find a method to realize perfect temperature control, prevent to shake, in order to ensure real property of the system and agree indoorly in the experiment.

The working principle of quanta computer depends on calling park of its quanta bit “ overlay ” temporarily condition, at that time these quanta bit can represent the “1” in standard computer and “0” . The condition of quanta bit is disturbed extremely easily, and extend the time that its can maintain quanta position (time of be concerned with) already made one of main challenges inside course of study. IBM expresses, the time of be concerned with that the quanta bit in new system can keep is 75 delicate, it is reported the optimal time length that this is general quanta computer.

Industrial design also produced effect. IBM always grows with designing his admiral machine to be. Notable mark sex incident is super computer deep blue, the first beats human chess to protect the computer of crown champion.

Under photograph comparing, compositive quanta system presents generation give a kind of uncanny windy sense. The major component of equipment is concealed at the back of cube. Quanta bit is located in a suspension to be in the steeliness circle canal of the high polish of cubic coping. Whole equipment altogether has 4 crust to protect quanta to suffer the outside to disturb than privilege, the steeliness circle of this polish is in charge of is among them first protection carapace.

The empty buy space inside cube is for not just good-looking, its designed backside to also consider safeguard this one element: Cubic front can pass the cantilever type hinge of special design to open, so that technical personnel is gotten into equipment of cubic in-house overhaul.

Quanta computer runs on the equipment that the client of IBM can be in a company through paying fee, will handle their in-house computation. When be asked whether the company can sell these new equipment, jill expresses: “ of course, you can expect ” so, but he complements again say, IBM does not have such plan temporarily.


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