General motors appoints motor-car of new president report to drive automatically resource turns over times

General motors announces Ma Ke · farsighted think of (Mark Reuss) the gentleman will replace red. Oman (Dan Ammann) become company president, should appoint instantly become effective. Rose on January 1 this year, red. Oman begins to hold the position of current standard to fall to drive automatically the presiding apparitor of company Cruise.

General motors

Current, farsighted think of development of product of responsible whole world and Kaidilake brand, future still will run global quality department. From June 2018 all is in charge of Kaidilake since brand and global product plan, he devotes oneself to to develop the brand to develop effective tie with the product, develop product and technology to increase a plan in order to support the whole world of the brand quickly. According to Kaidilake’s plan, roll out every 6 months a new product to 2020.

In addition, farsighted think of drive product of general whole world actively still to develop sectional staff and flow transition, make the project actual strength with top-ranking whole world, promote advanced technique research and development, carry high yield to character is measured and push the rate to the market. Future inside two years, farsighted think of a gentleman to plan to will be mixed in electric car drive automatically the resources investment of car domain increases one times. It is reported, farsighted the father Lloyd Reuss that think of ever was in 1190-1992 year hold the position of general motors president.

The report of the intermediary outside the basis, does general motors president hold presiding apparitor concurrently Marie? Rich is pulled (Mary Barra) will continue to be in charge of global area and global banking directly, and Dhivya Suryadevara of official of general and presiding finance affairs will continue to superintend company development, and is president red before this? The duty of Oman. In addition, farsighted think of will continue to hold the position of general in China the director with the general steam on joint-stock company.



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