Flex Power Designer increases hot emulation function, with shrinking short sawn timber appears on the market time

· has this to include heat to build a model only in congener design tool

· is emulated what realize hot deed in detail

· heat is emulated conduce to shorten the product appears on the market time, and the risk that utmost ground reduces design flaw

Module of Flex power source (the software of Flex Power Designer that Flex Power Modules) shows to already was used at system of digital power source to design to its undertakes great upgrade, increase hot emulation function namely. This kind of new function can make design personnel to shorten development time, shorten then the product appears on the market time, and the risk that utmost ground reduces blemish of the existence in design of power source system.

The new hot model in latest edition Flex Power Designer 3.0, the hot behavior in making design personnel to be able to emulate system of its power source to design, can calculate for example heat temperature and integral system efficiency.

Design personnel can be appointed include ply of environmental temperature, Copper Foil and wind speed inside circuit board is characteristic. Design to make as far as possible simple, the figure that Flex Power Designer provides can show the dependence between many quantities concerns, show how temperature follows voltage of output electric current, output and wind speed for example and change.

Management of product of module of Flex power source and Olle Hellgren of business development chief inspector express: “ since since be being rolled out at first 6 years ago, the client that Flex Power Designer already helped us makes full use of technology of digital power source. Had this new version, flex Power Designer becomes the includes hot model function exclusively design tool —— in congener product to be able to help design personnel establish design of efficient, dovish power source system further thereby now. ”

Flex Power Designer is tool of a design, can think design personnel and systematic framework division offer the survey of systematic configuration and efficiency of system of whole power source, is converter configuration not just. This software can cross orbit to define a relation, include phasic and patulous, sort and breakdown to diffuse —— helps understanding system action thereby, shorten development time.

Platform of this one software includes inside buy is emulated, can realize power level to so that optimize,be analysed adjust, how can carry out the job related to design requirement to undertake visible analysis to designing behavior and system, for example transient state is answered, output impedance and power dissipation.

The configuration that the function of Flex Power Designer includes to dominate return circuit and emulate, and the direct configuration of module of digital power source and monitoring. It includes SMBus tool, bound the code of give typical examples that is used at complete SMBus is controlled and producing process designing.

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