EnOcean becomes Ruzhuoli wireless product partner

Ruzhuoli (Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH) expands wireless product is combined, introduce EnOcean product. Germany from power supply manufacturer EnOcean offers wireless solution major be based on EnOcean wireless agreement (the standard of open mode international that issued 2011) , blue tooth of ZigBee and low power comsumption (mix under the 1 GHz of BLE) standard 2.4 GHz wireless module, switching equipment, sensor and development are covered. Ruzhuoli also joined EnOcean alliance now. Bilateral partner concerns instantly become effective, the global limits component that includes EnOcean range of products among them is sold.

The Europe in EnOcean GmbH sells chief inspector Markus Florian to express: “ goes, we and Ruzhuoli are in in the light of the combination related module of as new as us generation client project respect spread out for many times to cooperate. Our innovation is self-confessed report is wireless the product is the superexcellent complement that Ruzhuoli has wireless product to combine. Ruzhuoli has well-trained field application engineer (FAE) and group of business development director, and dedicated at brand-new content couplet net (the large whole world of IoT) market sells a group, the strategy that all accords with our him company completely. ”

Ruzhuoli – exceed low power comsumption the market leader of wireless solution

Ruzhuoli is very satisfactory also to concerning at this new partner, kerstin Wagner of wireless product selling manager expresses Ruzhuoli: “ is in exceed low power comsumption wireless solution respect, ruzhuoli is one of leaders of minute of market that sell business. Eye comes round to say, these products all need power supply of batteries of a button at least. In be being combined through adding EnOcean product our product, we can offer the wireless technology that is based on energy to collect for the client now. And, enOcean gained good reputation in the market in recent years. This collaboration concerns instantly become effective, our both sides will be collective on international level patulous these good reputation. ”

It is a client to offer an expert to suggest in finished product process from project conception, it is one of the largest dominant positions of Ruzhuoli, join EnOcean alliance to make Ruzhuolizeng strong this advantage. Wagner expresses: “ is right for Ruzhuoli, important is include price-list the product not only, still can offer a proposal to the client with respect to blue print of consultative function, development and attestation flow, this reason makes we and the concern of business development collaboration that approach EnOcean standard origin, in technological process of such actual hardware design that we can bring into the up to date information of concerned agreement the client. ”

EnOcean does not have batteries wireless technology

Came more than 17 years in the past, the self-confessed report that EnOcean devotes oneself to to develop innovation all the time is wireless sensor solution, in order to realize maintenance-free and application of agile content couplet net. These solutions are used at control of illume of household of building and industrial automation, intelligence, LED and environment to monitor. The product of EnOcean is to be based on extremely converter of miniaturization the sources of energy, energy-saving electron product, and be based on open mode standard (like EnOcean, Zigbee and blue tooth) reliable and wireless technology.

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