Does Bigtera shine completely put SDS to taste VirtualStor newly? Extreme appears on 2019 CES

The American consumption electron that 8-11 day pulled Siweijiasi to hold at the United States in January 2019 extends American time (on CES) , beijing is big million pole puts limited company of information science and technology (Bigtera) will combine skill fine science and technology, exhibit jointly what both sides cooperates is brand-new memory product VirtualStor™Extreme and solution.

VirtualStor™Extreme product will be tie-in ability the server of fine science and technology, be in industry on function and technical advantage lead position. You Zonglin of company general manager ever was in Bigtera to speak of VirtualStor to media™The development course that storage technology reviewed when Extreme product reachs the current situation, framework of shirt-sleeve to exceeding foundation (HCI) and framework of software combination foundation (SCI) reached actor inferior position to do detailed analysis in the progress that shows level, express to be in at the same time after with ability development of fine science and technology cooperates, have the aid of of both sides general is accumulated from the technology inside the domain each and combine research and development, had enough assurance to the dependability of the product and applied effect. Exhibit in this second CES on the meeting, everybody general can see VirtualStor™Extreme product reachs the superior performance of the solution.

Bigtera is based on a parent company intelligent flourish science and technology is showing the technology that puts chip ground floor to accumulate with the advantage, its VirtualStor™Extreme product is based on shine put controller ground floor to undertake optimizing design and development, particular technical advantage is OK will shine put write enlarge by the general 7.31 times huge inside course of study cut to 1.05 times, lengthen greatly thereby show the service life that live and enlarge to be able to use effective memory capacity.

Does Bigtera shine completely put SDS to taste VirtualStor newly? Extreme appears on 2019 CES

Bigtera VirtualStor™Extreme is 2U4 node product, use shine completely put array, can offer 800 thousand IOPS, obtain the delay under 1ms. Through transverse and patulous the combined-type foundation framework that can get used to different function and IOPS demand to support much applies setting. At Bigtera with time base outstanding software defines memory software, virtualStor™Benefit of canal of pay of Extreme product support is old those who reach data without seam migratory, huge reduces TCO. Be based on show the applied character that keep and custom-built research and development, virtualStor™Extreme product can be satisfied at present the popular high-powered computation on the market, big data, AI, rich media reachs framework of foundation of media of be in harmony, cloud to wait for applied setting, solve traditional IT framework to use medium pain spot and difficult point in new business.

Does Bigtera shine completely put SDS to taste VirtualStor newly? Extreme appears on 2019 CES

VirtualStor™Extreme product advantage:

Along with require performance of patulous & freeboard

· is insurable the stable low defer that card does not exceed 1ms

· only facility can be offerred be as high as 800 thousand IOPS and 10GB/s bandwidth

· support is transverse and patulous, can break through 10 million IOPS

Along with need and change & confluence stores

· complete Shan Cunrong adds up to memory, can offer at the same time piece, file and object storage service

· supports a variety of memory agreements, wait like CIFS, NFS, ISCSI, FC, S3 Object

· supports tenement / the QoS control that uses level

Supportive benefit is old with data migratory, reduce overall TCO

· support conformity shows some to store (include NAS and SAN)

· is not had seam migratory data, make sure business is not had interrupt

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