Divide Kirin beyond, look China to still manufactured what chip

China forThe sea that relies on Yu Qi to fall is thought of march in a large-scale this fact of chip already well known. Besides Kirin chip, china the chip that handles to decipher and picture signal are made up in IPC video, TV chip, the many domains such as Balong base band and NB-IoT chip obtain good market performance, the height that also won authority is approbated. But what actually we see is only China bed iceberg one horn.


Go 10 days, china to announced much money chip external again, revealed its to be in to the outside again the actual strength of chip respect. This also draws the interest that had the writer, go survey after all China to the chip of how many sort made?


Brand-new approach clouds chip attacks family expenses way by implement domain


Eve, hua Weirong boast held a news briefing in Beijing, released a variety of fittings, in the center of the brightest look belong to embarked to grind oneself the honorable road of Ling Xiao CPU and Wi-Fi chip by Pro2.




According to China introduce for the government, ling Xiao 5651 the top that is 1.4GHz of a 4 nucleuses matchs a road by CPU, have the data transmit capacity that is as high as 5Gbps, can realize the full rate transmit of thousand WiFi and thousand net mouth easily, still support the USB data that is more than 800Mbps to transmit at the same time, can offer high-speed network to share for the user.


As to clouds of approach of chip of Shuang Pin WiFi 1151, have the characteristic with interference rejection strong capability. Be aimed at IoT equipment, ling Xiao 1151 built two information highway, one is used at data connection, one is used at IoT equipment connection, the operation that assures an user can get faster feedback. Additional, to cooperate the experience that hand You Chang gains times more quickly, ling Xiao 1151 use multinomial and brand-new technology, if game message identifies, allocate ahead of schedule eat dishes without rice or wine, low when delay safeguard of QoS of rate adjustment, little flow to wait, cooperate EMUI9.0, mobile phone and road by can enter game mode at the same time, rate is more stable.


In associate with, road by CPU basically is by connect high, couplet hair division, Marvell and rich are connected wait for a manufacturer to supply, now China enter this field to kill, inevitable meeting arises to these suppliers more or less influence, but this is China be surely the road of classics.


According to ZhongGuanCun online 2018 Q3 quarter and wireless first half of the year road by implement data of market investigation report shows, china attention spends bed brand to promoting stage by stage, and the brand difference with TP-link is less and less, although TP-link still is ranked the first, but attention scale is only 22.21% , with the photograph of 29.48% is compared first half of the year, attention dropped nearly 1/4! And China bed attention is spent add fast unusually fast, annulus is achieved than growing 102% , pull greatly close the difference with TP-Link.


By this token, china to grind oneself road by implement chip is expected issue. Because China making a guest make the content couplet network that change serve for itself, add whole region by implement the development of the market. According to economic principle, hua Weihai considers the issue that entering this chip market is success will come when conditions are ripe, this also is China for road of sortie high end by another attempt after ASIC.


As to WIFI chip respect, the doorsill is opposite lower, prospective dosage also is met bigger, china miss this opportunity to also be met impossibly absolutely.


Stake of chip of server of Guan Xuan Arm did not come


The article before semiconductor industry observation is early ” more than AI, china for exposure whole world chip of server of Arm of rice of first 7 accept ” in, we had spoken of newest China for Arm server chip, but the report in those days basically is “ gossip ” . But a few days ago, announce of official of Hua Weizheng type the progress of this direction.


The Hua Weizhi that this month the last ten-day of a month holds can be calculated on congress and news briefing of strategy of business of Chinese intelligence computation, hua Weizheng type announced his “Hi1620” of chip of server of the 4th acting Arm. This is the data center processor that industry head money uses 7nm craft to make, plan to was rolled out 2019.


From China bed introduction we are informed, the “TaiShan”(Mount Taishan that is based on ARMv8 framework design was used in this chip) core, support configuration of 48 core, 64 core, frequency 2.6GHz or 3.0GHz, bear memory of 8 passageways DDR4-2933. The information of other media expresses, china every core that is this chip includes 512KB 3 class of 2 class cache, 1MB cache, support passageway of 40 PCI-E 4.0, double ten wired networks, 4 USB 3.0, 16 SAS 3.0, two SATA 3.0. Enclose dimension to be able to accomplish 60×75 millimeter, 100-200W of power comsumption limits, most and OK 4 interrelate.


In recent years, because the cloud serves the popularity of the market, give Arm server brought chance, also attracted many manufacturers to devote into among them, included many cloud to serve a supplier to enter among them bureau. Because be compared with X86 server, the cost of Arm server is cheaper, the terminal works that this lets buy even associate with server chip only also begins to this mind disturbed to this market, the Amazon that rolled out Graviton chip is represented among them namely. And serving the market in storm cloud China for market of 50% discount page not exceptional also. After deep ploughing is old, china to be in again eventually external Guan Xuan their progress in this respect.


And cite according to interfacial news Hua Weizhi can be calculated the view of Qiu Long of business department president, develop gradually as Arm zoology, more and more application already to ARM framework migratory. More important is, to the computational task of diversification, finding suitable framework just is more important. To the Arm chip with general and applicable mobile phone, game application development has in high in the clouds when developer when, arm framework is better than X86 framework. The support of group interior also is the reason that prospective China is server product invest a large number of resource to ARM framework. Qiu Long expresses, arm processor chip has been in China get use for interior, as zoology perfect, its application setting will be increasing, he emphasizes.


Make for the guest change and profit


No matter be China for, apple, SamSung, still be Facebook, Microsoft, Gu Ge, Yamaxun, even division force, Kang Jia and sea letter, these systematic manufacturers enter chip market, it is for two purposes, that is the guest is made change and profit. In terminal coessential change when the problem is more and more serious, they choose to use grind oneself chip will solve this problem.


Of course, in manufacturer of EDA, IP and brilliant circle the support of acting factory falls, chip research and development is simpler and simpler also be another reason with this kind of can arisen tide.


Present EDA more and more intelligence, the firm that IP provides on the market is increasing also, systematic factory needs to buy corresponding product from these manufacturers only, solicit the engineer that a few have experience next, can undertake chip is designed formally. And the stage accumulates report these brilliant circles are acting the popularity of the factory, chip is done to need to invest to build a plant before making chip developer OK need not resemble a few years, reduced further into the doorsill of the bureau. Moreover, the factory itself that these investment make chip is the use person of chip, this lets them avoid those who be short of a sale is anxious, and need to stare at the look on chip design only.



Moreover, those who design service company is arisen, the chip that also lets do oneself becomes easier. Below the support that serves an industry in the design, we can put forward norms of a chip only even, oneself may not need staff, can obtain an others to design good chip technically to me, this drove systematic factory to grind oneself further the popularity of chip.


To China for for, do chip to still have the consideration of an other side.


Circulate on the net the name is ” allow to be not 2012 labs to speak ” in. Ren Zhengfei expresses:


We make terminal operating system now is the consideration that stems from the strategy, if they broke our commissariat suddenly, android system was not used to me, system of Windows Phone 8 also was not used to me, are we foolish? Same, when we are making high-end chip, I did not object you buying high-end chip of the United States. I think you want as far as possible the high-end chip that uses them, well understand it. When only they do not sell us, our thing a little all but, also should make do with can use. We cannot have narrow sense of pride, this kind of sense of pride can kill us dead. Our purpose should make money namely, it is to should take Gan Ling. Take no less than getting on Gan Ling, take next wall street to also go. We are not narrow, we make an operating system, and making high-end chip is same argument. Basically be to let others allow us to use, is not the commissariat that broke us. When breaking our commissariat, backup system wants to be able to be used.


In such thought support falls, china for besides making the chip above, still plan to roll out the whole world formally in next year “Hi1711” of chip of first intelligent government. According to introducing, engine of management of AI of the buy inside this chip and intelligent management are algorithmic, still contain module of safety of operation module, I/O module, can undertake is aimed at the management such as the early-warning of breakdown, segregation and fixed position from server overall situation. According to introducing, this chip uses a 16nm that accumulate report to make Cheng technology, PCI-E NVMe and SAS are shirt-sleeve, heat of supportive PCI-E 3.0, SAS 3.0, PCI-E is inserted unplug, intelligence is quickened, flow more, atom is written, QoS is waited a moment, and life is lengthened 20% .


Additional, the company controls chip to also will arrive in next year iteration from the SSD that began research and development 2005 the 7th generation. China express for the respect, what this code name is Hi 1812E is brand-new SSD controller uses a stage to accumulate report craft of Cheng of 16 pay the metric system is made, PCle NVMe and SAS confluence, heat of supportive PCIe 3.0, SAS 3.0, PCI-E is inserted unplug, intelligence is quickened, flow more, atom is written, QoS is waited a moment, and life lengthens 20 % . As to China the Ascend 910 that releases to be on the complete join plenary meeting that October portion holds this year and Ascend 310 need not I emphasized again.


According to the author not complete count, china prevent to be being installed now, switching equipment of the mobile phone processor, server processor of Arm framework, network, artificial intelligence, car carries equipment of IP of navigation, multimedia, interface, wireless terminal, family, SSD the many domains such as control and power source management had position. There is the Arm PC processor that passes Hua Weizheng to be used on computer in research even yesterday.


Although China obtained good performance to be on chip, but to them, still still very long way wants.



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