Delay of value of much brilliant package drops

Silicon makings price

This week silicon expects the price is maintained as before, cross period of New year holidays to just ended, the price does not have too big change, look at present there was the traditional Chinese calendar in January the demand of the stock up year ago is propped up, add silicon chip to carry start working to also be maintained going up lunar level, single crystal silicon chip begins to have demand of to the limit of one’s capacity even, integral supply and demand is steady still.

Mill of Korea silicon feed still was in more in January overhaul condition, domestic new increase production can to the limit of one’s capacity also is in step up phase, accordingly for whole, silicon expects demand still belonged to a balance in January, the price revises price beforehand the low left and right sides that appraise can fall in early days. Much brilliant also has not see at present with makings part cheapen apparently, cauliflower price should be met in January maintain in above of every kilograms of 70 yuan of RMBs.

Silicon chip price

Silicon chip

All fronts of this price of week silicon chip is stable, maintain 2018 end level. Polycrystalline silicon piece part, as downstream batteries piece the price is stable, polycrystalline silicon piece the price also was not propped up duratively up, still maintain in every 2.05-2.1 yuan between the RMB.

It is driving that single crystal silicon chip is returned in the demand this month, factory of two big single crystal lasts increment, and in January the market to single crystal batteries piece demand is exuberant still, the price also keeps balance. The stock up year ago props up the traditional Chinese calendar effectively the demand January, but before whether will be demand moved in Feburary, cause demand will decline in Feburary, will be the turn time point with mainer near future.

Batteries piece the price

As a result of justing end new year’s day holiday, this week batteries piece the price is done not have too upheaval, only abroad and double-faced batteries piece rise the value is little.

No matter be home or abroad, in January SE-PERC batteries piece demand still driving, add the traditional Chinese calendar the stock up year ago is wet, supply still show nervousness slightly, changeover efficiency the 21.5% bosseyed batteries that reach above piece high-grade dimension is in the price firmly every tile 1.28-1.31 yuan RMB, abroad 0.162-0.165 yuan U.S. dollor.

Much brilliant batteries piece the price also is held cover with tiles firmly in every 0.86-0.9 yuan RMB, 0.108-0.115 yuan U.S. dollor.

Below current package price level, batteries piece of the price rise ceaselessly allow pressure of feeling of package plant equipment, reason anticipates batteries of single crystal PERC piece, much brilliant batteries piece go up already all amounted to high point.

Package value

Component part, first quarter visibility of PERC component order beautiful, home, abroad all order appears small rise in price case, but whole, value of 310W PERC package is stabilized continuously in every tile 2.2-2.3 yuan RMB, 0.28-0.30 yuan the price interval of the U.S. dollor. Additional, be popularized big silicon chip or half component further by big plant of partial a gleam of, make the efficient market demand such as the United States, Australia is striding toward 60pcs 315W / 72pcs 380-390W.

Respect of much brilliant component, from the point of price of near future invite public bidding, because perpendicular conformity big plant accepts the order first quarter case relatively beautiful, quote still can be maintained in higher level, but the order of much brilliant component that still has a lot of package plants had be notted fill, make the convention first quarter much brilliant component clinchs a deal valence will still is down continuously.

whole, package order demand till the traditional Chinese calendar still maintains free flourishing before New Year, but the traditional Chinese calendar will appear after year off-season not weak, or it is demand situation inverts, still Xu Jing waits for follow-up home to index publishs a circumstance and be decided.

Price of glass of smooth hot season

Glass of smooth hot season is promoted at 2018 four quarters by cost, add market demand to turn beautiful, the price rises apparently, but consummate moon base, the market is wait-and-see to still diffusing first quarter atmosphere, the price rises already hasten delay, near future price is held be in firmly 23-24 of every square metre yuan RMB.


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