Cree and ST sign SiC brilliant circle long-term supply agreement

Cree(Na Sida overcomes stock code: CREE) announce withSTMicroelectronics (code of new York stock exchange: STM) sign old period agreement, be produced for ST and supply its Wolfspeed® carborundum (SiC) brilliant is round, ST is global semiconductor leader, the client that is all sorts of electron products provides chip class support. This agreement sets, in this one special growth period with the demand to SiC power parts of an apparatus during, supply value to meaning law semiconductor the naked brilliant of Cree advanced 150mmSiC of 250 million dollar and denotative chip.


“ST is current the exclusive semiconductor company of SiC of class of mass production car, the amount of the application that we hope to serve in place and range respect can drive our SiC business ahead, siC market sizing will exceed 3 billion dollar 2025, at the appointed time we will strive to maintain the market to lead a position. President of semiconductor of ” meaning law holds presiding apparitor Jean-Marc Chery concurrently to express. This agreement of “ and Cree will increase our flexibility, ensure our great ambition and plan, conduce to drive SiC to gain ground mediumly in car and industrial application. ”

“ we are dedicated still lead at raising the adoption of SiC solution, this one agreement proved our mission, gregg Lowe of ”Cree presiding apparitor says. “ this is the 3rd when we signed last year old agreement, aim to support an industry from SiC of silicon translate into. Regard the whole world of SiC as the leader, cree expands ceaselessly produce the market demand that can increase ceaselessly with satisfying, use a field in industry and car especially. We are very glad to continue to support meaning law semiconductor, because we are in,invest to quicken this market to undertake. “

Wolfree, cree subsidiary company, it is the global leader that SiC brilliant circle and denotative brilliant circle make, supply SiC for extensive car and industrial market.


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