Cree and meaning law semiconductor announce to sign carborundum brilliant circle to offer goods agreement for years

The agreement will quicken SiC to apply in the commerce of car and industrial market

China, on January 10, 2019 – Cree limited company (Na Sida overcomes stock code: CREE) announces to already signed an old agreement that offer money, the semiconductor supplier that for over or across the whole world of domain of multiple electron application precedes meaning law semiconductor (STMicroelectronics, code of stock exchange of abbreviation ST; new York: STM) is produced and supply Wolfspeed® carborundum (SiC) brilliant is round. According to the regulation of this agreement, during demand of market of parts of an apparatus of current carborundum power increases significantly, cree will supply value to meaning law semiconductor the 150mm carborundum with advanced Cree of 250 million dollar is naked brilliant circle and denotative brilliant circle.

President of meaning law semiconductor holds presiding apparitor Jean-Marc Chery concurrently to express: “ST is current exclusive the semiconductor company that a quantity produces parts of an apparatus or appliance of car class carborundum, we want to increase the applied dimensions of pair of SiC business and scope at the same time, grab anticipate opportunity, lead position is held on this one market that appraise was worth more than 3 billion dollar 2025. This agreement that reachs with Cree will raise our nimbleness, for our implementation grand target and plan are offerred prop up, conduce to drive SiC to gain ground in the application of car and industrial domain. ”

Gregg Lowe of Cree presiding apparitor expresses: “ we are dedicated from beginning to end at raising the applied popularity rate of carborundum solution, this agreement is we stand fast the proof of the mission, was last year since the triplet that we sign to carborundum transition from silicon to support semiconductor industry offers goods agreement for years. Regard the carborundum brilliant with banner whole world as round supplier, cree will expand ceaselessly produce can, with satisfying the market demand that increases continuously, use a field in industry and car especially. We are honoured to be able to continue to cooperate with meaning law semiconductor very much, promote this market development hand in hand. ”

Wolfspeed be subordinate to belongs to Cree company, it is the carborundum brilliant circle with banner whole world and manufacturer of denotative brilliant circle. This agreement that offer money mixes implementation carborundum in the car the business of two big markets uses industry.

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