Couplet is hair division, new the Tang Dynasty infiltrate Sony sport plane supplies chain

Sony is newest the PlayStation Classic of plane of sport of set limit to that roll out lifts a player nostalgic agitation, cause market sell like hot cakes. According to tearing open solution the report points out, division of hair of couplet of IC design factory (2454) , new the Tang Dynasty (4919) reach phonic effect chip to infiltrate Sony supplies chain successfully with operation chip respectively, for outstanding achievement infuse needle of a strong heart.

Sony has begun lead plane of sport of new generation of research and development at present, legal person is valued, prospective couplet sends opportunity of division, new Tang You seize Sony new order again.

Sony sport plane

The sport plane PlayStation Classic that Sony will roll out in December last year is with generation PS sport plane is what the foundation makes answer quarter edition, not only sport plane exterior and PS takes the place of first identical, control handgrip repeatedly also exactly like, in the center more built-in amount to 20 classical game, sony plays nostalgic card greatly, cause unrest of market sell like hot cakes.

The website that tear open solution also recently commentate the report tearing open solution that gives PlayStation Classic, among them 4 core processor and plot processor PowerVR GE8300 roll out Cortex-A35 of framework of ARM of couplet hair inflict MT8167A. Additionally legal person also points out, effect chip takes new Tang Yiyin successfully the order of next PlayStation Classic.

The market comes out, at present Sony has begun to have leader of game of new generation of research and development, and the plot processor that will be expected to use AMD, additional will have 8K picture to pledge, supply catenary to expect plane of Sony new play will be expected to appeared on the market 2020. Legal person analysis, because 8K TV will be expected as Tokyo Olympic Games began to gain ground apparently 2020, because this is new,PS lead plane appeared on the market 2020 quite reasonable.

Legal person thinks, demand of market of wisdom mobile phone puts delay, IC designs a factory to also begin to change antenna to report to play the market, plane of sport of its middle reaches is to not allow more a flat bread of small gaze, because this couplet sends opportunity of division, new Tang You to borrow by be in at present the experience of position of sport machine market, score plane of sport of the generation below Sony to supply chain, big eat report plays business chance.

In fact, hair division is in couplet early to once reached blue tooth with the WiFi of 802.11ac 2016 4 chip make order for goods of soft Xbox One S of in a subtle way, reach small controller with phonic effect chip as to new Tang Ye (MCU) in scoring head of Xbox One, Sony PS VR to wear type device, show two big IC design a factory to already made systematic factory first selection stage by stage in sport machine market.

Besides Sony, xbox also plans to roll out lead plane of new generation sport. Legal person points out, couplet hair division has an opportunity likewise with special application chip (ASIC) march market of Microsoft sport machine, if can seize next Microsoft order for goods successfully, couplet sends Microsoft of division general sweep the deck, Sony to wait for business chance of platform of lead plane of two big play.




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