Couplet hair science and technology releases newest Wi – chip of Combo of blue tooth of + of Fi 6 AP

On January 9, 2019, couplet hair science and technology announces to roll out newest the form of intelligent join chip that is used at family and service of intranet sth resembling a net, wi of the generation below support – Fi technology ——Wi – Fi 6. This chip set will support a series of including wireless receive dot, grade by implement, the product such as gateway and repeater, for whole intelligence household brings faster, more reliable join function.

Wi - chip of Combo of blue tooth of + of Fi 6 AP

The Wi of couplet hair science and technology – 2×2 of support of Fi 6 chip and 4×4 configuration, accord with latest technology standard. This Wi – Fi 6 chip still has agile framework, at the Wi end 2019 – after standard of Fi 6 technology decides finally will supportable updated function.

Equipment of consumption of numerous and popular intelligence relies on “ the combination of high-powered join product of couplet hair science and technology provides power. Issue generation Wi through be opposite nowadays – the support of Fi 6 technology, we will be made for consumer stabler without seam join experience. ”Couplet hair science and technology is senior vise general manager and intelligent facilities facilities group general manager swims an outstanding personality expresses, we will pass through “ continuously innovation research and development, bring the most advanced technology and level for consumption and business market. Science and technology of ” couplet hair is in at present TV, shed assistant of speech of sound box of media equipment, intelligence, intelligence and flat computer domain to have the market lead position.

Be based on 802. 11ax technology is normative, the Wi of couplet hair science and technology – set of Fi 6 chip brought the following advantage for equipment manufacturer:

Orthogonal frequency divides site (OFDMA) : Go up link and the efficiency that OFDMA of link of be issued to lower levels promoted wireless network equipment and capacity; Through download and going up link attempers, ensure speech, video, gregarious network reachs the bandwidth of the application such as game.

Much user MIMO (MU – MIMO) : When providing a service for the many facility that run at the same time, increase channel size.

The target wakes up time (TWT) : Definition client end wakes up the specific time when reaching Morpheus, prolong battery life in order to reduce power comsumption of equipment of content couplet network.

Dimensional answer uses: Allow to receive bit of intelligence place of decision-making data transmission time will share channel capacity.

Couplet hair science and technology still was its chip set to bring distinctive inside buy solution, satisfy newest Wi at the same time – Fi standard, experience in order to improve terminal user. The couplet that supports OFDMA, 1024QAM sends science and technology to join the technology solved the problem that data flow conflicts; And through attempering afresh the data bag of much user achieves higher Internet data rate, because this was put an end to,run online game or watch the defer when shedding video.

Newest Wi – Fi 6 receives chip of bit of Combo of + blue tooth to be in Wi – more excellent intercurrent performance was provided between Fi and blue tooth, the spectrum efficiency when with ensuring two wireless communication work at the same time.

Couplet sends science and technology to still support and lead Wi – the deploy of standard of Fi alliance EasyMesh, this standard is aimed at Wi – what Fi covers range is patulous and make. The set of intelligent household chip of couplet hair science and technology will be as compatible as EasyMesh standard. This one new standard expanded Wi – the signal limits of Fi, so that user indoors and even comprehensive visit all can come true outside house.




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