Content couplet net makes wisdom medical treatment more efficient


Hospital management system isWisdom medical treatmentcore, it is a variety of course such as medicine of a collect, information, management, computer the borderline subject that is an organic whole. We will be discussed today, how to use the government with more efficient to its technology of content couplet net.


The necessary technology that hospital management system is modern hospital operation is propped up and infrastructure, the goal that achieves hospital management system is to be changed with moderner, science, the management that the step of standardization will come to strengthen a hospital, improve the work efficiency of the hospital, improve medical treatment quality, establish the new form of contemporary hospital thereby, this also is the certain way that prospective hospital develops.


The administrative system of the hospital is main by software platform, hardware platform, network design is formed. Among them software platform course is old the study to the developed country, the experience of business management is accumulated, the iteration of domestic technology, can have changed implementation modernization, scientificly, standardization, achieve the work efficiency that improves a hospital, improve the purpose of medical treatment quality.


Medical treatment


But the generation as technology of content couplet net, traditional hardware platform, although network design is stable, but new to more technology, if the circumstance such as new facility needs to transform upgrade, manpower cost and economic cost are higher. And transform the meeting in the process bring inconvenience to patient of be in hospital seeing a doctor, cost is exorbitant.


Hardware platform:


Hardware is the foundation that the system carries out, in devising plan, all sorts of requirements that we carry out considering the system reach a characteristic, at the same time the actual condition of hospital of give attention to two or morethings, systematic demand must be accorded with when hardware type selecting, performance of system of give attention to two or morethings, compare with sexual price highest for the principle, make the system is achieved best, also most economic plan.


1, server (SERVER)


Advocate the heart that the server is a system, all workstation in the system must undertake with its information is exchanged, must assure its speed so fast, stable, quality is reliable.


2, workstation (WorkStation)


Of workstation choosing is the high rate with assuring a network moves, high reliability is a standard. Consider the specific and real case of the hospital at the same time, achieve systematic requirement and save limited fund for hospital oneself.


3, printer (PRINTER)


We choose printer main in order to print rate fast, durable, moving cost is low give priority to. World-renowned printer produces business product to accord with its completely to ask.


4, distribution power source (UPS)


When power source is interrupted, if the network is moving, the likelihood brings about data missing, equipment breakdown causes the loss that cannot offset thereby. Accordingly, what must assure a machine is uninterrupted move, but can provide a paragraph of very short time only, issue warning.


Traditional network platform basically is:


1, integrated wiring


Cabled yarn is the lifeline of computer network, it is the artery of deferent information, if circuit causes damage because of quality problem, will make the network breaks down entirely, and quit the job. Accordingly, the integrated wiring plan of floor space automation is adopted in general design, ask strictly according to the technology of integrated wiring, increase the quality of circuit and stability with this. Can use at the language to transmit at the same time, facilitating user freedom chooses, according to spot circumstance, wire cable can join go up at metope at RJ-45 electrical outlet, outlet of usable also RJ-45 links workstation directly, such facilitating safeguard and augment.


2, network equipment


Network equipment basically is switching equipment (Switch   HUB) with collect line implement (HUB) , they are join advocate the intermediate equipment of server and workstation. Switching equipment (Switch) it is the core equipment in the network, it provides the exchanges form fast link between server, workstation, there still is facility of a hardware in the network, it is network adapter, call a net card again, use at join each workstation and wire cable. Because net card is each workstation and network connective main facility, to make workstation works steadily, the net with good, high reliability blocks compatibility must assure.


3, network management


The network program that we use above is to make full use of network resource, facilitating management and safeguard. In the program we make each workstation not interdepend, but contact each other again. Namely what the stand or fall of the moving condition of a workstation does not affect other workstation is normal move, raised the dependability of the network.


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Traditional join pattern basically is match with wired join with switching equipment (Switch   HUB) with collect line implement (HUB) , undertake the network joins. The system is stable, but corresponding construction cost, stock cost, maintain cost very tall. And go against later period intelligence change upgrade reach transform, build garden area to include a hospital now, office building, already began to be in wireless change transform a respect to devise plan, throw energy. And be added in follow-up terminal unit go up to need to solve problem of product power supply to be able to receive a network directly only, realize interconnection of everythings on earth.


As the development of industry of content couplet network, all sorts of wireless link means had gotten test and verify in industry, apply generally on civil product.


Medical treatment


Medical treatment


1, the hospital is adopted wired add transform a method wirelessly


If retain way of original network join as far as possible, but in the distance further, patient permanent area is unfavorable wireless join kind is taken below the case that has large-scale construction. In integral network, according to the distance of setting, spot environment, data bulk selects right wireless join kind, namely benefit at later period upgraded to also reduce cost cost greatly.


2, of new-style terminal unit receive


Be like blood pressure, the patient information such as pulse, there are kinds of more real time monitoring nowadays. Watch member, doctor in charge of a case also can have more intelligent terminal to show equipment. Convenient doctor understands patient situation at any time and place. Wired be to cannot reach such demand. Had receive wirelessly need to solve product function and power supply problem only, can come true long-range and online change detect. Promoted the work efficiency of the hospital greatly.


Medical treatment


Product introduction


ZM32 series is ZLG sends far electron to be based on series of Silicon Labs EFR32MG1B the ZigBee module of a series of low power comsumption that wireless SoC develops, high reliability, offer to be based on frequency of IEEE802.15.4 standard ISM thoroughly paragraph use compositive program.


Of instrument of radio frequency of authority of product course series examine and attestation, link the effective demand of old market experience and this industry user, the communication agreement with will wireless extremely complex product is compositive arrive inside in the MCU of buy, support strings together a transparent transmission mode, compositive and quick use easily from group net function, offer port of the AD that multichannel can configure, IO, PWM, change numerous for brief, simplify considerably the development process with wireless complex product, make your product with lower cost sudden throw on the market, because exceed,minor volume is mixed exceed design of low power comsumption, get applied extensively in all sorts of intelligence equipment.




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