Chinese financial group drafts contributive about 2 billion yuan buy Korea great pick science and technology

First of christmas trade day, the whole world point to weigh defeat once more, this cold winter of capital market is really uneasy. Dan Handong also is not absolutely, global semiconductor industry is being warmed up again by the capital heat wave with Chinese orgnaization and ecbolic enterprise.


Occupy personage of know the inside story to divulge, the Chinese financial group that participates in by much home company drafts contributive about 320 billion Han Yuan (add up to a RMB about 2 billion yuan)BuyKoreaGreat pick science and technologyCompany (great pick of the following abbreviation science and technology) 80% equity. The leading person that participates in the Chinese financial group that buys this is what show in domestic photoelectricity industry deep ploughing is oldHai Lin invests. In the meantime, sea forest investment will be additional and contributive with great pick science and technology creates industrial fund 500 million yuan in Korea jointly in order to support the research and development of new technology.


As trade science and technology is the Korea great pick of mark enterprise of bibcock of optical production equipment, core product heats up curved machine for 3D, show business market to have rate world the first. Peaceful of La Sai of downstream and important business of cover board production, Bern, Oufeiguang, join forces all is its client. Terminal uses the level, samSung shows, LG shows, China for, the 3D cover board that the enterprise such as OPPO uses all uses its equipment to machine production.


Current, cover board of glass of around double 3D has become the standard configuration of high-end mobile phone. According to not complete count, used 3D glass cover board 2017 / rear cover mobile phone has 14, millet, SamSung, China list to wait for domestic and international well-known trademark to be in awesomely.


Look from effective demand, glass of Chinese native land 3D is produced can still can’t satisfy market demand. Data shows, glass of 3D of the China end 2018 is produced can hopeful achieves 260 KK, but distance 2019 of 325KK~568 KK beforehand appraise demand still has comparative to be apart from one paragraph. On the other hand, domestic glass heated up the total demand of curved machine to predict to will achieve 5000 2019, the technology of science and technology will have great pick majority market share. And the demand of Chinese market is right great pick science and technology is crucial also.


Inside course of study think generally, flexible the rapid development of OLED will make certain impact to dimensions of 3D glass market. Relevant investigation shows, produce as OLED face plate can outspread, OLED screen will quicken market of mobile phone of occupational high end. And because OLED screen is in with linkage of 3D cover board rate of fine of main technological process is not high in the process, bring about the mobile phone brand that is a representing with the apple to use OLED screen only, have not use 3D cover board. In addition, samSung already alleged should come true 2019 flexible quantity of OLED fold mobile phone is produced, use the part PI cover board to replace vitreous cover board, this may cut down great pick the order of science and technology.


Nevertheless, although the market grows existence uncertainty, but at present science and technology already also was aimed at great pick prospective market undertook the strategy is adjusted lay in with the technology.


On one hand, in view of great pick in the client of science and technology 70% be in China, related to China so industrial setting financial group cooperates and can reduce cost not only in Chinese production, improve operation efficiency, still can increase competitive dominant position in global market. On the other hand, science and technology also is seeking great pick actively to undertake to the market such as the car outspread.

Great pick science and technology

Insider is narrated to divulge before, up to December, hai Lin invests already with great pick partner of science and technology undertook many rounds negotiating, the kind that plans to use domestic and international double fund has investment.


Involve the both sides that trades this to all express nevertheless, current and relevant negotiation and trade matters concerned still afoot, material information is still disadvantageous divulge.




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