Check industry of semiconductor of 10 big countries grows 2018 whole worlds window

Semiconductor has developed the pillar sex property that makes global economy growth, as ceaseless breakthrough of the technology, more and more countries begin to value the progress of relevant technology. In development of global semiconductor technology and application, north America, Europe and Asia-Pacific area make the whole world 3 bigSemiconductor industrymatrix and main spending market. According to relevant data statistic, sale of 2017 annual semiconductor is occupied than seniority statistic, ordinal it is North America (the United States) area of area, Europe area, Asia-Pacific, they involve main semiconductor industry state-owned 10, these countries are contributed for global semiconductor industry close most probably sale. Did industry of semiconductor of 10 big countries have the whole world 2018 what development window? What is their core competition ability, the article takes you to come one dug unexpectedly.


One, the United States


The United States regards global semiconductor as the technology most the country that develop, it seeks hegemony this industry tens of year, 2018, the United States lags behind first on the most advanced chip workmanship 7nm the stage accumulates report, but American semiconductor industry as before window is dye-in-the-wood. This year in July, intel announces to buy EASIC, quicken FPGA, reduce the dependence of pair of CPU business, EASIC is located in carat of emperor of city of California of United States of seat of Intel company headquarters to pull, it is a production but the company of semiconductor of factory of the circle that do not have brilliant of custom-built EASIC chip (IC devises a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale) , its chip can be used at wireless with cloud environment. Recently, the Chongqing of settle of FPGA innovation center with Intel the greatest whole world, the FPGA that is Intel is in China be born open a way. Intel company and California university Berkeley divided the investigator of school to publish the new-style semiconductor device that they study, apply to logistic door circuit and memory circuit, this is a kind of semiconductor device that has innovation sense, even hopeful replaces CMOS to make the semiconductor device with the widest application, material of much iron sex, develop attacks two kinds of new material use data at making new-style and logistic parts of an apparatus and memory parts of an apparatus or appliance, compare at the microprocessor with traditional compositive CMOS, the microprocessor that uses MESO can effect can get buildup significantly, reach promotion about 10 to 100 times, 1/5 at the same time the dimension of parts of an apparatus is CMOS, such new-style parts of an apparatus will be continuance rub the new option of Er law.


2, Japan


Nowadays, semiconductor industry of Japan is so brilliant without 889 time, but the pioneer that regards chip as the industry, it is the country that we can learn and draws lessons from. December, chip of a kind of new-style optical miniature gear gets attention fully, it can give out the light of “ screwy ” of transmission data. This research comes from, Japanese Tokyo university, east the researcher that bridge industry university and day establish a company, radius of gear of this kind of miniature has 1 micron only or smaller, the computer of 1 square millimeter can compress such 250 thousand miniature gear inside chip. Corresponding as a result of its and the advantage of computational respect, the amount that discharges photon through the change perhaps makes light is between condition of two kinds of polarizations switch will use light to carry message, every twist of the word light that uses screwy light can show different value or letter, can carry more message with fewer light. Introduce according to relevant personnel, new-style small gear has the latent capacity of compositive on silicon substrate laser, these tiny optical circuit can use screwy light to transmit much data.


3, China


In recent years, semiconductor technology development of China is rapid, in July 2018, china rise to release 310 chip, this is processor of artificial intelligence of a high-energy effect, agile programmable, the power comsumption that breaks through design of artificial intelligence chip, calculate the tie such as force, promoted considerably can effect comparing, to drive automatically, cloud business and intelligence are made wait for applied setting to offer brand-new solution. Before before long, “ of project of development of equipment of great scientific research exceeds the country ” of development of resolution photoetching equipment is passed check and accept, this photoetching machine is developed completely independently by China, resolution achieved 22 accept rice, future still can be used at making the chip of level of 10 accept rice, this is the Chinese major breakthrough on chip production. High-end chip is the pain spot of ” of “ China core all the time, in May, chinese scientist tries hard ceaselessly, develop eventually gave an assuming Yu Daguo to weigh implement core of fetch of “ of product —— China 2 A” chip. According to net of OFweek electron project the editor understands, “ fetch core 2 A” are Chinese cable division the high-end electron chip that 38 pure own designs manufacture, level of this chip whole precedes absolutely go up at international a lot of times of congener product, it can interrelate directly with high speed ADC, DAC, also can complete the operation operation of floating-point one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two times inside 1 second, the radio that realizes radio frequency of P wave band successfully to pick software continuously treats form.


4, Korea


Mention Korea, must respecting its memory chip, korea is exclusive the whole world the 7 markets that become the left and right sides, samSung has made the whole world manufacturer of the biggest chip. June, the 7nm LPP craft of SamSung had finished the physical attestation of Synopsys, 7nm EUV craft was brought for SamSung lucky. SamSung achieved technical breakthrough on machine of photoetching of generation 7nm EUV, IBM will choose generation of SamSung 7nm EUV to be versed in its Power processor, latter will be used at the Power system of blue giant. Korea Hailishi also obtains tycoon of the 2nd old memory ceaselessly technical breakthrough, to develop DDR4 memory bar, power comsumption of their craft of class of 10 accept rice lower, rate is rapidder, introduce according to relevant personage, hailishi already completed the development of the 8Gigabits DDR4 DRAM that uses new production technology, the productivity of the 2nd acting craft raised 20 % , at the same time specific power consumption reduced 15 % .


5, Germany


Semiconductor industry of Germany although not as good as their car and industry have so famous degree, but still have the semiconductor with a lot of famous whole worlds and sensor company, if life of German chip plant is achieved (Siltronic AG) it is the whole world round factory of brilliant of silicon of conductor of the 4th most. The newest data that according to German electron technology and electronic industry the guild central releases shows, 2018 German semiconductor market relatively grew 8% last year, market dimensions reachs 16 billion dollar. As Europe the most significant semiconductor investment produces base, germany is right net of couplet of industrial other people, industry 4 as special as the domain such as sensor value. If German fatigue measures an electron easily to regard the sensor solution that has 50 old and rich experience as the expert, the OGS600 of ribbon navigation sensor that if they are new,rolls out, measure range wide, detect rate is rapid, fight ambient light to disturb ability strong, those who apply to special situation is fast walk AGV equipment, in can be aimed at, high spirit of upright AGV market allows to locate equipment demand moves to have strong complement quickly below demand and ferromagnetic environment.


6, England


Although England has the chip company of global consequence in that way without the United States, but the idea of their enterprise very forward position. Recently, research organization tentative idea is in human body chip this domain, british company is planning staff put oneself in another’s position inside embedded chip, enhance security with this, prevent them to enter sensitive area. This offers the Swedish company with human body embedded chip to express, with them the British company of arrange with basically is centered in large law and financial industry. The bulk of chip of this kind of miniature is a small salt about, use technology kind get stuck at avoiding contact bank together, the position that chip cultivates is mixed in thumb forefinger joint. Before before long, graphcore of company of newly established of British AI chip obtains the financing of 200 million dollar of the enterprise such as Microsoft, activity of this round of financing is 1.7 billion dollar to the appraise value of this company, make it is become thereby newest this year the “ that a headquarters is located in England alone horny animal ” . This company is trying to make a kind of new chip, this kind of chip can process the mass data that computer of manufacturing artificial intelligence requires better, graphcore company sent processor of the first batch of Colossus to the client recently.


7, Holand


The semiconductor industry with the famousest Holand is favour wisdom riverside and ASML, regard machine of photoetching of global high end as the leader of the domain, one branch of ASML alone beautiful, car electron domain, favour wisdom riverside ranks the first all the year round, it is a magical country really. Holand semiconductor industry developeds result from their dedicated and open, in December 2018, favour wisdom riverside announces what the banner issues A Liyun joint development the Babaji in its and A is round be based on A71CL safety chip (SE) , the solution of safety of content couplet net that attestation of authentic facility status serves Link ID2 of supportive A Liyun is formal be born, will devote oneself to to be equipment of content couplet network (like brim node and gateway) the point that offers innovation is right protection of attestation of dot and cloud join, ensure safety of content couplet net with all one’s strength. According to ASML company information, shipment of Q3 quarter ASML machine of 5 EUV photoetching, last quarterly shipment machine of 7 EUV photoetching, shipment of predicting Q4 quarter machine of 6 EUV photoetching, the amount of annual shipment will achieve 18, EUV photoetching machine predicted shipment amount achieves 30 2019. The big client of EUV photoetching machine of ASML accumulates report and Intel besides SamSung, stage besides, of home in core international SMIC also ordered aircraft of an EUV photoetching this year, predict to be able to pay in next year new acquaintance.


8, France


Mention French semiconductor industry, likelihood family the first impression is the meaning law semiconductor with Italy and joint-stock France, right, the chip application of meaning law semiconductor is very wide. Chip industry actual strength of France is very actually strong still, just apply a domain to suffer be restricted, this year in July, 2.2 billion euro buys violet light Linxens of manufacturer of French chip package, the base that shows them is very large. Industry of information communication estate developeds, a lot of famous research organizations gather together in the meantime, the engineer is resourceful, if case straps Nuo,area of garden of Boer science and technology is the garden of the biggest accept rice technology on the world area, gathered together 12 microelectronics company and software company. In September, the individual electron chip that meaning law semiconductor rolls out gets attention fully, they had had a 16 agency, plant in home now, many 5500 employee, the company set research and development and design center in Shanghai and Shenzhen, the client that is home through the service of diversification provides support.


9, Israel


The Jew is known as the mankind with the cleverest whole world, and the birthplace that Israel is a Jew. Israel was contributed for the world of 1/5 nobel prize gainer, the company measure that Israel appears on the market in Nasidake also is next to the United States and China, rank the whole world the 3rd, israel is chip kingdom, be pregnant with industry of more than 160 chip, the exit specified number that creates every year occupied Israel to always export the specified number 22% much still. On semiconductor technology, the Mobileye of automatic road-sense company of Israel, it is a technical company that to drive automatically the car provides system of visual pattern recognition and sensor, driving automatically the advantage that absolutely sex has in the world of the car, a lot of technologies are in the first of global market. Still have a ColorChip of famous communication chip company, as it is said it will be bought by 3 An Guang report of China, also the influence that flank reflects them.


10, India


Although semiconductor industry of India is underdeveloped, but population is numerous, they are very big to technical investment, also make global semiconductor in recent years a new power. Indian software actual strength is powerful, be next to the United States even, but its material and hardware technology are short of break, india also is considering the way to deal with a situation actively this year. In Indian premier Mo Di new politics after putting forward “Make In India” , indian people explodes the determination that issued huge to improve industry of oneself life and development homeland, they feel, to India, if Indian ODM reachs certain amount level, supply catenary to be able to come certainly India sets a plant, indian mainland manufacturer is mixed with respect to the plan company of China of meeting steer clear of ODM, follow manufacturer of yuan of parts of an apparatus to talk about the price directly.




As the outbreak of global semiconductor industry, no matter be the enterprise that cross a state or country, they realize the value of chip. They know very well, the productivity of research and development of chip will affect the position of a company greatly, the armament race of global chip industry has begun, 2018 a year to them character is a turn, also be a new start, the author is forecasted, did not come 5 years, global semiconductor industry will still present the state of outspread, competition, flying development.




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