Car of collect Mu Qi carries wireless charge NFC of semiconductor of law of design choosing intention is read take implement IC and 8 small controller

China, on January 17, 2019–Over or across is multiple the semiconductor supplier with the banner whole world of electronic application domain meaning law semiconductor (STMicroelectronics, code of stock exchange of abbreviation ST; new York: STM) announces, the car NFC that car of standard of Qi of company of collect Mu semiconductor carries wireless charger to consult the design chooses meaning law semiconductor is read take implement IC (ST25R3914) and car 8 small controller (STM8AF) . The shift that in recent years NFC blame contact corresponds to be used extensively already at the smartphone pays wait for a function, NFC application has expanded quickly from mobile equipment equipment of industrial equipment, content couplet network even car system.

The car of collect Mu carries wireless charge module consults the design is based on this company to be promotion the station controls in the car wireless the 15W Qi standard that charges to apply and be developed technically is wireless charger IC BD57121MUF-M, the NFC that chose meaning law semiconductor is read take IC and 8 small controller. The technology of meaning law semiconductor brings multinomial profit for this design, can come true to fill electric control function complexly firstly, detect charge the blame contact intelligence near the system gets stuck, stop to charge instantly, this main convenience function is wide suffer reputably, its can prevent the car intelligence that brings about because of the strong magnetic field of Qi emitter to block breakdown.

The ST25R3914 car NFC of meaning law semiconductor is read take implement IC is the parts of an apparatus of NFC imitate front that accords with AEC-Q100 primary standard, IC blocks the blame contact such as supportive ISO14443A/B, ISO15693, FeliCa™ and active P2P standard. The radio frequency function of the first of all and function of particular automatic antenna tuning (the ferrule condition trends that the basis changes ceaselessly is harmonious aerial) the good choice that makes its make car application. Should read take implement deploy accord with MISRA-C: Among the RF of 2012 standards, conduce to shorten software develops time.

8 small controller are the STM8AF car of meaning law semiconductor the user offers superior processing performance, extensive memory capacity chooses and a variety of enclosing, conduce to the car system with more flexible development. This are small EEPROM of compositive hardware data, CAN mixes controller LIN bus line, 150°C of top job temperature. When cooperating to use with NFC function, STM8AF still can be used at the canal to accuse application of new-style car NFC, for example, the NFC test and verify of ” of recreation of information of the conjugate of blue tooth ®/ Wi-Fi of smartphone and car system, “ and engine are started.

Hiroshi Noguchi of manager of division of Japan of meaning law semiconductor expresses: “ collect Mu is in Qi standard car is wireless charge ST NFC product and 8 small controller are used in referenced design, the product lineup that shows ST is extensive is developing new valuable car function field to have tremendous latent capacity. We predict a lot of car manufacturer will wireless the add function with fill TV to be main, ST increased a kind to raise consumer to drive again the means of comfortable experience. ”

Meaning law semiconductor will be in with collect Mu technology of electron of Japan border car and with fittings exposition (Tokyo, came 18 days on January 16, 2019) exhibit severally on reveal car of this Qi standard to carry wireless charge referenced design.

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