Car chip pattern is analysed greatly

Accompany car intelligence to change carry fast, car semiconductor grows quickly. 2017 global car sales volume 96.8 million (3% ) ; Dimensions of car semiconductor market 28.8 billion dollar (26% ) , add Su Yuanchao truckload.


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Dimensions of market of global car semiconductor (100 million dollars)


Car semiconductor can be divided by sort for functional chip MCU (Microcontroller Unit) , power semiconductor (IGBT, MOSFET) , sensor etc. According to Strategy Analytics, in traditional fuel car, MCU magnitude of value is occupied than highest, for 23% ; In pure report motor-car, MCU is occupied than be next to power semiconductor, for 11% .


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Fuel car semiconductor presses phyletic classification


DIGITIMES is forecasted, hopeful of dimensions of market of functional chip MCU from 2017 6.6 billion dollar promotes steadily to 2020 7.2 billion dollar.


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Semiconductor of pure electric car presses phyletic classification


Nobody drive promotion calculates power demand, advocate accuse chip to become increase the market newly. The functional chip of traditional car applies to the local function such as control of engine control, batteries management, recreation only, the intelligence that still cannot satisfy tall data bulk drives relevant operation.


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Dimensions of market of car function chip (100 million dollars)


In recent years, accompany intelligence to drive permeability promotion, global chip tycoon marchs in succession automobile industry, roll out an ability of equipment AI computation advocate dominate chip, take on to drive automatically the function of “ cerebra ” of the car.


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Car chip: Advocate dominate chip of chip & function


We think, advocate accuse hopeful of chip market dimensions to grow quickly, IHS is forecasted can amount to 4 billion dollar 2020.


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Car advocate accuse chip market dimensions (100 million dollars)


Advocate accuse chip tycoon to have stronger AI computation dominant position, functional chip manufacturer has experience of rich automobile industry catenary, annex is bought between two large a group of people of same interest reach hair of allied collaboration frequency. Up to now, ying Weida already with the whole world 370 truckload supplier of factory, one class reachs collaboration; Intel buys Mobileye to cut automobile industry; Gao Tongceng intent buys favour wisdom riverside to wait.


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Structure of car chip market


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Car semiconductor industry in recent years annex buys incident



Advocate dominate chip: Calculate force to be close to PC/ smartphone, semiconductor tycoon 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces



Intelligence drives involve interactive, vision processing, intelligence is decision-making etc, AI algorithm and chip are core. According to statistic of favour wisdom riverside, at present car of a high end has carried more than 100 million code, software of Yuan Chaofei machine, mobile phone, Internet, future accompanies the permeability that drives automatically and level promotion, the code linage that the car carries will present exponential level growth. Drive automatically software computation quantity has achieved 10 TOPS (Tera Operations Per Second, handle every second -727379968 times) volume level.


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The car has carried more than 100 million code


Of traditional car MCU calculate force to be satisfied hard drive automatically the computational requirement of the car, the AI chip such as GPU, FPGA, ASIC enters car market.


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The level of code linage index that the car carries grows


The whole world nobody drive the leader includes Gu Ge, Baidu, tesla, Ao Di to wait, from these manufacturers drive automatically advocate the SoC chip framework that accuses module may peep car chip to develop way.


Gu Ge Waymo: Adopt plan of Intel CPU Altera FPGA, ying Feiling MCU serves as communication interface. The computational platform of Gu Ge Waymo uses CPU of above of nucleus of Intel Xeon 12, the Arria series FPGA of tie-in Altera, the Aurix series MCU that uses Ying Feiling serves as CAN or the communication of FlexRay network is received.



The computational platform framework of Gu Ge Waymo


Car electron


Baidu Apollo: Favour wisdom riverside / Ying Feiling / GPU of Ying Weida of FPGA/ of Sai Lingsai of lucky Sa MCU. Baidu nobody drive model car uses IPC (Industrial Personal Computer, labour accuses machine) plan, but labour accuses the bulk of machine and power comsumption to satisfy a quantity to produce hard change a requirement, consequently Baidu also was rolled out agree with the region controller that the quantity produces is embedded plan. In receiving the primitive data of each sensor Sensor Box, the confluence of data is finished in Sensor Box, transmit the data after confluence computation again undertake algorithm is handled driving automatically on platform. Baidu drives automatically ACU of special consideration platform (Apollo Computing Unit) defined 3 series product: MLOC (high spirit fixed position, MCU) , MLOP (perception of environment of high spirit fixed position, MCU FPGA) , MLOP2 (environment of high spirit fixed position feels decision-making program, MCU GPU) .


Car electron


The labour of Baidu Apollo accuses framework of machine computation platform


Tesla: Amount to GPU to Yingwei from Mobileye ASIC. Tesla released Autopilot 1.0 2014, the buy before carrying 1 is photographed back a car like a head, postposition photograph like the head (do not participate in auxiliary drive) , 1 before sensor of 12 buy radar, ultrasonic, visual chip uses MobileyeEyeQ3, advocate accuse chip to use NVIDIA Tegra 3. The tesla end 2016 releases Autopilot 2.0, the buy before carrying 3 is photographed resemble a head (different perspective extensive role, long anxious, medium) , 4 side are photographed resemble a head (left before, right before, left hind, right hind) , a postposition is photographed like the head, 1 before buy radar, advocate accuse chip to use NVIDIADrive PX 2, processing speed is 40 times of Autopilot 1.0.


Ao Di: The case of set prescription of much chip market of MCU of Ying Feiling of GPU Altera FPGA of Mobileye ASIC Ying Weida. Brand-new the ZFAS controller plan that Ao Di A8 published him. ZFAS shares 4 high-powered processor: 1) the EyeQ3 of Mobileye is in charge of visual information processing, include traffic sign identifying, pedestrian identifying, collision to remind, driveway line detects etc; 2) the sweep of responsible 360° of Tegra K1 SoC that Yingwei amounts to is video; 3) car of the confluence of responsible sensor of Cyclone 5 FPGA of Altera, map confluence, auxiliary berth; 4) Aurix series MCU of Ying Feiling is used at traffic to embrace a control, auxiliary drive etc.


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The computational platform framework of Ao Di A8


We are judged, in the car advocate dominate chip field, GPU will still maintain general motors advocate the mainstream position that charges chip, FPGA serves as effective complement, ASIC will become culminating way. Current artificial intelligence and intelligence drive algorithm still did not finalize the design, GPU serves as general accelerator, predict its car will still carry inside quite long period of time advocate the mainstream position that charges chip; FPGA regards hardware as accelerator, makings general becomes the effective complement of GPU; If,will come all or partial intelligence drives algorithmic be able to solidify, ASIC will make the final choice that best sex price compares.


Car electron

Car advocate dominate chip trend picture

Ying Weida: GPU monopoly dominant position, arrive to drive automatically from intelligent cockpit


Yingwei amounts to profit of income net profit to grow quickly, the car is long-term motivation. Ying Weida is GPU domain bibcock, maintain all the year round exceed 70% city to occupy rate. Ying Weida 2018 money year (2017 nature of correspondence year) 9.71 billion dollar of income, compared to the same period 40.6% ; Net profit 3.05 billion dollar, compared to the same period 82.9% . Use category fractionation by coordinate, ying Weida’s business includes center of game, data, professional vision to change, business of OEM&IP, car 5 kinds. Play of its middle reaches is main income source, 2018 money year income is occupied than 57% . Data center professional work is occupied than frequent promotion, from 2014 money year 5% promotion come 2018 money year 20% . Although car business is occupied lower, 2018 money year 6% , but add compared to the same period fast taller.


Car electron

Ying Weida presses business income of business category fractionation (1 million dollars)


Yingwei amounts to Drive CX of digital cockpit computer: Use processing of group of appearance of number of advanced 3D navigation, high resolution, natural speech and image to handle implementation to drive auxiliary function. The kernel of Drive CX is the Tegra X1 SoC that is based on Maxwell framework, still have in addition choose configuration to be Tegra K1 SoC. The main function of DRIVE CX includes: 1) Natural Language Processing, through speech recognition contact of inquiry of the address that finish, call waits for a function; 2) 3D navigation and information recreation, the figure that offers rate of high resolution, tall frame for numerous application process shows; 3) group of appearance of total number word, pass appearance series or look up indication HUD offers rich graph to show; 4) surround vision, use complex motion to resume a construction (SFM) technology and advanced joining together technology, the image apply colours to a drawing that improves pearl eye scene, reduce double image phenomenon, can give a fictitious car in the apply colours to a drawing in tall careful model, the surrounding with distinct implementation visual effect; 5) butt joint Android Auto, the driver that has Android smartphone or IPhone can visit his mobile facility easily, undertake interacting with the application such as map, search and music.


Ying Weida drives automatically car platform Drive PX: Mix confluence of deepness study, sensor surround visual photograph is united in wedlock, change of do one’s best drives experience. The main function of Drive PX includes: 1) sensor is shirt-sleeve, OK and shirt-sleeve come from 12 to photograph the data that resembles radar of head, lidar, millimeter wave and ultrasonic sensor; 2) computer vision and deepness nerve network, apply to moving DNN (Deep Neural Network, deepness nerve network) model, implementation intelligence detects and can dog; 3) carry end high-definition cartography, can be founded quickly and update high-definition map ceaselessly; 4) the software development tool wraps DriveWorks, contained the applied program that can offer reference, tool and library module.


Car electron

Ying Weida drives automatically series of DRIVE PX of car development platform is comparative


Ying Weida and more than 370 manufacturers are begun drive automatically relevant collaboration. Up to now, ying Weida already as truckload as numerous international mainstream the factory drives automatically with respect to system of DRIVE CX entertainment, DRIVE PX super computer of system, Xavier reach collaboration, include tesla, Ao Di, run quickly, BMW, Woerwo, Feng Tian, masses, colourful will wait. Ying Weida is returned with traditional advantage one class supplier is like rich world, collect dust inspire confidence in sb to wait reach collaboration, ying Weida is offerred drive automatically computer platform, one class supplier is in charge of the tradition much sensor plan mixes conformity to drive automatically system. In addition, in domain of high accuracy map, ying Weida is returned and Baidu, TomTom, Zenrin, Here reach collaboration.



Intel: Active annex is bought, march to drive automatically special chip



Growth of Intel convention business is lack of power, march new point of growth of outstanding achievement of car domain creation. Intel once was the biggest semiconductor chip manufacturer on the world. According to PassMark statistic, the market share that 2017Q1 Intel holds global CPU industry is 80% . In recent years as the smartphone arisen reduce with the boom of personal computer market, chip advocate industry income is added fast drop apparently, company business income is surmounted by SamSung electron. The company ever tried to produce mobile phone processor but last show suffers a defeat, must disband the department that is in charge of this business. In recent years, intel through buying active position in great quantities nobody drive, the burgeoning domain such as content couplet net, artificial intelligence, VR, create the new point of growth of outstanding achievement, strive comes true from traditional chip manufacturer to multivariate solution provider transition.


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Intel buys trend nearly 3 years


Intel buys Mobileye: Leader of global vision ADAS. Mobileye is one of leaders of market of global vision ADAS, master ADAS market 80% portion, have rich visual ADAS product. Of Mobileye algorithm and EyeQ chip can undertake labor to visual message and only software forecasts the likelihood with other vehicle, pedestrian, bicycle or other fraise to collide, still can detect road sign, traffic sign and traffic signal lamp.


Car electron

Mobileye EyeQ5 achieves the car that help strength L4-L5 level nobody drive


Up to by 2017, the product of Mobileye has been used at 27 truckload 313 models of the factory, in those days shipment measures 8.7 million. Intel bought Mobileye with 15.3 billion dollar in March 2017, make Intel motorcade. Motorcade will include all sorts of car brands and model, in order to reveal its versatility and adaptability. L4 class car has United States be been in by deploy, Israel and Europe the test.


Car electron

Mobileye chip shipment is measured (1 million)


Intel buys Altera: Drive automatically FPGA chip has been measured produce. At present global FPGA market basically is divided up by Xilinx and Altera, aggregate own the market share of nearly 90% , aggregate patent is achieved 6000 multinomial. The FPGA product of Altera shares 4 old series, it is a Stratix series that match respectively (nearly 10 thousand dollars) , cost and the Arria series that function balances (2000~5000 dollar) , cheap Cyclone series (10~20 dollar) , and MAX series CPLD. Intel announced those who finish pair of Altera to buy 2015, help the data center that high speed grows and IoT business.


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