Capture quickly with oscillograph 3 kinds of unusual methods

All things start is bad! When you want to analyse a problem with oscillograph, you have certainly had thought, how do I want to you just can stress the issue? Of course, after be being caught only, ability undertakes from the back a variety of analysis, otherwise everything is theoretic. The method that the article will bring you to had better be used with 3 kinds will be unusual catch.


One, scroll mode


Roll perhaps you use pattern rarely, but it is the method with analytic the the simplest, toughest question however. You want to do merely, decide unusual how long can appear namely, sampling rate is enough. What appear like the meeting inside 5 seconds is unusual, the setting rolls stop after the data that collects 7s, in sampling rate enough premise falls, I believe the problem has not escaped to give your hand the centre of the palm.



Graph 1 Scroll collects voltage to decline undee


“ does not have dead band ” scroll mode, any unusual problems can be caught, but premise is, sampling rate wants enough tall. As above graph, sampling rate is 50MHz, exceed 25MHz when unusual frequency, collect accurate weaveform very hard. The scroll mode of ZDS4000, support the sampling rate of highest 500MHz, the longest data collects time to be 7.2 hours (right now sampling rate is 20KHz) .


2, scroll mode is online monitor


Any is advantageous have disadvantage surely, roll mode also has of course, its defect: Do not support spark reach after sparking stop automatically. When analyse a problem namely with scroll, eye of need choose and employ persons goes deciding unusual, and be being caught arrive unusual hind, the hand is moved stop sampling, this is very difficult sometimes. One kind is recommended here online monitor unusual method, above all the scroll of open ZDS4000 measures a function, be read next next through the network take measured value, judgement is discrepant constant, stop oscillograph sampling finally. Still decline with voltage for exemple (give an issue Shifeng peak value is 5V) , the setting of oscillograph and Python monitoring script are as follows:



Graph 2 50ms rolls movable mould type, peak peak value is measured, 500MHz sampling is led



Graph 3 Source of Python online monitoring


Use online monitored method, can offset the weakness of scroll greatly, but not be all-purpose, if oscillograph is offerred measure a function to cannot investigate an error, that is very impracticable, luckily ZDS4000 was offerred 50 a variety of measurement, the mistake of the majority is to be able to detect come out.


3, spark section memory


Sparking is one of functions that oscillograph uses at most, specific setting is more complex, can operate by the following train of thought:


Which passageway does ● use to do spark? The setting sparks source;

● Unusual appearance how? The setting sparks type and touch hair n. ;

Is ● unusual shine and die? Open pattern plate to spark and be in pattern plate shift area to unusual weaveform;

How is ● caught unusual hind stop automatically? Dot Single moves, catch unusual hind stop automatically;

How is ● collected for many times unusual? Setting Normal sparks, dot RUN moves, collect defensive position to move for many times stop, open section to store (Seg) , what can browse all capturing go to is unusual.



Graph 4 Section browses unusual weaveform


Below blame scroll mode, sampling is put in the view of dead band, what appear in dead band is unusual, do not catch also won’t show on screen. Can die really through the refresh rate index of oscillograph between zone time, refresh rate is higher, dead band time is less, pay unusual accuracy rate taller.


The problem even if all kinds of strange things, but should be caught correctly only, that is solved from the problem not far already! ZDS4000 series oscillograph, having 512M deep memory, high refresh rate, and the parameter of real significance is measured wait for an advantage, cover all functions of 3 kinds of afore-mentioned methods, can help you improve the efficiency that solves a problem.





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