Bluetooth of double radio frequency of meaning law semiconductor? / development of network of LPWAN content couplet covers a link of innovation of implementation intelligence equipment

China, on January 15, 2019 – development of double radio frequency of STEVAL-FKI001V1 of meaning law semiconductor covers a Bluetooth of blue tooth of supportive low specific power consumption®Low Energy (BLE) and Sub-1GHz are collateral and wireless communication, increase efficiency of the design of equipment of content couplet network, development and join flexibility considerably, for example, attack through all sorts of network develop, agreement and service implementation configuration, newer, long-range monitoring and dog intelligent sensor of the function, detector and tracker.

Bluetooth of double radio frequency of meaning law semiconductor? / development of network of LPWAN content couplet covers a link of innovation of implementation intelligence equipment

Live in to drive intelligence / intelligent building, asset dogs, the more creativity of the domain developer such as agriculture of energy management, intelligence and industrial monitoring, STEVAL-FKI001V1 is developed board the chip of system of BlueNRG-1 blue tooth of semiconductor of integrated meaning law and S2-LP Sub-1GHz are sent and receive implement, the framework of double radio frequency with powerful function supports all sorts of radio frequency paragraph move at the same time with communication agreement, for example, blue tooth of feebleminded bad news or have 2.4GHz, Sub-1GHz and Sigfox technology only.

OK and rapid research and development has the user meshy or the equipment of network of couplet of intelligent other people that the dot interrelates to nodding this locality and supports agile join high in the clouds, for example, use blue tooth of BLE feebleminded bad news or Sub-1GHz to found this locality wireless sensor network, pass this locality gateway next or pass what nowhere is absent to not have directly seam Sigfox network to join whole system high in the clouds, the intelligence that founds an advantage easily lives in sensor ecosystem, realize public security monitoring or monitor use remotely, all these need a STEVAL-FKI001V1 to cover only.

Solution of attestation of BlueNRG-1 Bluetooth 5.0 ensures in equipment is installed or maintaining a course the setting of parameter, configuration or revise go to the lavatory simply, allow the user passes Android or IOS equipment applies node of network of program monitoring sensor.

Sub-1GHz S2-LP is sent and receive implement net of couplet of supportive this locality and LPWAN group net, include join of Sigfox whole world, supportive incident informs in real time wait for a function. In addition, the user still can be used establish the Sigfox network that can use to dog and locate equipment assets.

The user is passed board the Arduino™Uno V3 connector that go up can expand at any time cover a function, ST X-NUCLEO ecosystem supplies circuit of all sorts of form a complete set for developer board, include to contain receiver of control of MEMS sensor, electric machinery, GNSS or industrial input / of output and power source driver patulous board.

STEVAL-FKI001V1 development is covered completely compatible still the BlueNRG-Tile that releases recently board, get out of the way sends personnel to the opportunity releases creativity further, relaxed compose proposes end to solution of upright intelligence sensor, include gateway of sensor node, this locality and global cloud join.

Those who use BlueNRG-1 system chip is muti_function interface and the Arm®Cortex®-M0 processor kernel that exceed low power comsumption and 256KB are embedded program memory, the user can join chooses exterior sensor processes the data that this locality collects in real time. STEVAL-FKI001V1 deserves to have the SDK software that uses easily simply, can simplify to the product is developed and shorten appear on the market time, the flexibility that maintains a system at the same time, retractility and but expansibility. In fact, this software still can be wrapped with ST BlueNRG-Mesh software cooperate to use, large network is established on the equipment of massive installation. BLE joins the download in supporting firmware sky is updated.

STEVAL-FKI001V1 is based on Jorjin company use namely model module of WS2118 RF double radio frequency, go to the lavatory to developed personnel to offer beforehand the solution of attestation, can enter archetypal development, field test and batch production quickly from inchoate notional feasibility design phase. This but process designing exceeds module of radio frequency of low power comsumption to have agile power source manages and wake up incident function, a small cell can be used old.

Now user but from meaning law semiconductor agency or buy STEVAL-FKI001V1 development to cover through directly.

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