Beautiful smooth memory aids force to quicken L1-L5 class to drive automatically medium ADAS function

Mobileye Beauty of make choice of is smooth with advancing its the Five Dynasties drives automatically platform develops


Regard innovation as the industry leader of memory solution, inc. of beautiful optical science and technology (Na Sida overcomes stock code: MU) , 2019 international consumes kind of electron to exhibit now (CES) on announce, mobileye make choice ofBeautiful smooth memorySolution, be based on Mobileye in order to drive system of odd chip of EyeQ®5 of the Five Dynasties (of SoC) EPM5 platform full automatic drive development. The memory solution of the EPM5 platform that beautiful light is Mobileye is main supplier, offer the memory with the most extensive industry and memory product combination. Test of collaboration of two company general and beauty of test and verify’s smooth LPDRAM, Xccela™Solution of memory of E.MMC of NOR Shan Cunhe, drive automatically in order to quicken to L5 class in L1 the implementation on car is advanced drive support system (ADAS) function.




“ technology and assemble of platform supplier need its are collective wisdom, mix with contented ADAS drive automatically the performance demand of platform, ” beauty optical science and technology is embedded Kris Baxter of vice president of mart of product career ministry says, “ is passed cooperate with Mobileye, beautiful light will develop his adequately to regard car memory solution as the advantage of banner supplier, class of L5 of help Mobileye implementation drives automatically the further progress of car ADAS function. ”


Drive automatically the car relies on all sorts of sensor technologies, include visual image, lidar and radar, these sensor are in perceptive car is located mass data of the generation in the process that the environment classifies his. Accelerate the processing speed that obtains data to place, ability makes quite the ADAS reaction with human driver speed, even with fast have reaction at the speed of person head. Plan of this kind of quick quick decision needs enough memory bandwidth to serve as support, contented and automatic drive the calculation that car ADAS place requires and data processing demand. In addition, l5 class drives automatically the active and safe system that the car needs to increase further and prevent strike a system, can satisfy automatic and urgent apply the brake only with current level (AEB) and get used to cruise to control oneself (the function such as ACC) . Need the performance demand of data handling capacity to satisfy ADAS place, the demand of solution of high value memory increases further.


The each class new challenge that “Mobileye develops hardware to drive automatically in order to answer ceaselessly, the function of every generation EyeQ is to go up 8 times of generation, maintained low power comsumption at the same time. ”Mobileye project carries out vice-president to hold Elchanan Rushinek of Intel company vice-president concurrently to express, “ beauty offers professional memory solution solely, and showed level of its support L5 drive automatically the car is high-powered the ability with demand of low power comsumption, supportive EyeQ5 platform realizes function of ’ of ‘ super computer. ”


As implementation is full automatic 2020 drive the one part of target of car start off, mobileye is based on the function of the computer central of EyeQ5 SoC platform in development, use at carrying out the confluence of visual image and sensor.


Regard the industry that has industry of more than 25 years of automobiles to serve experience as lead partner, beautiful light offers advanced car memory solution, carry out quality, dependability and the requirement that add up to compasses sex strictly. Beautiful light is extensive break gender and blame easily to broke combination of sexual memory product easily to undertake optimizing in the light of car application, and acquired full-dress product life plan to support.




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