Be based on GaN to face full automatic drive the technology of high resolution lidar of the car

EPC company is based on nitrogen to change gallium (GaN) parts of an apparatus basically applies at living in radio source system to reach full automatic drive the lidar system of the car (LiDAR) .

EPC household faces all sorts of consumptive electron things to charge with radio source, deferent and enough power, go up to computer, desk lamp, alarm clock, palm at the same time model computer, mobile phone and portable device undertake charging and do not need any power supply cord, use especially wireless charge can charge to digital robot assistant.

Lidar system

In addition, the lidar system that is based on EGaN FET is the burgeoning technology with banner industry, can serve as drive automatically the “ eye ” of the car, its application is wider and wider, applicable drives at the storehouse of automation, AR and nobody plane.




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