Ao Di produces the amount pure dynamoelectric super- run deserve to drive automatically / broken 100 need 2 seconds only

Ao Dichun is dynamoelectric super- run car of PB18 E-tron concept will throw production, global set limit to 50. This car will carry solid state battery, integrated add boat can amount to 500km, 0-100Km/h quickens time to need two seconds only, prospective hopeful realizes L3-L5 class drive automatically.

PB18 E-tron


Exterior respect, ao Di PB18 E-tron used Ao Di design of traditional and familial type, the face takes brigade of wide and gas grille, flat tube and composition of laser headlights on full beam by odd casing hexagon before, the transverse and wide scroll with grille tie-in and clear at the same time part. Line of coping of automobile body flank backward outspread, in the C column that blends in bounty of car back ministry gradually. Light uses perforative type design, diffuser and vent-pipe use exalted design after, diffuser height and faze flow board all adjustable.

Interior trim respect, new car is a center with the driver, deputy drive seat to be able to move except, driver seat can be controlled slip to car in the middle of heart, matched the windshield that contains transparent OLED to display screen together. Dynamical respect, ao Di PB18 E-tron carries the batteries set of 95kWh, most high-power amounts to 561kW, peak value torque amounts to 829Nm, course of development of integrated add boat achieves 500km, 0-100Km/h quickens time to need two seconds only. This car will be mixed Ao Di Aicon is same, automobile body through using solid state cell total volume control is in 1550kg less than, step of prospective hopeful embarking L3-L5 is voluntary road-sense.



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