An Fuli issues a report: Content couplet net pushs the importance to the middle of the market to increase increasingly in new technology

Partner concern help develops personnel to boost innovation; safe issue still is the chief difficult problem that content couplet net develops

Chinese Beijing, the technical program provider that —— preceded according to the whole world on January 15, 2019 brings rich profit (Na Sida overcomes stock code: AVT) is newest issuance findings report shows, content couplet net (the high speed that IoT) and sensor technology presented a two digit 2018 grows, however safety of content couplet net still is electronic product developer people the biggest challenge that need overcomes.

An Fuli issues a report: Content couplet net pushs the importance to the middle of the market to increase increasingly in new technology

An Fuli is aimed at and Element14 the user of online community began a concerned “ to promote new product the survey to market ” . This information chart represented the future in the hardware in these engineer eyes.

An Fuli is online to and Element14 1 in engineer community, 190 engineers undertook investigating, understand the changes of the key of their research and development in going one year, challenge that face and experience, reach this one newest product developer indexes (Product Developer Index) . The user of online engineer community amounts to the with the enormous influence below An Fuli banner and Element14 1.3 million.

Of 61% suffer the person that visit to express, current to them the product of place research and development, content couplet net and sensor are two crucial technologies. The value growth of product of content couplet network is being shown most, relatively rose last year 14%; is unmanned aircraft and robot project next, relatively grew 8% last year. The developer that exceeds 1/4(26%) thinks content couplet net is the technology that acquired the greatest progress 2018, after artificial intelligence tightens therewith, occupy 25% .

Dayna Badhorn of burgeoning business vice-president expresses An Fuli: “ developer can visit An Fuli’s resource and community very conveniently, this conduces to the pace that quickens products introducing to the market. The value of content couplet net and sensor is quite high and the design process that affecting a product. But suffer the person that visit to also point out, when refer innovates, these are the easiest however the technology that is underestimated, this shows developer is choosing a partner to help them found originality from prototype when boosting stage of production, content couplet net and sensor will produce larger force. ”

The challenge still exists

Consider to show, although the growth momentum of innovation is powerful last year, but developer is facing bigger challenge however in certain domain. Suffer the person that visit to express, the difficult problem with product development the thorniest phase is the optimal technology that in be being designed certainly, should use (26%) and obtain product certification (22%) . Promoting the product to market level, the biggest difficult problem is to obtain development financing (34%) .

The obstacle of the oldest technique that developer thinks safe risk remains level of deploy of content couplet net to need to capture (81%) , the person that and suffer visit thinks consistently, time is the biggest obstacle that content couplet net develops. They still express, cost decided a product whether enter a quantity smoothly to produce from design phase.

But, developer also witnessed whole chain in going one year medium a few improve. When the which level that develops when product be askinged about becomes easier, of 58% suffer the person that visit to feel to should belong to prototype found and check, scale increased than last year 17% . In addition, development staff returns discovery, origin of affirmatory and optimal technology (rose 9%) and enlarge scale of production (the process that improved 16%) also is improved somewhat.

The partner’s support is crucial

This survey still reveals the interesting trend that gave to search new partner, joint efforts to undertake the product is developed. The developer that exceeds 1/3(37%) can seek the partner’s help, with helping strength its promote the product to the market. When seeking potential partner, it a few ability blame are is important to have a few ability blames are. Developer expresses, their apt is searched there is good reputation in industry (49%) , can offer strong technology to support (the enterprise of 43%) , or it is to pass a person to arteries and veins concerns or be recommended (39%) will choose a partner.

The development staff of great majority (76%) hopes to be able to be selected neatly according to market demand and professional knowledge and decide a supplier more.

These “ trends make clear, it is very important that the partner that has to be able to provide crucial design, development and engineering capability develops the strategy to tell to the market. Innovation rate is rapid nowadays, developer is seeking the partner that can offer solution of make the best of both worlds, that is to say, the partner has the comprehensive ecosystem that can want flexibility and rich alternative to develop personnel to offer its already, can offer active support and cost effectiveness for its as single partner again, ”install Fu Lixin to promote business vice-president Dayna Badhorn to complement.

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