An Fuli and Samtec enlarge cooperative limits to develop Asian market hand in hand

Chinese Beijing, the technical program provider with —— banner on January 2, 2018 whole world brings rich profit (Na Sida overcomes stock code: The Samtec of manufacturer of connector of privately owned electron with AVT) and famous whole world announces now, both sides will strengthen existing partner to concern, enlarge cent to sell cooperative range further. Now, asia-Pacific and the An Fuli’s client of day our region also can purchase the complete product of Samtec to combine. Before this, an Fuli has cent to sell collaboration in America, Europe and partial Asia-Pacific area and Samtec, cent of this accredit of second whole world sold consultative subscription to highlight An Fuli to alive bound each district is designed for the client and develop new technology product to offer supportive value.

Supplier of An Fuli whole world manages chief inspector Vince Arena to express: “ current world, the client can have the design of the product and research and development in any corners of the world, arrive again to can help them advance originality prototype to found from the design production, an Fuli offers rich electron for global client yuan the ability of parts of an apparatus is crucial. Come nearly 30 years, the partner concern of we and Samtec grows steadily all the time, samtec special also the value that recognizes An Fuli to carry ecosystem of upright product research and development and the profit that its bring for the client. The client that cent of accredit of this one whole world sells an agreement to will be Asia and global each district further offers what what need to interrelate solution, help strength the product that they face originality translate into the market. ”

Samtec is the electron interrelates the service leader of the industry, hold to it is with the person this concept, the technology that devotes oneself to to offer outstanding service, high grade product, innovation for the client and convenient design tool. Arrive from product of make a catalogue unique high-powered design, the solution of Samtec aims to support a client all sorts of interrelating demand, why to no matter be,plant demand of application, performance or environment how.

Cent of Samtec whole world sells chief inspector Scott Lamb to express: “Samtec and An Fuli have rich experience, can solve a client to be in interrelate all sorts of unique challenges that field place faces. We extend partner concern in the Asia, the technology with outstanding at the same time union and supply chain solution advantage, can help a client shorten the development time that establishs devoted production from prototype. ”

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