Acting labor market rose brilliant circle 2018, chinese result cannot be done not have!

The newest report that IC Insights issues shows, the generation of circle of simple any crystalline substance of the prosperous help China that added close money first half of the year 2018 is versed in the total sales 2018 increased the market 41% .

China does not have brilliant circle factory semiconductor company is ceaseless and arisen, round to brilliant generation is versed in the demand of the service also is increasing. As a whole, 2017, the sale of acting factory of circle of Chinese simple any crystalline substance grew 30% , reached 7.6 billion dollar, and in those days market of acting labor of circle of global simple any crystalline substance rose 9% only. 2018, sale of acting plant of circle of simple any crystalline substance is swelled more madly 41% , tower above 8 times what generation of global brilliant circle was versed in market total sales grows 5% last year.

In experienced sale to go up madly 41% later, china is versed in in generation of circle of simple 2018 any crystalline substance market place occupied total share to increase 5 percent, achieved 19% , exceeded Asia-Pacific area the portion of other area. Can say, chinese market basically was driven whole the growth of market of acting labor of circle of simple any crystalline substance.


Brilliant circle generation is versed in


2018, acting plant of all and main circle of simple any crystalline substance achieved the sale growth of two digit in China, but up to now the biggest growth comes from generation of circle of simple any crystalline substance to be versed in tycoon stage accumulates report, after afterwards grew 44% 2017, stage accumulating report is in in Chinese sale 2018 again violent wind rises 61% to 6 billion dollar. Chinese market is the main reason that the stage accumulates report to sold growth last year, china sells medium share in stage accumulating report from 2016 9% broke up one time, to 18% 2018.

The stage accumulated report to go up greatly in the sale of Chinese market 2018, main reason is to entering the custom-built equipment that adds close currency market demand increases. Although the stage accumulates report to be in 2018 of the 2nd quarter add sale of close money business to rise considerably, but put delay in what second half of the year encountered this one business subsequently, this decrease from the 3rd quarter and the sale of the 4th quarter to China in can see. 2018 bit money slump in price (from January 2018 more than 15000 dollars fall to in December 2018 under 4000 dollars) , other add close money to also drop in temperature gradually.

In circle of simple any crystalline substance as China era is versed in the portion mushroom of the market (whole 11% of market of acting labor of circle of simple any crystalline substance, occupy the portion) of 19% to 2018, plans of a lot of acting factory of circle of simple any crystalline substance build a plant in China or enlarge is produced no wonder also. Notable is, round factory of before 7 big simple any crystalline substance plans to increase in Chinese crop, include a stage to accumulate core of report, case (report of GlobalFoundries) , couplet (UMC) , PowerChip and China of Home TowerJazz5 blame cast a factory.

Lucky silver-colored analyst ever expressed a few days ago, it is most difficult that China should develop brilliant circle acting project, because this is generation generation rub Er law accumulates the experience that come down, chase rise the meeting is very painstaking. But in brilliant circle as China the share of acting labor market increases, domestic IC designs growth also outclass whole world, the factory such as core international is in in research and development of do all one can is advanced make Cheng, believe to be in before long in the future, brilliant circle generation of China is versed in regular meeting overtakes the first echelon formation.

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