5G is not equal to Wi-Fi, how is the security of interconnection of everythings on earth ensured after all?

Content couplet net is whole mankind’s hugest system project, this huge system project is built on a lot of and advanced science and technology, all exactly the amount are passed according to computation, wireless join, intelligence feeling. Regard the key of content couplet net as one annulus, wireless join is the bridge of interconnection of thing other people, because the breakthrough of technology of this a lot of and wireless join ensured the large-scale application of content couplet net.

Content couplet net advocates interconnection of everythings on earth, compare at wired technology manacle, wireless technology has very clear advantage in setting of a lot of application. Live in in electrified wire netting of traffic of agriculture of intelligent industry, intelligence, intelligence, intelligence, intelligence, the many informatization application such as net of couplet of intelligent city, car, machine kind the communication main demand concentration to wireless network is received in huge amount terminal, super- low when delay, efficient join, low cost, low power comsumption, exceed reliable, whole region covers a few aspects. Content couplet net applies involved join technology to ask when the most important is: Low power comsumption applies with ensuring tall, high speed leads add boat ability to be changed in order to realize more high-powered intelligence, low when delay the data that is close to real time sex with ensuring to transmit, tall join density joins a network with ensuring huge terminal unit can be received at any time. To staff of development of system of content couplet network, choose what suit you most to receive what the technology can ensure the system is more efficient and reliable to move, meanwhile, the index of test key technology that you must master wire side of all sorts of wireless technology group to apply to content couplet net. Encounter wireless technology when IoT, will be network test greeted again what kind of brand-new challenge?

Whether can 5G bear the overspeed of content couplet net develops

Index of 5G crucial function includes an user to experience rate, join counts density, end to arrive density of Duan Shiyan, discharge, mobile sex and rate of user peak value. 5G needs to have taller than 4G data to transmit function, especially user experience rate, Shi Yanhe joins several density are the 3 function index with the mainest 5G, index of these 3 function says with its is for smartphone user and set, be inferior to saying is for the technical requirement that amount of content couplet net has something made to order personally. The business of broadband of large flow shift such as EMBB(3D or freeboard clear video) , MMTC(is large-scale business of content couplet network) drive like nobody with URLLC(, the need low Shi Yangao such as industrial automation is reliable connective business) the 5G that is 3GPP definition 3 big setting. And nobody drive and industrial automation namely the content couplet net on common sense, because this can say, 5G is the vast region that content couplet net awaits all the time wireless join technology.

Compare at high-speed 5G system, NB-IoT can be clear that from nominally its are service IoT application development only, NB-IoT focusing at low power comsumption wide enclothe (market of net of LPWA) content couplet, can adopt inside the belt, bracer or independent carrier wave means of 3 kinds of deploy, as concomitant as existing network. The low power comsumption that has because of NB-IoT oneself, wide enclothe, the advantage such as low cost, high capacity, make its can apply extensively at a variety of perpendicular industries, if copy watch, asset remotely,dog, intelligence jockeys, wisdom agriculture.

Besides two kinds of afore-mentioned hot standards, loRa is the wireless new technology that in recent years IoT application gets attention fully, loRa regards a kind of LPWAN that is not accredit spectrum as wireless technology, basically face application of content couplet net, its receive sensitivity to be able to be amounted to – 148 DBm, loRa power comsumption is extremely low, a 5 date batteries are theoretic can work 10 years for terminal unit above. In the meantime, loRa uses technology of modulation of frequency of enlarge of linear frequency modulation, can maintain move like frequency key accuses (FSK, the low power comsumption with identical modulation of Frequency Shift Keying) is characteristic, added communication space apparently again, improved network efficiency and removed interference, because this is on this foundation the concentration of research and development implement / gateway can run paralell the data that receive and processes many node, expanded greatly systematic capacity. Respective LoRa business was built to push this one level the where the wind and the waves are highest to technology of join of content couplet net with the network early or late with Tecent in A 2018.

Besides 3 kinds of afore-mentioned new technologies, the communication agreement such as the wireless technology such as traditional WiFi, blue tooth and NFC, ZigBee(Thread) and 2G/3G/4G will make content couplet net one of bridge of interconnection of the everythings on earth in the world, graph 1 enumerate all sorts of wireless join technologies that choose possibly in application of content couplet net, offer everybody to consult only!

5G is not equal to Wi-Fi, how is the security of interconnection of everythings on earth ensured after all?

Graph all sorts of wireless technologies in ecosystem use network of 1 content couplet setting assembles

Content couplet net was initiated to wireless technology brand-new challenge

The test is the crucial link that ensures a system to transmit function and dependability, different wireless level needs different test solution, between the deploy of wireless network, test instrument is crucial to the test and verify of network function, and face different test network, need chooses the most appropriate test instrument and system to finish corresponding test job.

From the point of NB-IoT industry catenary, the development of the development of terminal and systematic equipment supplements each other. Test company needs to offer complete test solution, cover the aspect such as test of radio frequency, agreement, data, use each level such as Wu of kimono of chip research and development, production, attestation. Lord and Shiwaci (R&S) company (the NB-IoT that exhibits a date E4.4585) checks SMW200A of signal generator of vector of honest brief of a case and signal and composition of spectrum analyzer FSW, the catapult that R&S FSW/FSV/FSVA/FPS can go to the lavatory to finish NB-IoT neatly checks, test accord with 3GPP standard requirement completely. R&S SMW200A can express the receiver of the NB-IoT that finish to check through Chan Taiyi, in the light of adjacent especially the test of the index such as alternative, block, dynamic limits, do not need another signal sources. The radio frequency that is aimed at phase of research and development of NB-IoT terminal chip checks, can adopt FSW and SMW200A plan, personnel of convenient research and development undertakes chip algorithm analyses test and verify and radio frequency function to debug. Use R&S SMBV100B, can generate all sorts of signal of NB-IoT/LTE-M, facilitate undertake deepness is analysed (the 2) that be like a graph. R&S wireless put together measures appearance CMW500 to offer a letter to make make two kinds test program with blame letter at the same time to NB-IoT, covered each test items of 3GPP standard. Be based on CMW500, r&S developed CMWRun software to undertake the automation of NB-IoT checks, help research and development and test engineer improve test efficiency. Be aimed at outfield base the station is safeguarded, r&S also offerred professional test program, FSH of hand-held spectrum analyzer can undertake demodulation to all sorts of beehive signal, and have interference be searched and the demand such as test of fixed position of breakdown of line of make a present of of usable Yu Tian of ZVH of instrument of line of make a present of of day of; of function of map fixed position, parts of an apparatus.

5G is not equal to Wi-Fi, how is the security of interconnection of everythings on earth ensured after all?

Graph R&S SMBV100B of 2 have the aid of makes all sorts of signal motion

In frequency of equipment of the Sub-GHz in LoRa network paragraph because use means of special enlarge frequency modulation, communication distance had more improvement, should make type be Semtech company patent technology nevertheless, the undee document that uses Semtech company to offer is when the test, must use ability of source of high-end vector signal to so that test cost is higher,have a test quite so. Be aimed at this circumstance, it is Keysight(of heart science and technology extends a date E4.4579) offerred extensive LoRa to check a solution, the signal that includes to be used at receiver to check is generated and analyse with the signal that checks at catapult, so that satisfy LoRa technology,the test of ceaseless development asks. The software of Keysight N7610C Signal Studio that is used at content couplet net can generate LoRa weaveform neatly with all sorts of parameter. These parameter all can be installed easily through intuitionistic graphical user interface, undertake receiver is mixed in order to be in research and development and production test of yuan of parts of an apparatus. N7610 is aimed at the signal weaveform atelier of IOT technically, can produce gauss white noise, join frequency error, sampling leads the test of immunity to interference of the close sex DUT such as the error, undertake Blocking when need or interference rejection test needs to use source of much station signal. On the other hand, it is heart science and technology still is the device that is based on LoRa technology, offer appropriative to signal arises and analyse a tool, include analyzer of signal of Keysight X series and signal generator (be aimed at for instance receive N5182B MXG of inchoative and different choice or N9020B MXA) , E6640A EXM wireless instrument, and 89600 VSA software. Special, it is heart science and technology still offerred the more powerful LoRa CSS Demod that is based on N9063C Analog Demod X-App to help the program of test LoRa system with better developer.

Besides Lora test program, it is heart science and technology rolls out function of brand-new content couplet net to check solution X8711A, the equipment of content couplet network that is use BLE4.2 and WLAN B/g/n offers the OTA with efficient economy to believe your test. This one distinctive solution can be used with the software tie that produces version, when equipment of content couplet network works normally, measure index of its main radio frequency function. Such manufacturing business need not use complex or expensive test system, can have sufficient test to equipment, check its to make defect, include yuan of parts of an apparatus to be short of break or make mistake and solder the problem.

5G is not equal to Wi-Fi, how is the security of interconnection of everythings on earth ensured after all?

Graph the 2 LoRa that are heart science and technology check a solution

As similar as the competitor, peaceful overcomes science and technology (exhibit the standard of content couplet net that E4.4584) provides a number and agreement to test whole program, the definition that can be wireless product and multiple module choice accord with newest standard to close till the product compasses undertake attestation, guidance and help are provided in the whole process of products plan. For instance peaceful overcomes released LoRa to check a solution, model is LOR-4136, use the LoRa technology of Semtech, overcome source of company vector signal and analyzer of real time spectrum to be core with peaceful, developed layer of complete set physics to test program integratedly, in order to answer the design verification demand of system of the LoRa in application of content couplet net. This solution uses design of excellent soft hardware framework, the test demand that covers the complete product lifecycle that the parts of an apparatus that is based on LoRa technology, module or equipment check till final attestation from research and development, production in the round, offerred one-stop special tool. Besides Lora standard, peaceful gram still helps a client offer arrive from blue tooth WLAN, from radio frequency the design arrives debug and a series of content couplet nets such as EMI and EMC are wireless the test solution related the technology, the plan that peaceful overcomes included the oscillograph product that carries all sorts of preceding and SignalVu-PC software to cooperate analyzer of TTR500 vector network to wait to have optimized soft hardware product technically for content couplet net.

5G is not equal to Wi-Fi, how is the security of interconnection of everythings on earth ensured after all?

The graph checks product collect related net of couplet of content of 4 peaceful gram

Besides afore-mentioned 3 content couplet nets besides wireless technology solution, during Shanghai Munich electron was exhibited 2019, the solution satisfies the advanced test instrument that still more home checks an instrument to exhibit business to taking them and systematic level content couplet net of everybody is wireless the demand of the test. Meanwhile, in this second exhibit the spot of the meeting, the innovation forum that the corresponding period holds, discuss the heat topic such as content couplet net, 5G and connector jointly with industry leader.

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