2018 annual outstanding achievement grows nicety establishing dispatch beforehand 55% to 65% , 5G/ is not mobile phone market to bring new growth force

Nicety establishing dispatch issued announcement on January 9, move on annual outstanding achievement is how-to 2018.

Announcement data shows, nicety establishing dispatch predicts to appear on the market in 2018 year vest in the net gain of company shareholder changes extent is relatively go up 55%-65% of year of growth of the corresponding period, vest in appears on the market the net gain of company shareholder changes interval is 2.62 billion yuan – 2.79 billion yuan.

Establish dispatch nicety

Although sales volume of global intelligence machine glided somewhat 2018, but blame mobile phone kind the profit of the rapid growth of business and 5G market is good still brought new growth power to nicety establishing dispatch.

It is reported, nicety establishing dispatch is had in order of product of mobile phone of big client blame rate grow continuously, can apparel equipment and wireless earphone are permeated promote continuously. Additional, use as 5G business enter the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor, base station construction amount grows, the client of communication interconnection product of this company and consumptive electron client have synergism, predicting follow-up is in base station antenna and filter respect enjoy growth of industry high speed. Car electron product grows steadily, point of growth of its the next is made in hopeful of intelligent car times.

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