Wine of silicon brilliant circle goes up situation 8 more get the better of 12

Wait to turn actively into circle of 8 brilliant to make Cheng from 6 as component of high-ranking and high-ranking MOSFET, IGBT, detached type, the stage accumulates report to say to want to build 8 new plant, the world is advanced also buying mark in look for, the hope enlarges circle of 8 brilliant to yield further, silicon brilliant circle brews semiconductor of 8 heavy mix into continuously go up situation, appraise next year goes up first half of the year a level that is expected to amount to two digit.

Silicon brilliant

Big plant of circle of brilliant of 8 semiconductor silicon adds up to brilliant to point out, 8 order is fully loaded with as before, nevertheless the demand of 6 has turn hasten is exhausted weak evidence, sow is moved rate have the case that become loose. It is reported, 8 weigh mix into semiconductor silicon brilliant circle goes up continuance first half of the year next year situation, go up be expected to achieve 10% above, and next year brilliant of 8 silicon goes up roundly first half of the year fall around tall digit about.

Add up to brilliant to say, at present because the company is produced can finite, because this adopts every half an year to sign agreement, next year continuance rises in price first half of the year of situation with semiconductor of 8 heavy mix into silicon brilliant circle is given priority to, include chip of power source government, car to use component of high-ranking and electron, detached type, MOSFET (crystal of report of effect of golden oxygen half of a game or contest) , IGBT (insulation bar ambipolar report crystal) wait for high power cell.

Because factory of loose river of Shanghai adding up to brilliant coordinates local municipal program and at stop production of the shutout end November, temporary by the yield of other plant can because answer, new site of look for of latter active already in the vicinity of, the program buys old plant and already some manufacturing facilities are immigrant, also can increase new facility, same production 4, circle of brilliant of 5 semiconductor silicon is main product.

The stage is gotten the better of division point out, next year the 1st season accepts the order to be moved with sow rate maintain be fully loaded with, the price also lasts upgrade goes tall, of the 2nd season accept the order the state wants when the traditional Chinese calendar just is met after year relatively Anacreontic, will look with current market mood, the demand of 8 will more excel 12 .

Big plant of detached type component discloses, observe the supply situation of circle of brilliant of Lei brilliant silicon is done not have quite now previous so nervous, but the supply with respect to circle of brilliant of silicon of 8 polish, supply a case or did not shake evidence, begin to enter a tradition of late nevertheless off-season, occurrence overheat of previous MOSFET market, ” Overbooking ” apparent, whether can the 1st season be immersed in the misgive of inventory next year, be worth to pay close attention to.


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