The win honour for that it is a country, 4 dimension plan is new quantity of implementation of chip of MCU of step of first car plan is produced

Recently, 4 dimension pursue newOutstanding hair science and technology releases AutoChips of subordinate and wholy-owned subsidiary external the message says, domestic head money passes AEC-Q100 Grade 1, working temperature – the MCU of car plan step of ℃ of 40 ℃ ~125 (automobile body dominates chip) produce in client look sb up and down, obtain first order.


10 thousand iron army-invincible army point out vise general manager of science and technology of outstanding hair of new vice president of 4 dimension graph, AutoChips, chip of MCU of step of “ car plan because research and development is periodic tall, capital throws doorsill of long, design big, make domestic manufacturer right product of chip of car plan step flinchs. Science and technology of AutoChips outstanding hair is mixed in the design that passed 3 years, research and development test, let market of product of MCU of car plan step see the product that comes from industry of our China chip eventually. ”


In car domain, the applied range of MCU is very wide, carry information recreation product from the car, brush to rain, the automobile body control such as car window, dynamoelectric seat, the implementation of each car function needs complex chip set to prop up rear. In all semiconductor device that equip in a car, MCU is occupied probably 3 into, come down on average the MCU chip that every car wants to use 70 above, this one word is in high end is luxurious on the car even tower above one times much. However chip of MCU of car plan step is right the requirement of the index such as temperature of function, dependability, job special Yan Ke, the chip of war industry class that is next to domain of vessel of special purpose vehicle of aerospace, enginery, for military use, ship, superhigh technology doorsill makes start later homebred MCU chip lags behind at foreign big plant considerably.




Norms of chip of MCU of science and technology of AutoChips outstanding hair


According to statistic, dimensions of global MCU market was 17 billion dollar about 2017, chip of car phone subclass is occupied than 17% , industry application is wide; 5 years compound increase rate is predicting future 7.2% . The applied drive such as electron of net of couplet of profit from content, car, MCU adds market of whole world of fast prep above average in Chinese market fast, 5 years compound increase rate amounts to future of domestic MCU market 11.7% , to market space will break through 50 billion RMB 2020.


Nowadays, accompany quantity of chip of MCU of step of plan of car of science and technology of AutoChips outstanding hair to produce, its chip business covered a car to carry information recreation chip (IVI) , chip of electron of Che Zaigong rate (AMP) , automobile body dominates chip (MCU) . Future, fetal pressing monitors chip (TPMS) , the much product such as intelligent cockpit and ADAS chip also will in succession throw on the market, continue to be industry of domestic car electron to input strong kinetic energy.


Of ” of “ core technology painful still lie across is before compatriots, nowadays, quantity of chip of MCU of car plan step is produced appear on the market, let China achieve the breakthrough of 0 on technology of MCU of car plan step, broke the technical monopoly of international tycoon. But no less than character of place of 10 thousand iron army-invincible army, this is the first pace of domestic MCU chip only, realize ’ of true ‘ China core, we still have very long way to want.



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