The prospective trend of power semiconductor device

Power semiconductorMain effect is having in managing energy field, however before those who make a person helpless is the market very small however, but, world market dimensions exceeded 2 million yen 2017 (about 1, 20 billion RMB) , especially the respect development such as car of cell of car of EV, mixture motivation, fuel is swift and violent. Especially SiC (carborundum) be evaluated to have advantageous material character by height. ”

Power semiconductor


Assumed office to express above view at gentleman of filial piety of the village in the visiting professor —- of Osaka college graduate school. Village gentleman arrives from 1990 in in collect Mu the company limited was engaged in iron report 2018 random access memory (Ferroelectric Random Access Memory) , of SiC power parts of an apparatus research and development works, it is the minister of all draw together that collect Mu company studies to develop headquarters. In the world of power semiconductor, it may be said does not know his name without the person.


SiC power semiconductor device begins market be carryinged by the car gradually to begin to use. (photograph: The SiC Power Device of Infineon)


Village gentleman returns respecting in, electric power of confluence of power semiconductor market and Zhou Bo are counted, develop various products at the same time. In the domain with behavioral cycle high number, silicon makes MOSFET (transistor of effect of golden oxygen half of a game or contest, metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) it is ” of “ leading role; In home appliance domain, cycle of more instead use movement counts lower power IC. Alternate from electric power for capacity respect, in highest domain, brilliant brake is in charge of (Thyristor) with GTO(Gate—Turn-Off) it is the most active. What utility is located in medium position about is IGBT model group, it is OK to can say “ is changing pattern ” is used.


Each are big the company has investment actively


Expanding of power MOSFET use at all sorts of power source, adapter, illume, DVD, car to carry wait for a domain, toshiba is the big company that the quantity produces MOSFET, according to them the cadre of the company says the current situation is, no matter how is “ produced, use ” not quite. To satisfy demand of current situation market, undertaking exceeding 10 billion yen in the brunt factory of Ishikawa county (about 600 million RMB) expand produce can work, and also increase investment again in the consideration.


Net of Chinese of the classics that seize day discloses, toshiba plans 2020 year, will produce power semiconductor 1.5 times what can increase to 2017 year. The manufacturing subsidiary that will run in order to carry full negative charge adds congratulate Toshiba electron to enhance equipment for the center. In addition, plant of semiconductor of Toshiba road (be located in Ding of prince of arms library county) also will strengthen with the semiconductor plant of Thailand assemble working procedure.


Investment predicts to reach about 30 billion yen in 3 years. Toshiba is making type of depart of the “ that be called (Discrete) the power semiconductor of ” . The profit margin of this product is as high as 10 % left and right sides, because this Toshiba considers the sale of business of semiconductor of power of will detached type to increase 25 % to 2020 year, reach 200 billion yen. After the memory business that obtains annual sale above of 400 billion yen sells, toshiba is managed to come true rebuild, the hope breeds semiconductor of detached type power for one of new gain business pillar.


Japanese country is the biggest enterprise electric machinery of 3 water chestnut 2018 year will be a center in order to be located in the brunt factory of Xiong Ben county and China, investment makes an appointment with 10 billion yen. The business of power parts of an apparatus that is a center with power semiconductor strives to achieve sale of 200 billion yen to 2022 year.


Fuji electric machinery also will invest 20 billion yen inside 2018 year, enhance domestic plant equipment. Development face Xiang Chun is electric car, small-sized light quantified power semiconductor. 2017 year of this company just form a quantity to produce system. Investment will be increased after 2020 year 30 billion yen, the hope increases the 2023 year sale of power semiconductor to 1.5 times present, reach 150 billion yen.


Collect Mu company is centered at producing SiC parts of an apparatus or appliance, the machine that is used at the industry to expand and the IGBT model series that the face holds to the car, proceed is contrapuntal of factory of mountain of stone of Yu Zihe county had measured the 8inch any crystalline substance that produce yuan the investment of IGBT. The company such as electric machinery of Fuji electric machinery, 3 water chestnut is on the foundation that already invested amount more than, continue to have investment to power semiconductor, the key that its invest still is IGBT.


Aiming at those who increase the market is Japanese enterprise not just. The world is the greatest company of science and technology of enterprise Germany Ying Feiling (month of Infineon Technologies AG)3 and Shanghai car are joint-stock, the production company of power semiconductor module established in Shanghai. And American semiconductor tycoon installs dark beauty semiconductor (ON Semiconductor) also will carry semiconductor to be a center with the car, product of augment power semiconductor.


Chinese Biyadi also expressed a few days ago, meet next year its IGBT produce can control to 100 thousand from 50 thousand present promotion.


By the way, the history of IGBT is not very remote. The left and right sides entered the market 1990, did not become the topic of people at first. Because be used in mixture motor vehicle of Feng Tian,the chance that come on stage is unexpectedly- – “PRIUS- Pu Rui this on ” , since then, begin gradually promotional go up at the car.



SiC power parts of an apparatus is a center with electric car, patulous utility


 Very active for market of semiconductor of power of ” of “ leading role with IGBT, siC power semiconductor also comparatives to suffer fully fix eyes upon. Band Gap (forbidden band width) than silicon (1.12) tall 3.26, hot conductivity also compares silicon (1.5) tall 4.9. In cycle character the respect is very outstanding also, also came true in respect of corresponding tall voltage 1, 200V above. Can say, using a field to tall voltage, tall electric current is the most appropriate power parts of an apparatus.


Gentleman of the village in occupying says, company of “ collect Mu is in the Clarity of this cropland (motor-car of report of cell of fuel of a hydrogen) on carried SiC power parts of an apparatus or appliance, it is the fuel cell car that the world uses Full SiC drive first, because have the movement below high temperature condition and small loss characteristic, can narrow the carbon fin that is used at refrigeration, also realized the miniaturization of reactor through high frequency switch. For this, enlarged interior space, MIRAI of fuel cell car can sit 4 people, the Clarity of this cropland came true 5 people ” .


 The target market of SiC power parts of an apparatus is the electric motor-car such as car of cell of EV, mixture motor vehicle, fuel. Also begin to be used at power adjuster recently (Power Conditioner) , the respect such as the power source of industrial machine. Cost respect has advantage quite. Also begin to embark to go up in railroad, had used the series of new trunk N700 of JR, but the Full SiC that used firm of electric machinery of 3 water chestnut only. Fuji electric machinery, day establishs the company such as the place that make, Toshiba to had not realized Full.


German Ying Feiling is SiC market weighs pound player likewise.


According to Ying Feiling industrial power controls vice president of sectional vice president, big China division to introduce at Dai Hui, ying Feiling had exceeded 15 years in the research of SiC respect, it is to throw 35 million euro to be opposite more in recent years the research and development of SiC equipment and relevant craft, mix reliable round supplier of brilliant of 6 inches of SiC established reliable cooperative relationship, assured the supply of circle of its SiC brilliant; Plus them top research and development and technical support group are added hold, siC research and development of Ying Feiling goes well, rolled out CoolSiC series product.


According to introducing, unlike the design that similar and planar DMOS uses mostly on the market, siC product of Ying Feiling is to introduce groove type idea, this kind of design can alleviate the extremely low electrical conductivity of planar raceway groove, it is this to be able to overcome the problem of be in a dilemma between function and rash club sex.


This year in November, on November 13, ying Feiling (Infineon) announce, its already bought a newly established company that the name is Siltectra, an innovation technology (Cold Spilt) also income in bursa. ” of “ cold cut is craft of a kind of efficient crystal material treatment, can fall material loss lowest, this can promote SiC brilliant round cut efficiency greatly, can reduce cost.


The meaning law semiconductor that because of its SiC product is starred by electric car of the whole world tesla is used also nots allow to ignore in the expression of this market. Be in some earlier moment, CEO of meaning law semiconductor is accepting the media such as semiconductor industry observation to interview also speak of, the carborundum product of this company already realized batch shipment, year shipment amount can break through 100 million dollars this year, the market is had rate be as high as 90% ;


Domestic Biyadi declared their distribution in SiC respect likewise a few days ago. According to introducing, the company already was thrown gigantic endowment layout SiC of material of the 3rd acting semiconductor, and will integrated material (high pure carborundum pink) , single crystal, denotative, chip, enclose wait for catenary of entire industry of SiC radical semiconductor, devote oneself to to reduce the production cost of SiC parts of an apparatus, accelerate its to use the application of car domain in report.


Biyadi announces, they are already successful research and development SiC MOSFET (the IGBT that car power semiconductor includes to be based on silicon or the material such as carborundum makes or MOSFET) , hopeful rolled out the electric motor-car with embarking electronic-controlled SiC 2019. Predict 2023, biyadi will be in subordinate electric motor-car, realize SiC radical car to be opposite with power semiconductor of silicon radical IGBT replace in the round, will truckload function promotes again on existing foundation 10% .


Electric machinery of beauty of An Sen of other such as, Toshiba, Fuji, 3 water chestnut, , general and Littelfuse, electric the important player that waiting for a company with GeneSiC also is SiC market, they are in be eager for doing sth, leave a seat vacant.


Brilliant circle demands exceeds supply completely


Power semiconductor continues to develop to carry application to be main goal with the car, realized patulous IGBT, use SiC, in the meantime, it will make 4.5 million yen 2030 (about 2, 70 billion RMB) big market. But, the biggest bottleneck question is chip demand exceeds supply, especially SiC.


It is with car application exemple, we know, power semiconductor is tremendous to the wastage of silicon chip, usually, one 8 inches of silicon chip only can cut 70~80 IGBT chip. But the occurrence of car of new energy resources, turned this demand a new height.


Use car field in pure report for example, car of a Tesla Model X needs to use 84 IGBT, such calculating come, basically a car is about to use up a silicon chip. The power semiconductor dosage of mixture motivation car is opposite less, it is with BMW I3 exemple, odd the wastage of power semiconductor silicon chip of a car is 1/4 about piece.


Predict 2022, hopeful of sales volume of global report motor-car breaks through 10 million, with average every car uses up 1/2 piece silicon chip computation, wastage of silicon chip of corresponding power semiconductor will achieve 5 million or so. This was brought to corresponding silicon chip supply insecurity, and the power parts of an apparatus since this year supplies a problem, also be one of reaction of this kind of circumstance.


And in the carborundum that is faced with fulminant SiC, have brilliant round problem as much. As we have learned, carborundum brilliant is round, light grows the time of brilliant, need about 7 to 10 days, and generated height may have a few only just (silicon brilliant club can be amounted to 1 to 2 meters of above) , make Cheng plus follow-up treatment also because of the influence of hardness opposite difficulty, accordingly its are produced very can finite, character is not stable also.


Gentleman of the village in occupying says, collect Mu company bought SiCrystal company, those who realized raw material allocate, but other manufacturer current situation is very grim.


Current, only the market demand of the half got satisfaction. If things go on like this, possible meeting loses the market, although the supply responsibility of Cree company is bigger, but the increase production system that wait should meet the Asian company Hezhao such as SICCAS, SICC, CETC, CENGOL, SKC and electrician the hand grasps the “ key ” that will develop henceforth.



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