The AI of couplet hair division only market of intelligence of labour of alien of sea of fill of nuclear be successful is vacant

Volume of shipment of global mobile phone glides continuously is a fact that does not dispute already, in light of the data according to IDC of orgnaization of famous market survey, the shipment gross of the smartphone inside limits of whole world of the 3rd quarter is 355.2 million this year, relatively a year ago contemporaneous have 6% drop, achieve global smartphone market successive the 4th quarter glides, industry whole depression becomes the reality that is placed on mesa already.

The AI of couplet hair division only market of intelligence of labour of alien of sea of fill of nuclear be successful is vacant

Can see a few interesting data from inside this report of IDC, above all SamSung still is the smartphone shipment business with the biggest whole world, 20.3% what system capacity holds shipment of whole of the 3rd quarter to measure, ; next the quantity still is in the global shipment of Chinese brand to promote continuously, for example China hold the share of 14.6% for the 3rd quarter, the shipment impetus of card of home made product still lasts driving.

But meanwhile, the data of IDC points out as much, as the whole world the biggest smartphone consumes the market, the shipment volume of Chinese smartphone is already successive 6 quarters produce now to slip, the abidance of domestic intelligence market is fatigued and weak.

” tall permeability adds abominable economic environment be a burden on the whole world is the greatest the expression of smartphone market. ” IDC analyst RyanReith ever so respecting.

The sales volume of big China area glides pull move the defeat below sales volume of whole terminal trade, but meanwhile the shipment of global market is in however grow continuously, the author is guessing is each mobile terminal manufacturer actually the development of abroad and rising market brought outstanding achievement to contribute. It is early actually a few years ago, tycoon of brand of domestic mobile phone is sought in succession in southeast Asia, area of Indian and other places undertakes dilate, hope in these networks infrastructure is perfected gradually, and before the market that has population extra dividend again has not mature, grab anticipate opportunity ahead of schedule.

The AI of couplet hair division only market of intelligence of labour of alien of sea of fill of nuclear be successful is vacant

The smartphone market of India and southeast Asia is greeting quickness dilate. (Graph / network)

The “ of brand of homebred mobile phone goes to sea history ” is OK even restrospect to at the beginning of 2010, when those in order to associate, Jin Li, base the brand of one numerous mobile phone of Wu Wei head with respect to open the journey that go to sea, but more is with extending introductory form type is given priority to at that time, with price get victory, the respect experiences in the user of core and do not have too big upgrade. But some closer year we notice a detail, when mobile phone manufacturer is undertaking for these underdeveloped areas the smartphone gains ground, also bring the most advanced mobile terminal technology to these markets at the same time, include to had been in China for example the AI artificial intelligence technology of market spring up all over the place.

Although artificial intelligence is in AI,domain of science and technology had applied have period of time, the application on machine of Dan Zaizhi hotshot is from large-scale 2017 implementation, rectify types or forms of literature one year superabundant. Each are big during this nevertheless the AI product that the manufacturer rolls out and AI function already made a person dazzling, and the layout of AI also had realized soft hardware and the conformity with platform.

Strategy of product of terminal of current AI mobile intelligence is OK “ looks from next upgrade ” . In rock-bottom chip, connect high, Hua Weihai is thought of, the chip that couplet delivers the manufacturer such as the division to roll out embarking AI function in succession, strengthen pair of artificial intelligence / of nerve network algorithm comfortable match, in fractionize domain ceaseless deep ploughing is called with the specific algorithm of convenient superstratum system. In superstratum system layer, china for, the manufacturer such as millet, OPPO, Vivo, SamSung is active hand compose builds open ability platform, with period utmost ground embraces developer, propose AI zoology and favorable order in all hand in hand.

The AI of couplet hair division only market of intelligence of labour of alien of sea of fill of nuclear be successful is vacant

At present so the zoology of upriver chip manufacturer and downstream terminal manufacturer already was quite mature on collaboration and firm, zoology is encircled firm reason progresses besides industrial catenary and technology besides, because churchyard consumer is having quite driving purchasing power,mainer reason is, having to model price taller be able to bear or endure suffer degree be caused by.

But problem also come as, firm of each big data survey shows, sales volume of domestic mobile terminal hits a top, market focus move comes outside the condition rising market, and the consumptive group purchasing power that mobile phone manufacturer discovers rising market compared with home it is to having great difference for consumer, for example the major customer of rising market is to attribute the price sensitive model client, picture extremely terminal of shift of the intelligence more than 10 years ago just begins to be in domestic all-pervading period. This means these rising markets outside wanting to open market, must reframe to swim up and down above all the zoology of the manufacturer concerns.

Because the high-end chip that is a delegate with Gaotong and apple and echelon formation of high-end mobile phone began to produce “ faction ” last year and bring about directly connect high 3 quarterly reports are gigantic this year deficient, and the model price with exorbitant apple also lets what it waits for rising market in India have rate is extremely low also. And in India, southeast Asia, even these European areas, china goes to sea the market position that the terminal manufacturer of go on an expedition found him almost, become almost outside the condition press the existence like local brand to grind.

The AI of couplet hair division only market of intelligence of labour of alien of sea of fill of nuclear be successful is vacant

In the development experience that speaks of rising market, we feel to be necessary to raise family of hair of one the second line of a couplet, it ever had helped industry of domestic mobile phone undertake “ before this large-scale gain ground and change ” , and go to sea in collective of homebred nowadays brand dozen go all out while, firm of this IC design was certain again this domain, help card of home made product move toward overseas market quickly.

What with the couplet at the beginning of this year hair division rolls out is medium for HelioP60 of processor of upright intelligence AI, this processor used 4 nucleuses A73+ framework of 4 nucleuses A53, the stage accumulates FinFET of 12 accept rice to make Cheng craft make, nevertheless most the part of core is compositive AI only nuclear APU, obtained trademark of domestic mainstream mobile phone not only, and log onto global market inside very short time, be in especially southeast Asia is one applauds more.

Data shows, come out independently from OPPO child the Realme1 mobile phone that brand Realme rolls out in India, the sales volume when September has realized 700 thousand, at present sales volume beforehand appraise has approached 1 million. Appear on the market only the period of a few months, realme1 gripped local whole market the portion of 1% , and its characteristic is processor of P60 of division of embarking couplet hair, advocate hit big screen, design and AI artificial intelligence, once release,got accordingly of Indian market consistent reputably. And it is reported is after the benefit of savor AI, refus network news shows brand-new RealmeU1 also is about to land, use newest couplet to send division P70 platform, initiate violent concussion again to overseas market.

A lot of people will be curious, why is Realme OK does immanent India market play short time the ” since “ wind unboiled water? Look in the author, realme has its outstanding place really.

Above all Realme uses chip of class of Gao Tongqi naval vessel without apathetic, of course here does not say to be connected high bad, the cost that knows chip high however is exorbitant, will naturally compress Realme mobile phone to be thrown in the cost of other component, the chose to fit him cost structure more couplet with so decisive Realme sends division SoC, can assure screen not only, photograph the character that waits for component like head, batteries to won’t sacrifice because of cost pressure, and the function of mainstream of P60 of division of hair of profit from couplet and newest AI character, realme mobile phone is in beauty of facial solution lock, intelligence with respect to can effective combinative place consumer colour, the demand of the diversity such as setting identifying, the dimensions of 1+1>2 of real rising now market changes effect.

The AI of couplet hair division only market of intelligence of labour of alien of sea of fill of nuclear be successful is vacant

Compare the brutal competition at home market so, it may be said of market of overseas of couplet hair division is wind unboiled water rises. Its function by right of the mainstream, outstanding lukewarm accuse, character of stable power comsumption, newest AI science and technology, assisted the company such as Realme, millet, Vivo to roll out early or late not only taste newly, and it returns the uninterrupted user experience that rolls out new function to promote consumer, help strength these mobile phone clients open border develop land in rising market, peremptory the ” of “ god secondary attack that makes market of overseas of card of home made product, the backside that so market of overseas of homebred smartphone brand braves the wind and waves, it may be said of couplet hair division is to stand finished one’s contributions in work.

The AI of couplet hair division only market of intelligence of labour of alien of sea of fill of nuclear be successful is vacant

Be in at present India, southeast Asia such rising market, couplet hair division had found new breakthrough place, helped the army group of Chinese mobile phone that go to sea sit not only firm the portion of India and southeast Asia market, and couplet hair division is further also will comprehensive screen, double photograph, these new science and technology such as AI popularize more and rising market, and HelioP70 also has mixed newest couplet hair division each mobile phone manufacturer is formed in coordination foot, resource of the join technology that next abundance accumulate before profit from couplet sends the AI artificial intelligence character of division P70 and this, multimedia, poor dissimilation is custom-built wait, the firm that lets go to sea has larger space to roll out different terminal product, promote consumer the experience, must say so, of this AI chip contend for, couplet sends family race to control first machine, walked out of a good step really.

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