T of Brazil of SDH698X of electron of Hangzhou person Lan Wei is in charge of a product to achieve beautiful performance

Whole world of fashionable of LED green illume, with was 2017 exemple, illuminant product is replaced in LED in, chinese exit amounts to 255 million dollar to Brazilian amount, exceeded the large family such as day of heart flower law, tall house exports purpose nation the 2nd, be next to the United States, also reflected its illume market to consume the current situation that give priority to in order to replace illuminant. In exit of product of all LED illume, brazil also is to be located in the perch of the 5th, amplitude is to exceed 120% more, turn up one’s nose at a large number of heroes.

Person Lan Wei electron is long-term market of deep ploughing Brazil, depend on the performance with superior product and reliable character, had been in charge of illume market to score abecedarian success in Brazilian T, among them since the company stars product of product SDH698X series appears on the market more than one year, had broken through the sales volume of 100 million above, and the fresh blood SDH6984RC with SDH698X familial product is break through brambles and thorns-hack one’s way through difficulties more, appear on the market only the favour that 3 months acquired each big lighting company, its growth trend is driving, predicting later period still has much better show.

Why is SDH6984RC so welcome? Let us look at together look at clique of this actual strength:

IC interior is compositive person orchid patent tall PFC product saves COMP technology;

Compositive person orchid patent disappear is maladjusted technology, make precision of product CS sampling OK achieve ±1.5%;

In-house and compositive person orchid patent THD compensates a technology, THD total harmonic can achieve 15%;

SDH6984RC undertook upgrading in the light of harmonic, can be below the T canal application with the greatest difficulty, second harmonic satisfies the sheet below wide input voltage internal standard of CLASS C industry is accurate, and do not need exterior compensation;

Use person other of Lan Wei electron is multinomial and patent technology

Notable is, SDH6984RC leave out COMP compensates capacitance, problem of change of the electric current after can solving be affected with damp be affected with damp thoroughly accordingly, reduce SMD capacitance to rupture problem, increased production efficiency, solve problem of SMD capacitance be in short supply to wait, overall plan BOM cost is tasted than contest have competition ability more. Opposite within course of study other product, as a result of compositive degree tall, periphery leave out is more parts of an apparatus, consistency can be accomplished best. SDH698RC is course of study at present inside exclusive the LED drive IC of the mode of tall PFC step-down of standard of an OK and contented CLASS C.

Overall plan is to be aimed at Brazil more custom-built, total place week knows, the land of 80% is located in Brazil intertropical area, frowsty upsurge is wet, those who use SDH6984RC is overall the problem that plan won’t have drive be affected with damp be affected with damp to affect, chip uses 4 feet to come loose hot, temperature rise is inferior. At present this product is produced can enough, can make sure stability offers money.

T of Brazil of SDH698X of electron of Hangzhou person Lan Wei is in charge of a product to achieve beautiful performance

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