SK Hailishi ” equipment of the 2nd plant moves a ceremony ” hold ceremoniously

Since C2F project began to start 2016, SK Hailishidi one year the construction segment of half is about to enter classics of 2 factories all previous end, on November 30 this day, first production equipment begins to move workshop, this indicates Hailishi is in a SK of semiconductor production respect fly can be expected soon.

SK Hailishi

Two stage equipment that move workshop respectively by APTC and ACM two manufacturer are produced, be worth what carry is: These two manufacturer come from Korea and China respectively, SK Hailishi since settle China, fix eyes upon and be obtained extremely brilliant positive result of the whole world, the make concerted effort of member of two countries of Sino-South Korean of this profit from and common cooperation.

30 days morning at 10 o’clock, hailishi makes SK / the technology takes on Li Xiangshan branch legal person of the adviser of Jin Dongjun of TF of dilate of the long, C/R that do not have stannum, production that do not have stannum takes on Xu Genzhe only the Wu, FAB that do not have stannum takes on Jiang Yongshou is standing reach do not have stannum, after admiring a paragraph of heart-stirring encouragement to perform, “C2F equipment moves ceremonial ” to begin formally.

Take on by C2FPJT above all Li Xianghe is standing do a process to report with respect to C2F project. Li Xianghe is standing program and dimensions were built to have detailed introduction to the person that attend the meeting with respect to C2F project in the spot.

After that, director of jade-like stone delegate of APTC Cui Dai and ACM Wang Hui make a speech respectively on behalf of director, conveyed with SK Hailishi builds reliant relation and the determination that develop hand in hand jointly further.

Back-to-back, hailishi makes SK / the technology takes on Li Xiangshan branch is long publish a speech. The branch grows to thanks to building unit and the members that give hard above all. C2F can become the manufacturing base with memory new semiconductor not only, still can be the starting point that leads modes of life and relation to their environment of whole semiconductor industry the group. It can create more obtain employment post to do not have stannum, also be the one annulus of the social commonweal cause that SK group advocates.

Finally, the spot leads collective cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony, in turning equipment factory building with one’s own hands, so far, “C2F equipment moves ceremonial ” to end satisfactorily.

SK the concept that Hailishi is pursuit and implementation OneFAB without stannic FAB, the most outstanding manpower resource was invested in C2F construction, field of the most perfect system of initial stage management is built to do in compose sufficient preparation. Without stannic FAB collectivity the member will hold high the ” of enterprise of innovation of science and technology that “ compose builds more good world this one banner, depend on the enthusiasm of have one’s bosom filled with to the technology and persistent spirit, make concerted effort amounts to a target to need and hammer and tongs.


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