Semiconductor detected 2019 hopeful achieves a breakthrough

The newspaper is how-to 2018 accord with anticipate, high speed grew 2019 but period: The company is released newspaper outstanding achievement is premonitory 2018, implementation put in interval of parent net profit ‘s charge to be 2.7-2.9 2018 100 million yuan, grow 61.82%-73.81% compared to the same period, among them, q4 implementation puts in interval of parent net profit ‘s charge to be 0.79-0.99 100 million yuan, grow 51.47%-89.82% compared to the same period, before according with, anticipate. The company detects as domestic face plate equipment bibcock, hopeful continued to maintain high speed growth 2019, before maintaining, gain is forecasted changeless, predicting company 2018-2020 year realize profit of attributive parent net to be respectively 2.85, 4.16, 625 million yuan, grow 71.0% respectively compared to the same period, 45.8% , 50.2% . 2018-2020 of correspondence of current share price year PE is respectively 30, 21 with 14 times. Maintain “ to recommend ” grade strongly.

Semiconductor detects

Issue can turn endowment enlarge produces debt collect, flat shows detect equipment hopeful maintains high speed to grow: Company advocate business Wu income basically originates flat detects the sale of equipment, company announcement collect endowment limited company of photoelectricity of Lai of essence of Suzhou of “ of 375 million yuan of investment produces per year 340 to cover ” of project of equipment of new-style indication intelligence. Collect casts project product to all show for flat detect equipment, and already achieved sale or success of research and development, basically include: Automation of the project after TFT small size and OLED detects automation of the project after large size of equipment, TFT detects AOI of the project before equipment, TFT and macroscopical / automation of the project before microcosmic examination machine, OLED detects equipment. Current, investment of line of global new increase production basically is in China centrally, future inside 3 years, photoelectricity of Beijing east, China star and the domestic flat such as benefit division electron show the trade is large the manufacturer arranges line of new increase production 23, increase investment newly amount is total more than 6, 50 billion yuan. We think the company shows as domestic flat detect bibcock, will parade industry grows greatly below sufficient benefit from benefit from.


Raise the price of the commodities ceaselesslySemiconductor detectsDomain, hopeful achieved a breakthrough 2019: Since 2018, the company invests actively external, perfect semiconductor industry position ceaselessly. Semiconductor detects domain, the company establishs essence of electron of Wuhan spirit letter, Shanghai to measure semiconductor, build group of research and development to reach through own form abroad buy introduce homebred change wait for a method, realize the technical breakthrough that semiconductor checks and industrialization; In the meantime, the company already finished IT&T part partner to equity is bought and be added endowment, the equity scale that Hong Kong essence measures hold Korea IT&T is 25.20% . We think the company raises the price of the commodities to detect in semiconductor ceaselessly the investment of the domain, hopeful realized semiconductor to check the breakthrough of technology and product and be born 2019, open vast market space.


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