Season of next year head or cheapen once more 10% , 3 big advocate because bring about Ji Buwang of NAND Shan Cunwang

TrendForce memory studies (DRAMeXchange) analysis, sino-US trade impact warms up, volume of shipment of new machine of Intel CPU be in short supply, apple is inferior to anticipating wait for concussion of 3 big factors, create NAND Flash peak period not flourishing, look into next year the circumstance of supply exceeds demand fears first half of the year more remarkable, the price falls situation is bad stop, beforehand appraise price of contract of NAND of the 1st season will go further go drop, drop about 10% .

NAND shines put

DRAMeXchange points out, fine of product of layer of 3D 64 of NAND Flash supplier leads stability this year, yield prep above anticipates, but conflict of Sino-US when busy season of the end of the year trade rises volume of shipment of new machine of be in short supply of CPU of lukewarm, Intel, apple to be inferior to anticipating wait for element overlay, cause peak period not flourishing.

In fact, from this year since the 1st quarter, NAND Flash price did not stop to glide, its production value of industry of the 3rd quarter is 17 billion dollar only, annulus comparing grew 4.4% only, NAND shines put the price to fall however 10-15%

Look into next year first half of the year, DRAMeXchange expresses, although former plant is produced to augment can the mood is conservative, begin to restrain enlarge to produce even, but as a result of off-season influence, increase market inventory water level still tall, the circumstance of supply exceeds demand is met only more remarkable, beforehand appraise next year price of contract of NAND Flash of the 1st season will go further go drop.

DRAMeXchange expresses, in EMMC/UFS respect, manufacturer of smartphone of the China before the end of the year is emphasized go inventory, adjust scale of production, deepen price of contract of the 4th season to drop, go inventory will last to next year the 1st season, bring about EMMC/UFS contract price to fear those who have nearly 10% dropping in the 1st season.

The price that watchs SSD goes situation, next year volume of shipment of computer of notebook of the 1st season anticipates will relatively the 4th season drops this year even more 15% , although PC SSD carries rate and capacity to rise continuously, but still demand of bad check total unit and price in pairs go weak, makings of price of Client SSD contract drops add nearly 10% .

From next year the demand of each product is evaluated in light of, because server demand grows, bring about Enterprise SSD market to make the land that each supplier military strategist in ancient China contends for surely, make price competition more intense, add demand of server of the 1st season to suffer off-season effect likewise, expect the 1st season drop prep above 10% .

Power strong president Chen Libai ever also expressed, because next year DRAM is main chip manufacturer increase production is limited, the price still can be held firm; NAND Flash suffers each big plant armament race did not rest, proleptic price falls no less than this year, anticipate next year of plant of NAND Flash upper reaches has half above to cannot make money.


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