Round price of brilliant of silicon of predicting next year rises make an appointment with 6~9%

Against the wind of semiconductor industry near future is ceaseless, main semiconductor is big cut capital expenditure and Sino-US trade war send the plant relevant supply catenary to undertake yield can be adjustmented, demand slow down undertakes inventory is adjusted, nevertheless, native land legal person releases newest report to point out, advanced position of integral semiconductor industry is carriedSilicon brilliant is roundStill demand exceeds supply next year, proleptic industry still is maintained dovish, whole behaves excel grail.


Legal person beforehand appraise, next year price of round contract of brilliant of 12 silicon rises make an appointment with 6~9% ; Also can be in as to the contract price of 8 tall digit. This is the near future after relevant foreign capital releases early-warning of half-and-half conductor industry one piece, after legal person already took the advantage of share price to pullback considerably, new postmortem carries change downstream on whole semiconductor industry.


To round market of brilliant of next year silicon, round-the-world brilliant expresses previous industry bibcock namely, semiconductor component is used more and more diversification, had become the basis of common people economy, resembling is to drive oneself, ministry of unmanned aircraft, face differentiates etc is new application, if will look by demand side, the requirement that the car uses electronic half-and-half conductor is most driving, still demand exceeds supply now.


Taiwan semiconductor silicon brilliant round bibcock is round-the-world Dong Zun Xu Xiulan also values brilliant round supply and demand of brilliant of next year silicon still is tightened, the price lasts bullish, it is a very healthy year. She emphasizes, although the United States gives safeguard of tall custom duty to Chinese hold a memorial ceremony for, because round-the-world brilliant has 16 plants in 10 countries, can allocate shipment neatly, the influence is dinky, and master at present sign grow agreement client 8 and 12 proportion are as high as 80% to 90% , occupy battalion to receive proportion close most probably, price of next year contract is compared certainly tall this year.


Native land legal person is analysed, sino-US trade war already was forced include a stage to accumulate the brilliant circle such as division of report, SamSung, South Asia the factory decides cut capital expenditure; Sale of the intelligence such as apple and blame Ping mobile phone is logy, also undertake sheet and inventory adjust chopping, negative interference still includes property of other half-and-half conductor Intel processor be in short supply, add close currency value to weigh defeat to wait, the yield of adverse brilliant round factory can utilization rate.


To this, silicon brilliant round factory also points out, at present brilliant circle acting factory suffers partial client order to amend an influence, but will look from integral semiconductor industry, memorial system demand is exuberant still, just remember body to appear to increase apparently in supply end, but demand side does not have too big change, accordingly, the demand that anticipates industrial next year is round to silicon brilliant is very driving still, in addition, future carries a respect in application, include 5G cloth to build, artificial intelligence and car carry an electron, to 12 and circle of brilliant of 8 silicon demand has add without decrease.


Association of international semiconductor industry (SEMI) announce in October amount of shipment of equipment of North America semiconductor, also appear to glided in May repeatedly, semiconductor boom glides quite apparent.


Nevertheless, semiconductor of legal person postmortem silicon brilliant round inventory, the inventory that thinks to supply end at present still low, up to the 3rd season still is maintained this year produce completely sell completely, although circle of near future brilliant is acting,factory and demand of memorial system mill produce change, integral demand is driving still nevertheless.


Silicon brilliant is round

The expectation of silicon brilliant round factory


Area of silicon brilliant round shipment is achieved tall


Association of international semiconductor industry (SEMI) announce newest silicon brilliant round industry analyses one season semiconductor report, innovation of area of round shipment of brilliant of silicon of whole world of the 3rd season is tall, round-the-world brilliant, stage gets the better of silicon brilliant round factory division and add up to brilliant to wait, circle of brilliant of silicon of consistent self-identity next year still demands exceeds supply, in application the face expands continuously below, next year price lasts bullish, round-the-world brilliant and add up to brilliant to also start Xin Yibo enlarge to produce plan picture.


Nevertheless, legal person thinks, the city after silicon brilliant is round is put have murmur, think this season begins silicon brilliant round demand to have possibly shake evidence, rise in price kinetic energy suffers be restricted. Legal person emphasizes, show level market to accept change of big environment percussive, the effect that carry of battalion of round to silicon brilliant factory causes is not apparent still, kinetic energy of load pull of client of round factory of brilliant of silicon of these a few months still has continuance, relevant a group of things with common features group share price is amended, the uncertainty that main with a view to looks into to next year.


Amalgamative in October battalion receives the announcement at the beginning of round-the-world brilliant month 5.283 billion yuan, the month is added 5.5% , achieve Chan Yuexin again tall. Xu Xiulan of round-the-world brilliant Dong Zun attends ark to buy central outstanding achievement to explain to express when the meeting earlier, although global economy near future faces politics of fringe of trade war, ground, exchange rate and share price,fluctuate wait for 4 gale danger, but supply and demand of round next year of semiconductor silicon brilliant still is tightened, the price lasts bullish, price of round-the-world brilliant next year measures Qi Yang, it is a very healthy year.



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