Root this locality serves Asia of trade lustre electron to obtain special honour- – obtain promulgate ” 2018 Asias brand 500 strong “

On December 6, 2018 – dedicated taste the electron that promotes industry innovation newly at introducing yuan cent of parts of an apparatus sells trade lustre electron (Mouser Electronics) announces to be in grand ceremony of brand of the 13rd Asia, the actual strength that depends on oneself and the consequence inside the industry, have the honor to win “2018 Asia brand 500 strong ” . In the meantime, market of region of trade lustre Asia-Pacific and business affairs extend vice-president Tian Jiping to obtain “ China in this second grand ceremony (industry) brand the honorary title of ” of character of 10 big innovation.

The electron that precedes as the whole world yuan cent of parts of an apparatus sells business, the brand acknowledge in the Asia spends trade lustre electron to grow day and day with industry force influence. The Asia is the base of electronic manufacturing industry with the mainest whole world, and the rich product that trade lustre electron has more than 10 million sort not only offers Asian user online choice, more Asian broad engineer offers latest technology, release taste newly, can be in in order to assure Asian engineer when designing new product win support of yuan of new parts of an apparatus for a short while. In brand strategy, trade lustre electron is located in oneself small lot surely from beginning to end yuan parts of an apparatus is purchased, it is broad engineer, achieve a guest to offer one-stop service, form oneself distinct brand effect in the industry thereby.

Market of region of trade lustre Asia-Pacific and business affairs extend vice-president Tian Jiping to express: “ trade lustre the electron values Asian market all along, compare with past photograph, in Internet be current today, the engineer’s autonomy and brand consciousness had apparent ground to rise, many users are met the demand according to oneself is online on search relevant data and design yuan parts of an apparatus, and it is in net of trade lustre official, we have newest product, have technical data, have minute of technology and application, have a lot of start article and technical dried food formerly, this will be need study and the engineer that rise to bring a help, also will leave deep brand impression to the engineer in the process. ”

Trade lustre electron has substantial product line and close client service, introduce new technology, new product actively to satisfy a design engineer and all sorts of demand that purchase personnel. Inventory of trade lustre electron has huge and new-style electron yuan parts of an apparatus, for new generation of the client design project provides support. Mouser website has a variety of advanced search tools to be able to help an user understand product inventory situation quickly not only, and the website still is being updated continuously experience with optimizing an user ceaselessly. In addition, mouser website still offers data manual, supplier information of design of specific and referenced design, applied note, technology and project use the rich material such as the tool to consult for the user.

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