Processor of AMD Zen 3 craft of the 7nm EUV on the meeting but do not count on technical properties to promote greatly

On the New Horizon congress of this lunar the middle ten days of a month, rome of 64 nucleuses processor and 7nm Vega 20 show the data center that AMD announced craft of 7nm of world head money card, latter includes Radeon Instinct MI60 and MI50 two. In 7nm node, AMD was accomplished (CPU/GPU) world head hair, new generation CPU can use Zen 2 framework, in addition AMD still mentioned Zen 3 framework to go well on the news briefing, in be being designed, it will use 7nm+ technology, namely 7nm EUV craft. Although have addition of EUV photoetching craft, but 7nm EUV craft won’t have how old promotion on function, AMD CTO Mark Pappermaster also confirms in interview 7nm EUV craft is main is improvement can effect, function promotion is measurable only.

EETimes interviewed AMD company CTO Mark Papermaster last week, latter spoke of the circumstance of 7nm craft and the 7nm EUV craft that did not come, mark Papermaster expresses “ rub Er law is putting delay, and semiconductor technology is becoming more costly, we do not have a law to get in that way frequency promotes past. ” , he mentions 7nm craft to upgrade to also can bring more more smooth covers, impedance and parasitism issue.

Look into future, there still can be 7nm EUV technology after 7nm node, mark Papermaster states in interview 7nm EUV craft is main is can the promotion of effect respect, equipment performance promotion is measurable only (Modest) .

Processor of AMD Zen 3 craft of the 7nm EUV on the meeting but do not count on technical properties to promote greatly

Accumulate the view of electric respect according to the stage, photograph of its 7nm craft was brought than 16FF+ craft the function of 35% promotes or the power comsumption of 60% is reduced, and the view of AMD respect is 7nm craft photograph brought than 14nm craft the function of 25% promotes or the power comsumption of 50% is reduced.

In the route chart that publishs in AMD, the Zen 2 framework that announces recently is a craft of the 7nm that accumulate report, the Zen 3 framework that came out 2020 craft of the 7nm EUV on the meeting, and the to 7nm EUV craft function before respect of stage accumulating report is early / power comsumption improvement also is not speak in detail, the transistor density that can say promotes again 20% , power comsumption is reduced 10% , function basically did not promote or promotion is very little, go up after all what EUV craft changes is technological process only, the most crucial reason or rub Er law invalidation, function promotion is more and more difficult after 10nm node.

AMD government is right of Zen 2 framework qualitative it is function promotes considerably, this respect has seen one spot through the change of Roman processor, and of Zen 3 framework qualitative it is to continue to optimize every to cover with tiles function is compared, this also accords with the content that Mark Papermaster is interviewing medium place to say on the dot, of Zen 3 processor can effect can promote, new nevertheless technology is finite to the promotion of function.

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